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Old August 12th, 2017 #1
Marco Polo
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Marco Polo
Default Korea: the rumble in the rice fields - America vs. China

As tensions rise over the kinks nuclear program, the chinks will have to make a decision if the are ready for prime time.

There is no way the chinks will allow America to do a "regime change" in North Korea. Neither peacefully nor by force. The chinks would consider this to be humiliating, the chink would "lose face".

The chinks must tolerate and/or support the crazy kink leader because anything less then a crazy kink leader leading Korea would very possibly lead to North Korea moderating and then merging with South Korea.

At that point, a unified Korea would have to make a decision, ask America to leave or to allow America to stay.

What would the kinks do? Surely the kinks do not want, the "white devil" occupying their country? But in the mind of the kinks, the chinks are far worse then the "white devil".

The kinks know that the chinks believe that Korea is really chink territory. And that in a world without America. the chink would invade and ethically cleanse "liberate" and "harmonize" Korea.

Just as America "democratize" and "freedomize", the chinks "liberate" and "harmonize".

The chinks will publicly claim their are acting as an "elder brother" who only wants to "provide guidance" in order to "maintain harmony". When in fact, the chinks believe Korea to be part of China's "ancient ancestral territory" and that "belief" is the only justifications the chinks need.

And one needs only to ask the Tibetans, Uyghurs, Manchurians, Mongolians (southern Mongolia is a province of China called Inner Mongolia, the part inside China) and numerous other ethnic groups who have been "liberated" over the last 3,000 years.

The fact is, all of China's neighbors know the chinks are sneaky liars that cannot be trusted under any circumstance.

If the Korean issue was "resolved", America would be on the China border, and there is no way the chinks will accept this.
Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them.
- Ancient Confucian Proverb

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