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Old March 1st, 2006 #8
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Until quite recently, online photos of this mass-murdering nigger weren't around. So naturally, if you read an account of his crimes (which didn't mention the racial aspect), you were left to incorrectly surmise that Banks was/is White. Thus, we got suckered by JOGZOG's lying, Multi Cult
promoting media again.
Tormented by his biracial identity (that'd be, "NIGGER"), Banks spends his days imagining race wars and ghostly conspiracies in a cell at the State Correctional Institution Rockview, Centre County.
Mass-murdering nigaboo George E. Banks,
SCORE 13 !
Posted on Tue, Feb. 28, 2006
Chronology of George Banks' murder caseAssociated PressSept. 6, 1982: George E. Banks is relieved of duty as a Camp Hill State Prison guard after a conflict with a supervisor and is evaluated at a suburban Harrisburg hospital for mental health issues.
Sept. 17, 1982: Banks seeks help from the Luzerne County Mental Health-Mental Retardation agency. A clinic worker reports Banks was "filled with hate and anger at the world in general."
Sept. 25, 1982: Banks kills 13 people, including five of his children, at two houses in Wilkes-Barre and its suburbs.
Oct. 19, 1982: Banks is fired from his prison job.
March 1983: A three-day hearing results in Banks' being ruled mentally competent to stand trial.
May 31, 1983: A jury chosen in Pittsburgh is sworn in to hear Banks' murder trial.
June 6, 1983: Trial testimony begins.
June 8, 1983: Banks begins to cry when
a coroner recounts the wounds inflicted upon the child victims
, then leaves the courtroom.
June 16, 1983: Against his lawyers' advice, Banks testifies, saying police killed as many as nine of the victims.
June 21, 1983: Banks is found guilty of killing 13 people, wounding a 14th, and other offenses.
June 22, 1983: Banks receives 12 death sentences and one life sentence.
Nov. 22, 1985: After Banks' county-level appeals are exhausted, a judge formally imposes the death penalties.
Feb. 17, 1987: State Supreme Court upholds the verdicts.
Oct. 5, 1987: U.S. Supreme Court declines to take up the case.
Feb. 15, 1996: Gov. Tom Ridge signs Banks' death warrant. Banks later receives a stay of execution.
Aug. 12, 1997: An appeal is argued before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
March 1999: Ridge signs another death warrant for Banks, and a federal judge issues another stay.
Oct. 31, 2001: The 3rd Circuit reverses the death sentences based on wording of jury instructions.
May 2002: Prison officials obtain a court order to force-feed Banks, who had gone more than 16 days on inadequate food and water.
June 17, 2002: U.S. Supreme Court sends the case back to the 3rd Circuit, which later upholds its previous ruling in Banks' favor. The case is then sent back the U.S. Supreme Court.
June 24, 2004: U.S. Supreme Court rules against Banks.
Oct. 5, 2004: Gov. Ed Rendell signs Banks' death warrant.
Dec. 1, 2004: Supreme Court halts execution, orders county judge to determine if Banks is mentally competent.
Jan. 31, 2006: Banks' competency hearing begins.
Feb. 27,2006: Judge rules Banks can't be executed because he is too mentally ill.

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