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Nigress queer Valerie Moore-- burnin' down the house an' shit--
score 13 !


Click for Valerie's bestest photo!

Woman, a convicted murderer, faces multiple counts of first-degree murder

Updated: 9:11 a.m. ET Jan 6, 2007
RENO, Nevada - A convicted murderer accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens in a hotel fire pleaded not guilty Friday to arson and multiple counts of first-degree murder.Valerie Moore entered the pleas three weeks before prosecutors are scheduled to tell the court whether they will seek the death penalty.

Authorities are reviewing the mental competency of Moore, a casino cook accused of setting fire to a mattress Halloween night after arguing with another resident at the 84-year-old, $150-a-week Mizpah Hotel

Moore has been convicted before of second-degree murder
after killing a woman who spurned her sexual advances
and whom she argued with about money. She was paroled in 2005 after serving 17 years for this crime.

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Tyler Durden
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Tyler Durden

Originally Posted by Chain
5 spics have shared the honors in self-racially cleansing killing spic family of

Photos here:

Spics causing pain to other spics....I LOVE IT. We win all the way around.
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Strict definition serial killer Altemio Sanchez-
3 dead. I personally do not think this guy appears to be a "White hispanic"; others may differ. His first victim was 22 years old.
DNA testing on samples taken from the crime scenes in the murders and the rapes showed that the attacker was likely to be of Hispanic heritage, said Sheriff Howard, who did not provide further details.

Mr. Sanchez was the only Hispanic man to appear on both lists, the authorities said.

On Saturday night, three undercover officers followed him and his wife to a restaurant, Sole. When they had been seated, the officers told the restaurant staff not to touch any of Mr. Sanchez’s table settings after he finished, the restaurant’s manager said, and the officers later removed the plate, glass and silverware he had used. “We had no idea why,” said the manager, George Kotsis. “We didn’t even suspect why they wanted it until the news came out today.”

Sheriff Howard said that on Sunday, the county’s crime lab matched DNA evidence gathered from the dishes used by Mr. Sanchez to evidence taken from the scenes of the three murders.

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Congoad hero-killer Desmond Turner bags
7 spics (and defrauds welfare too)!
INDIANAPOLIS -- A man charged with killing seven members of a family during a botched robbery will remain at the Marion County Jail until he goes on trial, a judge ruled Friday.

Two weeks ago, jail officials requested that Desmond Turner, 28, be transferred to a state prison because of unruly behavior that included spitting at guards.

During Friday's hearing in Marion Superior Court, however, Judge Robert Altice decided against the transfer because jail officials reported better behavior.

"Mr. Turner has behaved in a manner consistent with what we would expect for a Level I inmate," Maj. David A. Crisler, a jail commander, told Altice.

Before the hearing, Turner protested when deputies forced him to wear a wraparound fabric mask to prevent him from spitting. Altice allowed Turner to go without the mask inside the courtroom, where 20 Marion County Sheriff's deputies and jail officers stood guard.

Turner and James Stewart, 30, have been charged in the murders of seven family members, including three children, on June 1, 2006, in their Indianapolis home.

Their trial is scheduled Aug. 6, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Turner.

Both men also have trials this spring on welfare fraud charges unrelated to the slayings.

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Bona Fide nigger serial killer, Lorenzo Gilyard,
score 13 !
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man accused of killing 13 women and girls will not face the death penalty when he goes on trial in March, Jackson County prosecutor Jim Kanatzar announced Monday.

Lorenzo Gilyard, 56, is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of 13 females, ages 15 through 36, between 1977 and 1993. All of the victims were strangled or suffocated, and most had worked as prostitutes.

In exchange for dropping the death penalty, Gilyard's attorneys agreed to a trial before a judge without a jury and to give up nearly all of Gilyard's appeal rights.

Jackson County Circuit Judge John O'Malley approved the agreement after a hearing Monday morning.

The agreement gives the victims' families and the community a chance for a "quick, just and final disposition" to the case, Kanatzar said.

His predecessor, Mike Sanders, who was elected Jackson County executive, had sought the death penalty and alleged that Gilyard was Missouri's most prolific serial killer. Kanatzar said he did not confer with Sanders on the agreement.

