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Post (Video) Japan's Top Economist - Sweden Was Ruined By Immigrants

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By a non-white (non-European) immigration, yes.

Even some non-whites contribute to society they live in and make no problems what-so-ever, such as Chinese and Japanese.

Niggers and Arabs are the problem because they come here, not to integrate and be productive members of our European society but to leech off our system.

Recent example, a Syrian "refugee" with three wives and 16 children! They were housed in three expensive apartments in an expensive Stockholm municipality. Those houses were bought for them by taxpayers money, that cost 14 million SEK and also receive 100,000 SEK every month.

No... fuck this country. Parts of Sweden are lost.

I really try to have hope but you just can't anymore. The shit you see/read about every day are too much and it can only get worse. Which it without a doubt, will.

Forgot to mention that they will "rent" the apartments for "only" two years after that, they need to move out. But still, it is too much.

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