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Default Is Westboro Church a paid agiprop group?

They are a very busy protesting church and they always let people know they are coming.


April 17th protested the Bon Jovi concert.

April 18th protested female pastor at Without Walls International Church.

April 18th protested Trinity United Methodist Church because "open hearts and open minds is NOT a standard of God."

April 18th University of Florida Hillel because "they are waiting for Jews to usher in the destruction of doomed America.”

April 18th Catholic Church because Catholics “worship at these wh*re houses.”

April 18th protested St. Augustine Catholic Church because “God will find you just as guilty as the pedophile rapers themselves!”

April 19th protested Plant High School because God is trying “to punish your parents for lying to you all your lives long.”

April 19th protested Tampa Catholic High School because “is there any part of the word of God that you (Catholics) have not corrupted?”

April 19th protested USF Hillel because there are “No beanies in the Torah!” And they “are looking for those good figs who will repent for killing the Messiah and mourn for their sins.”

April 19th protested USF Catholic Student Center because the Catholics have bred a “generation of violent, simple sluts and fornicating clods.”

Now Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is coming to Tampa and Gainesville FL for a total of 10 protests over three days. It is a busy schedule though previous protests held here did not include a very big turn out. Apparently WBC is made up almost entirely of Pastor Fred Phelps and his family and grandchildren and not all of them are available to travel.

Over 100 students at USF in Tampa gathered Monday morning April 19th to protest the presence of the Westboro Baptist Church on their campus. The Westboro Baptist Church was on campus to protest both the USF Hillel and the USF Catholic Student Center.

Four months later back in action in Tampa (or did some of them stay the whole time in Tampa?) at the RNC convention.

The Westboro Baptist Church, notorious for its venomous protests against gays at military funerals, on Thursday received a permit to speak on a city-provided stage outside the convention. The Topeka, Kan., church is scheduled for half an hour at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

If they are not professional agitators, then they should be, I'm sure they would make a killing being paid by liberals and others to show up at events.


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