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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default False Historical Memes Promoted by Anti-Whites

[this article (and the responses under it) is a particularly rich and refulgent midden of anti-white attacks masquerading as historical arguments, moral manipulations, and unvarnished resentment and envy of a successful race]

The left's aim is to disposses whites. Steal their possession right down to their genes. They must justify this. They do that by claiming that every good thing whites have, they stole from people of color. The converse is that every failure coloreds exhibit was caused by whites.

White slavery and colonialism are responsible for all Third World failure. White success is not do to positive white qualities of thinking, imagination, creativity, perseverance and intitiative but rather to theft. Everything whites have was stolen from the Third World, not just money and material resources but ideas.

deliberate emotional manipulation based on the writer/photographer's knowing his christian readership has been taught that we are "our brother's keeper." They also know that women are particularly moved to emotion over children because of their sexual biology. Europeans are manipulated emotionally and via bogus historical claims to make them think they are guilty for the conditions of the third world and responsible for taking care of those suffering from the mess they made. Again, this finds klang in christianity, which is nothing but a tales of redemption. Everyone needs to be saved. Everyone's responsible for saving everything.

This is the result of that.

Seen clearly, these people of failure with nothing are moving into a land of comparative plenty, intending to take what others have built for themselves. If they were capable of creating or sustaining good things themselves, they wouldn't be invading Europe. That's the view of the eye and ear and brain. It is called cold, but it's simply clear.

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