Kanatzar said all the victims' families agreed with the decision and would not speak to the media. Four family members stood behind the prosecutor at the news conference but declined to comment. They nodded yes when asked if they agreed with the deal.

If Gilyard is convicted on even one of the first-degree murder counts, his only possible sentence would be life without parole. While he would still have some appeal rights, they are "very, very limited," Kanatzar said.

Kanatzar rejected suggestions that the agreement would send a message that the death penalty will not be applied in difficult cases in Jackson County. He said each case is different and many considerations go into deciding what penalty to pursue.

"All things considered, this agreement ensures that Gilyard never gets out of prison (if he is convicted)," Kanatzar said.

Authorities linked Gilyard to the crimes through DNA found on or near the victims.

Not having to worry about a possible death penalty will help Gilyard's attorneys focus their efforts on the DNA evidence, defense attorney Tom Jacquinot said.

"When you face the death penalty, you are working on two cases at once: the punishment case and the criminal allegations," Jacquinot said. "In terms of the resources we have in this case, it helps us a lot."

Kanatzar said Gilyard's age was also a factor, because appeals in death penalty cases can take up to 20 years, meaning the 56-year-old Gilyard may never have been put to death.

The agreement doesn't change the prosecution's approach to what Kanatzar called a "very strong" case.

"I am still confident of a conviction in this case," he said.

The defense team approached prosecutors about the possible agreement months ago, Jacquinot said, adding that he did not believe Kanatzar becoming prosecutor had anything to do with the agreement being reached.

Several minor technical stipulations that are common and will help to speed up the trial were also included in the agreement, Kanatzar said.

Jacquinot said such agreements were not unusual in criminal cases.

"This is just getting attention because of the size of the case, rather than being anything that is unusual," he said.

Gilyard was a supervisor at a trash-collection company, married and described by neighbors as friendly when he was charged with the killings. But he had a long history of scrapes with the law.
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No pic on this black hero who
offed 6
in his family.
Jesse D. "Jay" Wise, 22.

EDIT: Found its pic!

The trauma resulted in "pretty much instant death," Kirchner said. "I don't think anybody suffered."... Police found blood on the walls and ceiling of the home, as well as two 17-inch pieces of metal that "had the appearance of a homemade weapon/club," according to an affidavit filed in court... All were hit with a blunt instrument with "incredible force,"

Here is the evidence,last paragraph:
They were buried in Danville, Va., and also had roots in New York, where Jessie L. Wise operates an excavating business and is active with the Federation of Black Cowboys, a club of urban horse enthusiasts.
But note what an earlier line in the story suggests to us:
Quote: a tiny Pennsylvania Dutch farm country village...
EDIT: Alsofound this just now, butyahoopic doesn't show upon my browser.
Jessie L. Wise, right, grandfather of the suspect Jesse D. "Jay" Wise Jr., and founding member of the Federation of Black Cowboys, is consoled by a friend...

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Nineteen year old Oklahoma niggero and bona fide serail killer
slays 5
The man has been in the Tulsa Jail since Friday on a Muskogee County rape charge.
Police have linked five Tulsa homicides to a man who has been in the Tulsa Jail on a Muskogee County rape charge since Friday.

Detectives added five complaints of first-degree murder to Joshua Julius Anderson's jail record Monday.

All of the victims apparently were shot to death since Nov. 5 and were found within blocks of one another. Four of the dead -- a third of the city's homicide victims this year -- were killed in the last two weeks.

Sgt. Mike Huff said the investigation shows that Anderson, 19, was "terrorizing a neighborhood" and that the deaths were motivated by robbery, disputes and drugs.

"Five dead people in a matter of months is a lot," Huff said.

Anderson is accused of killing Evaristo Tovias on Nov. 5, Christopher Moderow on Jan. 23 and David Gilbert on Jan. 24.

hs,9 Anderson also is accused in police affidavits of killing a woman and her adult son -- identified in police reports as Rose Mary and Herbert Hobbs -- who were found dead Friday in their burning home at 504 N. Quaker Ave.

The mother and son were both shot, but their bodies were severely burned, and the medical examiner

is working to confirm their causes of death, Huff said.

The first of the five killings came when gunshots were heard Nov. 5 outside a house in the 1000 block of East Haskell Place. Moments later, Anderson entered the house with a shotgun and told a witness, "We need to get out of here," a police report indicates.

