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Old May 9th, 2017 #1
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Post Century Initiative: Make Canada a "Global Nation" through a Massive Increase in Immigration

Check this out: in 2016 Century Initiative (CI) was started by a group of corporate managers (with the assistance of academics, journalists, Muslims and feminists) solely for the purpose of bringing about a 50-per-cent hike in immigration to Canada (from the current annual level of 300,000 to 450,000) by 2021. CI is calling for a "permanent" increase until the end of this century with the "goal" of "transforming" Canada into a "global nation" of 100 million inhabitants "unified by diversity and prosperity."

We must not underestimate one bit the power of CI in pushing through this goal, or at least persuading Canadians that their country must be totally diversified. The founders of CI are members of the global business elite, and their associates are well established in the media, in the three main political parties, and in the conformist academic world, which should not be surprising since CI is merely pushing for the intensification of the already established ideology of immigrant multiculturalism.

In a series of upcoming articles, I will be dissecting and exposing the many unfounded, poorly researched, and deceptive arguments employed by CI to manipulate "ordinary" Canadians into believing that their nation was never good enough and will decline irreversibly if the doors are not totally opened to third world mass immigration.

First, a few words about two of the main characters behind this plan to destroy Canada's European heritage.

One key founder of CI is Dominic Barton, director of McKinsey & Co, considered "the most prestigious" worldwide management consulting firm. This is a firm dedicated to the nullification of national identities in order to create deracinated generic humans with no identity other than the "lifestyles" they purchase in global stores. McKinsey's alumni have been appointed as CEOs or high-level executives at Google, American Express, IBM, Westinghouse Electric, Sears, AT&T, PepsiCo, and Enron. Be it noted that Rajat Gupta, the first non-American-born partner to be elected as the firm's managing director, was convicted in 2010 of insider trading.

Barton is best described as a globalist, not a Canadian. He is currently based in London and has spent most of his business life outside Canada as McKinsey's Chairman in Asia from 2004-09, based in Shanghai, and in Korea from 2000-04. Among his titles, he is currently the chair of the Seoul International Business Advisory Council, a trustee of the Brookings Institution, and an adjunct professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

We should not confuse globalism with globalization. Globalists, as I wrote in a recent article, purposely encourages this confusion, but globalization is factual account about the accelerating interactions of nations since the discovery of the New World and the creation of international markets, shipping and railway communications networks. Globalism, in contrast, is an ideology that advocates open borders, mass immigration, and th

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