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Default The Media

. . . people should not understimate the power of the media. .

It is often said "The media is one of the three powers within a state except for legislative and jurisdiction . ."

- - - -

I already did some threads around here about the state being glorified by the media, this thread is about media control per se.

- - -

Many people take their orders only from the media . .

The media is in the hands of the NWO. .

What does the media do ...?

It contributes to public opinion ( dare I say : I FORMS public opinion . .), it supposedly "informs" people ( dare I say : in reality it disinforms them . .)

The media isn't unbiased . .

And it is controlled.

Dare I say . . wars may start because of media portrayal.

So . . there you have it.

The media is stronger and has a bigger reach than many estimate.

Those who should supposedly inform the people misue and and spread lies . . .

Now , how does one know it is lies . . .?

- - -> the NWO has a globalist agenda. .

They may paint the people who oppose it "bad".


- - - - -

. . our nations should have independent media.

Otherwise the media-contollers will continue to spread lies , influence political opinion etc . . .

Like I said , wars may break out because of media portayal and so on.

Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about , yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . Today race is a forbidden suject . .

- me

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