Another witness told police that Anderson said he had shot Tovias, the police report shows.

Tovias was shot execution-style about 12:15 a.m. in the 700 block of North Madison Avenue, police said.

About 10:30 p.m. Jan. 23, police found the body of Christopher Moderow in the street in the 1000 block of East Haskell Place.

Two witnesses said they had seen Anderson walking with the victim and that Anderson had told his brother that he was going to rob Moderow, police reports indicate.

Police allege that Anderson assaulted Moderow before shooting him several times with a .22-caliber revolver.

Authorities believe that Anderson then stole $3 from Moderow as he lay dead in the street.

The next morning, on Jan. 24, police received a call about 7:40 a.m. about a man who was lying in the road in the 1500 block of East Independence Street.

It first appeared that the victim, identified as Gilbert, might have fallen on the icy street and suffered a head injury. But an autopsy revealed that Gilbert died from a .22-caliber bullet wound, police reported.

Witnesses told police that Anderson had had an altercation with Gilbert at the R&R Food Store, 800 N. Peoria Ave., and later said he shot Gilbert in revenge, police reports show.

The Hobbses' bodies were found in the burned rubble of their house after the fire was discovered about 1 a.m. Friday.

After detectives had developed Anderson as a suspect in the three previous killings, police served a search warrant Friday evening and arrested him on a first-degree rape warrant out of Muskogee County.

Authorities continued to gather evidence in the Tulsa homicides through the weekend until they had enough information to add the murder complaints against Anderson on Monday.

While being interviewed by detectives, Anderson admitted to killing the Hobbses, police reports show.

Anderson reportedly told police that he went to the home wearing a bandana over his face and that when he knocked on the door, Rose Mary Hobbs answered.

Anderson, holding a pistol, entered the house and held the Hobbses at gunpoint as he tied them up, police allege.

He took their money and left but returned a short time later and witnessed the son attempting to cut his mother's restraints, according to the police report. He then shot them both, police allege.

Anderson and his brother A.C. Anderson, 30, returned to the house, poured gasoline on the bodies and the house's interior, and started a fire in an attempt to destroy evidence, police allege.

Officers took A.C. Anderson into custody Saturday afternoon on arrest warrants for domestic assault and battery and injury to property. The U.S. Marshals Service put a hold on him on a federal charge of ammunition possession by a felon.

He has not been charged in connection with his alleged role in burning the house.

The investigation into the killings is continuing, Huff said Monday.

"We have them (the Anderson brothers) off the streets, so anybody who has any information about crimes they may be associated with -- they should go ahead and please give us a call," he said.

"This investigation has a lot of facets, multiple witnesses in each case, and takes a lot of coordination to move it forward."
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Nigger Big Jack,killer of 3 goes down.

The 6-foot-7 Jackson, known to fellow death row inmates as "Big Jack," ...
On Wednesday evening, he received lethal injection, making him the fourth Texas inmate put to death this year.

In brief comments prefaced by expressions of thanks and love for relatives and friends, he called Harris County "Sodom and Gomorrah," biblical cities destroyed by God for their sins.

"This is not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter for you and I together forever," he told friends and relatives who watched through a window in the Texas death chamber. "See you on the other side."
Nog Michael Kendall, self-racial cleaniing famblyman--
score 3
The same jury on Jan. 18 found Kendall guilty of capital felony, murder and arson. He had been charged with fatally shooting his wife, Ramona Kendall, and daughters, Kayla, 16, and Alexis, 12, and setting them on fire in their East Hartford apartment on Dec. 13, 2003.
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Kind Lampshade Maker

Originally Posted by Chain View Post
...wife, Ramona Kendall, and daughters, Kayla, 16, and Alexis, 12, and setting them on fire...
Did they find any seasoning, on the premises? Perhaps, Nigga be eatin' it's fambly
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Niggero Emanuel Lovell Webb, score 5.
For more than seven years during the late 1980s and early 1990s, an unknown assailant systematically raped and strangled women in the east end of Bridgeport.

During that time, Emanuel Lovell Webb lived a seemingly routine life, sharing an apartment with his sister not far from where some bodies were found and working as a security guard in nearby Fairfield. Because Webb never ran afoul of the law, he never appeared on the radar screen of a task force desperately searching for clues as the body count reached 16.

