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Old November 23rd, 2016 #1
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Exclamation Multiculturalism: The scam masquerading as White Genocide

Old November 28th, 2016 #2
Join Date: Apr 2016
Posts: 452

What multiculturalism really is, is a form of colonialism enacted on White nations by non-White minorities.

Now, one would think after being subjected to colonialism by Whites in times gone by, that non-Whites would know that a minority can never have the best interests of a majority at heart.

So one would think, a rational person(which it seems non-Whites are incapable of being), would deal the hand that life gave them and accept that their country has been autonomous for the past 50 years, and instead of living in the past and thinking Whitey owes them something, they would see to move on from the past and embrace their indigenously defined future in their HOME COUNTRIES!

But no, we see non-Whites are INCAPABLE of moving on from the past, merely because their whole identity is derived from their history and ethnicity. This shows the West is doomed to be exploited into oblivion under it's new colonizers.

This colonization of White nations has been spearheaded by Jews, who, despite being given their own homeland by Whites, have no intention of deviating from their past ways, and instead it seems their only motivation in life is the complete destruction of the White man, his culture, his government institutions, the very fabric of his society.

Are we Whites doomed to live under this totalitarian colonizer for the next 2,000 years? Is our fate to become extinct by sheer mass immigration and hampering of upward mobility by government?


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