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Todd Fletch
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Todd Fletch
Default Zionest media is trying to start a race war again

A commissioner in New York City is decided to fire a cop who used a choke hold. Whenever they get a white on black crime they magnify the hell out of it. Yet they don't do it when it's the other way around!

If you look at the forest instead of some of the trees, the way that media blows up these stories, in my humble opinion this is being done to fan the flames of aggression against white people.

This is part of a series of media coverage to make this country look a lot more bigoted against black people than it remotely even is as general citizens when you look at Colin Kaepernick or whoever.

I'm sure a choke hold wasn't used because the guy was being a polite black guy! I live in Phoenix. When I was living in the town next door, Tempe, I witnessed a correct take down of soms black punk because he just would not resist.( I LOVE how the media ALWAYS conveniently leaves THAT ASPECT out of these stories!)

Sorry to use a MSNBC link. Hell, I wouldn't even trust Fox with a story like this. I have not read the details. Seeing the video tape was enough for me.

I see enough situations in real life where niggers are acting up.

I know what the media is trying to sell me but I'm not buying it. I seen the story too many times before and it's always biased..for bad black people and against non-black ones.
(Looking AT YOU Travron Martin!)

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