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Michael Jeffrey
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Michael Jeffrey
Default 'My Banned Holocaust Interview: Debate, Italian Style?' by Carlo Mattogno

My Banned Holocaust Interview: Debate, Italian Style? by Carlo Mattogno

In 1995, acclaimed revisionist, Carlo Mattogno agreed to an interview with the European magazine, Historia, on the contentious topic of the 'Holocaust'. They subsequently chose someone to represent the opposing side, i.e., against holocaust revisionism. The two men laid our their cases, but when the magazine was published, they had removed Carlo Mattogno's side of the interview, leaving the other side (in favor of the dominant narrative) unopposed.

This is an interesting little booklet, which is dedicated to freedom of inquiry. It succeeded in giving Mattogno a platform to publish his side of the interview verbatim. Mattogno then issues his incontestable reply to his opponent, Professor Luigi Cajani. The author also covers an array of topics, such as: 'The Leuchter Report', 'The Rudolf Report', the Posen speech, the number of Jewish casualties, etc. Mattogno sets fourth a very compelling argument, successfully refuting all the major tenets of the holocaust dogma. At the end of the booklet is a facsimile reproduction of the published magazine article, sans the Mattogno contribution.

This is an excellent primer for the revisionist neophyte. Mattogno covers the fundamentals of holocaust revisionism and leaves the reader with an entirely new perspective. This concise booklet is the perfect introduction to the works of the prolific revisionist, Carlo Mattogno. Highly recommended to both those who are familiar or unfamiliar with holocaust revisionism.

Michael Jeffrey

To order your copy of My Banned Holocaust Interview: Debate, Italian Style? by Carlo Mattogno, please visit Patriotic Dissent Books. Also, please check out our complete inventory.
Patriotic Dissent Books - Pro-White and 'politically incorrect' independent bookstore.

banned books, carlo mattogno, holohoax, patriotic dissent books, revisionism


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