Today, Webb, 40, sits in a Georgia prison awaiting a return to Connecticut to face charges that he killed at least one of the women. Authorities say Webb has been conclusively linked by DNA to one of the killings, and preliminary results have tied him to three others. Authorities now say Webb is a suspect in as many as 10 of the slayings. If he's ever charged and convicted in those cases, Webb would stand as the most prolific serial killer in state history.

Webb's DNA-related arrest earlier this week came as DNA testing was helping to free a Hartford man who was convicted of kidnapping and rape in 1989.

The long-awaited arrest in the Bridgeport case was set in motion in 1994, when Webb moved to Georgia to be with his mother and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for sexually assaulting and strangling a woman in that state.

While in a Georgia prison, Webb's DNA was entered into the FBI's national databank of convicted felons. He was paroled in 2001 and returned to Bridgeport before moving to the South.

Two years ago, investigators caught the break they had long sought. A random check of DNA that had been found under the fingernails of one of the victims, Elizabeth "Maxine" Gandy, 33, directly matched Webb's DNA in the national databank, police said. Preliminary results showed that Webb's DNA was a match in three more of the east end killings.

"His name never came up once in any of these murders until the DNA match," Bridgeport State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict said Wednesday.

The three other victims with a preliminary DNA link to Webb are Sharon Cunningham, 39 at the time of her death, Minnie Sutton, 29, and Sheila Etheredge, 29, authorities said. All four victims were strangled. Gandy and Sutton were sexually assaulted. All lived in the east end.

Benedict said police are awaiting final DNA tests from the Connecticut Forensic Laboratory before charging Webb in the three additional cases.

It is unclear whether there is DNA evidence to test in any of the other six unsolved homicides in which Webb is a suspect. He is a suspect in those cases because of similarities in the killings.

"Those cases haven't been run through yet, but we will have to do so in the near future," Benedict said.

Earlier this week, Webb was served with an arrest warrant charging him with Gandy's death. Webb was sent back to prison in Georgia in November 2005 after violating his parole. Officials in Georgia said Webb's parole was revoked for illegal drug use and failure to report a residency change.

He could be brought to Connecticut as early as next week, depending on whether he waives extradition rights.

Webb can expect Gandy's family to be waiting for him in court. Three days before she was killed, Gandy's second grandchild had been born. Gandy's death left her daughter, Natarsha, then 18, to care for her two sisters, 14-year-old Tequea and 13-year-old Kashunda, as well as Natarsha's own infant son and Tequea's 3-day-old baby.

"I was going to see my sister and the baby at the hospital when the phone rang, and I just knew that it was bad," Natarsha Gandy recalled Wednesday of the day she heard about her mother's death.

The Gandy family wasn't shocked to hear that Webb had been arrested. Bridgeport detectives had shown them a picture of Webb more than a year ago and asked if he looked familiar.

"When the police showed me his picture, I know he knew my sister somehow," Maxine's sister, Lillie Gandy, said. "I lived on the same street as him and used to see him all the time, but I never thought he was a serial killer."

The family described Maxine Gandy as a fighter, a trait that may have helped provide police with a trail to Webb. Benedict said the positive match to Webb came from skin found under her fingernails.

"The day after my sister was killed, [Webb] went to the hospital to get treatment on his hand. My sister fought for her life and she injured him," Lillie Gandy said.

It took nearly two years to get an arrest warrant for Webb because Bridgeport police had to prove that the DNA under Gandy's fingernails was left during the homicide, Benedict said.

Hospital records showing that Webb needed treatment the day after the killing, plus information police developed showing that Webb was in the area on the day Gandy was killed, helped provide enough evidence to support the warrant, Benedict said.

On Wednesday, Natarsha and her sisters gathered at their aunt Lillie's house to talk about the arrest and to remember Maxine Gandy.
Non-White Indian patriot Ravindra Kontrale alias Rahim does his part tho control the subcontinent's human choke by
stabbing 15 to death! Congratulations, Rahim. This bud's for you!
New Delhi: Mumbai (Bombay) police claim they
have achieved a breakthrough in the beer can serial killings case.

Ravindra Kontrale alias Rahim, the man arrested on suspicion of being the person behind the murders, has reportedly admitted as much during a narco analysis test conducted on Wednesday.

