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Default how the jews of facebook are addicting the entire planet's children to porn

I never even saw a porno video really , til i was in like 20. they came out on VHS tapes then. i had bought magazines before, but porn videos are wayyy more addicting than a magazine.

i cant imagine the problems these kids are going to have 20, 30 years down the road.

but if you didn't know, in those countries, all the phones come with facebook on them, and the data costs a lot but they get to use facebook for free, so EVERYONE is on facebook, because it's free

just like i can't even delete fucking facebook off my phone or computer, i can't delete my fucking account, if i delete it i can sign right back on

but you see all these fake accounts where the people post all this porn, and it's mostly teenagers who are sharing it and circulating it.

but we know the jews did this to Palestinians, broadcast porn over tv stations, into houses full of palestinian children, we know that's what they are doing to the Usa, but they are doing to EVERYONE, all over the world.

you just gotta wonder why countries don't shut this down. China, Muslim countries do,but so many are just letting it happen.

just seems like it's porn disguised as 'social media' but of course google indexes all porn sites into search, so anyone can find any kind of porn with a few seconds.

from all indications, the purpose of this is to eventually invade and destroy them, i mean who the fuck does this? why are they not happy with just being rich and powerful, they gotta go genocide everyone, like bible says so.

i mean it's like the book of revelation, these 'angels' just want to kill everyone on earth


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