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Thumbs up The Postman Always Rings Twice -- Pro-White!

This is one of those hard-boiled books from 1934. A lot of those really exposed the criminal and social degeneracy of the kwa.

A drifter gets work at a rest stop owned by a Greek immigrant. The owner's wife is an ungrateful, traitorous slut. She starts fucking the drifter, and eventually convinces him to kill the husband. They're defended by a dirty jew lawyer. There are also crooked kwaps.

James M. Cain, the author, also wrote a similarly-themed novel called Double Indemnity.
One must either affirm or reject anti-Semitism. He who defends the Jews harms his own people. One can only be a Jewish lackey or a Jewish opponent. Opposing the Jews is a matter of personal hygiene.
-Joseph Goebbels

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Default Both were made into movies

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.


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