The beer can killings shook Mumbai when nine bodies with stab wounds were found in south city over a year, some with a beer can next to them.

The serial killings were dubbed beer can killings.

Thirty-six-year-old Kontrale is still being interrogated. The results of the narco and forensic analysis though confessions under forensic tests are not admissible in court.

Sources who were involved in the interrogation tell CNN- IBN that Rahim has confessed to his involvement in the 15 such deaths.
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Ethiopian nig Kadir Babiso, score 3.
(Nog photo successfully censored by CT jewish MSM).
BRIDGEPORT Dressed in a bright-yellow jumpsuit, his hands shackled in front of him, Kadir Babiso pleaded not guilty Tuesday to killing his boss, a fellow employee and the employee's wife.

The 46-year-old former gas station attendant elected a trial by jury.

For more than 20 years, Babiso, an immigrant from Ethiopia, manned the glass booth at the Park Avenue Exxon gas station.

But police said that on Jan. 8, after he was accused of stealing cigarettes from the station, Babiso fatally shot his employers 37-year-old Mehrdad Moussavian, of Trumbull, and Bashkim Emini, 36, and his wife Lumnije Dermaku, 31, in the couple's Fairfield Avenue apartment. The victims were friends who had fled Kosovo in 1999 to escape the ethnic war in the Balkans.

Babiso is charged with capital felony, three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of first-degree reckless endangerment.
Old February 17th, 2007 #192
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Gee,I wonder if his hate religion of nigger muslimism had any bearing on his outlook.
Baboon Sajjad "J.J., Jake" Q. Rasheed,
score 3.
Sajjad Rasheed gets 270 years for Hobart slayings
HOBART MURDERS: Rasheed will likely die in prison
From Friday, February 16, 2007 12:13 AM CST
CROWN POINT | After telling the judge, "I don't know how I got convicted," Sajjad Rasheed heard he'd be going to prison for 270 years.

Lake Criminal Court Judge Diane Ross Boswell sentenced Rasheed to 60 years each for the April 5, 2005 murders of Brittney Hott, 19, Andrew Espinoza, 19, and Lindsay Davidson, 20, and 45 years each for the attempted murders of David Williams and Darryl Mosley.

Boswell ordered the sentences served consecutively, essentially granting Deputy Prosecutor David Urbanski's request that Rasheed's sentence guarantee he'll die in prison.

Rasheed, 24, of Gary, listened to victims' family members and friends speak of their crushing loss, then stood at the podium and insisted he never went to 3808 Alabama St. in Hobart on the night of the slayings.

"I don't blame them for wanting to see the person they believe is responsible pay for it," Rasheed said. "I'm not that person."

The only time Rasheed spoke directly to the victims' families, he turned, stared at them and said, "I was not at that house."

Prosecutors contend that Rasheed, an admitted drug dealer under FBI surveillance, went to William's rented house to quash the drug dealing he felt was cutting into his business.

In the courtroom Thursday, Michael Hott, Brittney's father, accused Rasheed of holding his own court the night he shot five people in the head.

"I remember your dad testifying that when one of your puppies was sick, you cried all night," Hott said. "Did you cry when you shot my daughter?"

Mike Hott is a Hobart firefighter and has a police scanner at home.

Dawn Hott remembered listening to the scanner traffic that night, hearing the horror of her daughter's murder unfold.

"The what-ifs are the hardest to deal with," Dawn Hott said. "What if she had taken home the baby wipes as she was asked? What if she had taken a different job so she wouldn't have been out so late that night?"

After saying how much she missed her older sister, Tasha Hott spoke words not often heard at a murder sentencing.

"Thank you for bringing my family closer together," Tasha told Rasheed.

Andrew Espinoza's father, Ruben Espinoza, said he may look OK on the outside, but "inside my heart is broken beyond repair."

Of the three men arrested and convicted for the murders, only two admitted they were even at the house. None of the three admitted firing any bullets into the heads of the five victims. This marked the second trial for Rasheed. The first ended with a hung jury last year.

Carl Major is serving a 175-year sentence for the crimes.

