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Default The victorious battles of the Waffen-SS

The victorious battles of the Waffen-SS

On the morning of April 13, 1941 the German units took their positions south of Serbian capital Belgrad. They were led by Generaloberst von Kleist. The SS Division Das Reich along with the Wehrmacht units participated in the battle, which took place on April 12 in the town that had been conquered north of Donau. April 15, 1941 the motorized Wehrmacht units and the SS Division LAH battled with the British troops in Northern Greece and made them move back towards south. The German troops then conquered Ptolemaios and Kozan. 30 British armored cars were destroyed near Ptolemaios. The breakthrough came during the next battles in Aliakamon, Serbia. April 22, 1941 the SS Division LAH crossed the Pindos Mountains from west and reached Janina, which resulted in interrupting the enemy's retreat from the Italian-Greek front.

June 29, 1941 the Wehrmacht and SS Division Das Reich units surrounded two Russian armies east of Bialystok. The pocket decreased day to day and with strong air and tank attacks the enemy's strength was destroyed and they were forced to surrender...


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