Kirby Oliver cut a deal with the prosecution in which he pleaded guilty to three murders and agreed to testify against Rasheed and Major in exchange for a 45-year sentence.
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The Associated Press and all Kwa and AZ media don't want you to see a photo of
racial cleansing hero
and Interstate 10 ambush sniper, Jose Angel Molina-Gastelum, who
popped 4 to where they belong.
Way to go, Jose-Angel!
It's not illegal to appreciate a mass killing well done!
Human smuggler gets life sentence for I-10 shootings
Jacques Billeaud
Associated Press
Feb. 16, 2007 12:00 AM

FLORENCE - An immigrant smuggler in one of the most violent episodes in human trafficking in recent years was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for his part in the fatal shootings of four people in an attack against rival smugglers.

The November 2003 shooting on Interstate 10 near Casa Grande was retaliation against a smuggling organization that had stolen about 20 illegal immigrants from another group, which eventually tracked down and opened fired on two moving vehicles carrying their customers, authorities said. advertisement

The attack marked the peak of smuggling violence in Arizona and led to a crackdown on human traffickers in metropolitan Phoenix, a hub for sending illegal immigrants to jobs across the country.

Jose Angel Molina-Gastelum, a 31-year-old from the west coast Mexican state of Sinaloa, had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and was described by a fellow smuggler as leader of the attack.

"I never gave an order to kill anybody," said Molina-Gastelum, who must serve a minimum of 50 years before he's eligible for release from prison.

Three other men from Mexico who were traveling in a van with Molina-Gastelum during the attack also have made guilty pleas.

Prosecutors said Molina-Gastelum led the attack because the smuggling load was worth $8,000. Defense attorneys said Molina-Gastelum should have gotten a lesser sentence because all four men were equally responsible for the deaths.

Pinal County Superior Court Judge Boyd Johnson said the evidence showed Molina-Gastelum played a leading role, pointing out that he provided a vehicle and guns for the attack.

Some immigrant smugglers forcibly take the customers of rivals so they can pressure the friends and relatives of border-crossers to scrape together enough money for a ransom.

The rip-offs are lucrative for smugglers and eliminate some overhead that human traffickers pay in recruiting would-be border-crossers in Mexico and guiding immigrants through the Arizona desert.

Even though the 2003 interstate shooting led to four deaths, authorities said the damage from the attack could have been worse had it taken place farther north in metro Phoenix, where it could have drawn in other cars into high-speed wrecks.

The dispute began near Marana when two smugglers reported to their trafficking operations in Phoenix that three rivals had kidnapped about 20 illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Investigators said Molina-Gastelum and three other men in his group piled into a van and eventually chased down two vehicles carrying their customers.

One of the men in the van has said Molina-Gastelum hunted down rival smugglers because they had repeatedly kidnapped his customers. The man also said Molina-Gastelum instructed others to fire their guns and that Molina-Gastelum and another man emptied 30-round magazines into the two other vehicles, which didn't return fire.

Eric Kessler, Molina-Gastelum's attorney, attacked the credibility of that participant, saying the man had initially told police he did not fire at the vehicle, then later said he fired one shot.

"We didn't know who did what inside the van," Kessler said.

Prosecutor Greg Bizzozero said Molina-Gastelum was clearly the leader of the attack.

Four people, including one of the men who kidnapped the immigrants, died. Five others were injured. The shooting also caused a three-vehicle wreck that injured three people.

Two other men in the van with Molina-Gastelum - 34-year-old Javier Eduardo Martinez-Reyes and 32-year-old Jose Angela Espinoza-Gonzalez, both from Culiacan, Sinaloa - are awaiting a March 5 sentencing on their convictions for one count of attempted first-degree murder.
Old February 19th, 2007 #194
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Successful self-cleanser, and Assyrian immigrant Ebrahmi Daruosh hammers his wife, sister-in-law and mother-in-law to death. Score 3
Video at site. Photo to follow.
Man charged in deaths of 3 women By Evelyn Holmes
February 18, 2007 - Chicago police on Sunday charged a 55-year-old man in the hammer deaths of his wife and two relatives during a family dispute.

Ebrahmi Daruosh was charged with three counts of first-degree murder a day after the women were found bludgeoned to death.
The Cook County medical examiner's office identified two of the dead women as Karolin Khoshabeh, 40, and Karmen Khoshabeh, 44. A spokesman for the office said the women were sisters. Neighbors and friends identified the third victim as the women's 60-year-old mother.

One neighbor, Karolin Khoshabeh's former husband, Robert Estrepaniance, said Karmen Khoshabeh was the arrested man's wife, and that the couple had been having marital difficulties recently.

Estrepaniance said he and all of those involved were Assyrian Christians, a minority group in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. He said he and his former wife had fled Iran in 1995, fearing persecution for their faith. His wife's parents came to America about four years ago, and the family arranged for Karmen Khoshabeh and her husband to immigrate about three months ago.

Detectives working the case were hindered because of a language barrier.

There are prayers and support for the relatives of the victims at the church where they worship as this close-knit Assyrian community tries to cope. Something the family's priest -- Father Charles Klutz says won't be easy.

"We have what we call a great shame. So, a result of something like this, this produces that, that emotion within the heart of the average Assyrian man and woman. They just will not want to discuss this thing because it's brought great shame," said Fr. Charles Klutz, St. John Church.

Police were called to the West Rogers Park neighborhood early Saturday morning to find three family members dead .

"It appears right now, and again it's very preliminary, that it is either domestic related or acquaintance related," said Cmdr. Thomas Byrne, Chicago Police.

Investigators say the suspect in the crime is the husband of one of the victims. Neighbors say the Iranian immigrant beat and stabbed his wife to death with a hammer and another object. Authorities say the couple argued in their second floor Washtenaw Street apartment. Witnesses say when her sister -- who heard her screams rushed to her aid -- the man killed her too.

Police say the man's rage didn't end there. They say after murdering the two women, he walked across the alley to his sister-in law's Arthur Avenue apartment and knocked on the door. When his mother-in-law answered, he allegedly stabbed and beat her to death as well. Officers arrived to find the man hitting himself with the hammer apparently trying to take his own life.

Family members say the suspect never appeared violent and never mentioned or showed any signs of recent problems.

"I met him during Christmastime and he did not look like a person who was capable of doing something bad like that. He was very quiet, very well-mannered," said Edmon Shasho, victims' relative.

The suspect's step-daughter was unharmed. Relatives say she was spending the night at a friend's house. The son of the suspect's sister-in-law was also unharmed. Investigators say he was asleep when his grandmother was attacked.
Old February 22nd, 2007 #195
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I think this spic had real leadership qualities, and ZOG did right to promotoe him over "Spielman".

Spic hero Sgt. Paul E. Cortez,

killer of 4
gets no repsect from ZOG.;
Spielman awaits Spielberg
(see bottom photo in this post)

The paper said death certificates from Mahmudiya hospital identified the victims as Abeer Qasim Hamza, 15, shot in the head and burned; her mother Fakhriyah Taha Muhsin, 34, killed by gunshots to her head; her father Qasim Hamza Raheem, 45, whose head was “smashed” by bullets; and Hadeel Qasim Hamza, 7.
Hot fun in the afternoon for JOG's Multi racial warriors! Yowza!
U.S. soldier gets 100 years for Iraq rape, killings
POSTED: 10:29 p.m. EST, February 22, 2007
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FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky (AP) -- A U.S. soldier was sentenced to 100 years in prison Thursday for the gang rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and the killing of her family last year.

Sgt. Paul E. Cortez, 24, also was given a dishonorable discharge. He will be eligible for parole in 10 years under the terms of his plea agreement.

Cortez, of Barstow, California, pleaded guilty this week to four counts of felony murder, rape and conspiracy to rape in a case considered among the worst atrocities by U.S. military personnel in Iraq.

In his plea agreement, he said he conspired with three other soldiers from the Fort Campbell-based 101st Airborne Division to rape 14-year-old Abeer Qassim al-Janabi. The girl, her parents and a younger sister were all killed.

Earlier Thursday, tears rolled down Cortez's face as he apologized for the rape and murders. He said he could not explain why he took part.

"I still don't have an answer," Cortez told the judge. "I don't know why. I wish I hadn't. The lives of four innocent people were taken. I want to apologize for all of the pain and suffering I have caused the al-Janabi family."

The military judge hearing the case, Col. Stephen R. Henley, issued a sentence of life in prison without parole, the maximum for the charges. Under military law, the defendant is given the lesser sentence unless he violates terms of the plea agreement, which requires Cortez to testify against others charged in the case.

Psychologist Charles Figley testified that Cortez and the other soldiers likely suffered stress brought on by fatigue and trauma.

"It eats you up," Figley said. "It's a horrible thing. This is not unique. We've seen this in other wars."

Five soldiers who served with Cortez in Iraq testified that his actions were out of character and described the hardships of war they experienced, including sleep deprivation and the lack of running water.

"I just never would have seen it coming," said Staff Sgt. Tim Briggs, who has known Cortez for five years and served with him in Iraq.

Prosecutors said the stress was no excuse for the actions of Cortez and the other soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division, based at Fort Campbell.

On Wednesday, Cortez described raping the girl in her family's home in Mahmoudiya last March, along with Spc. James Barker, 24. Barker pleaded guilty in November to rape and murder and was sentenced to 90 years in military prison.

Cortez said this week that former private Steven D. Green raped the girl in front of him; shot her father, mother and sister; and then shot her in the head. He also testified that the soldiers attempted to burn the girl's body; burned their own clothes; and threw the murder weapon, an AK-47, into a canal in an attempt to dispose of the evidence.

Cortez was found not guilty of more serious charges of premeditated murder and conspiracy to premeditated murder.

Pfcs. Jesse Spielman, 22,
(Scroll almost all the way down here toread about Harrisburg, PA Spielman and his mom, "Hess". Shoulda picked a different daddy, Mrs.Hess)

and Bryan Howard, 19, await courts-martial. Green, who is accused of being the ringleader but was discharged from the military before being charged, will be prosecuted in a federal court in Kentucky.

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Genuine, by the definition nigger serial killer, Shelly Andre Brooks,
score 7.

A trial began Monday for Shelly Brooks, who is accused of killing seven prostitutes on Detroit's east side before being captured last summer.

Crime blogger only one on internet to have White-man-soundin' "Shelly Brooks' " photo.

In 1999 Detroit police began to find the bodies of murdered prostitutes. Over the course of the next 5 years they would investigate a total of 14 cases which involved the deaths of women who chose this most dangerous of professions.
On Tuesday police were finally able to charge someone in these horrible cases. Shelly Andre Brooks is to be arraigned on 7 counts of premeditated murder and seven counts of felony murder. He was originally brought in July 30, after a 45-year-old woman identified him as the man who raped and bludgeoned her in an abandoned building on July 26. He is currently being held on $75,000 bond. Now police state that there is DNA evidence linking him to 4 more murders.
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Brooks’ mother had a drug problem and he seemed to project his anger about his upbringing onto his victims.
“Mr. Brooks is your quintessential serial killer,” she said. “He really thought he was killing his mother all over again.”
Records show that Brooks has been living as a fugitive for six years after he failed to show up for a March 17, 2000, court arraignment on a drug charge in Grosse Pointe Park. His driver’s license was suspended at that time.
Brooks also was charged with retail fraud in Wayne County Circuit in 1997 but that case languished for five years without any action after the warrant was issued.

Currently he is only charged with killing 53-year-old Sandra Davis, on Aug. 31, 2001.Authorities charged him with four other slayings in 2002 and one each in 2005 and this year. The last victim, who remains unidentified, was killed June 5. All these victims were murdered between January 2002 and October 2005. They were found in abandoned homes or garages within the same area of the city. All women were over 30 and were involved with drugs.
The victims names were Sandra Davis, 53; Pamela Greer, 33; Marion Woods-Daniels, 36; Rhonda Myles, 45; Thelma Johnson, 30; and Melissa Toston, 38. A seventh victim was identified only as Jane Doe because her body was too decomposed to identify.
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Genuine, by the definition, garbageman and truck driver, nigger serial killer, Edward Surratt,
killer of at least 18.

NOTE: Also very scarce net photos. In one, the lighting is so pale, he almost easily passes for White to non-racially aware Whites.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, which published the above racially dubious photo, and further insinuated confusion by refusing to publish Surratt's race in the text at above link is owned by the jew 'Block' family.
His Jewish family had fled poverty and persecution in Russia...
Watch this vid to see the truth. This video has mug shots of nig Surratt and photos of his White victims:
Surratt, a long-distance truck driver and Vietnam combat veteran, was long believed by police to have committed at least 18 murders in 1977 and 1978 in eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and South Carolina, as well as the rapes of a mother and daughter in Florida.

Surratt, now 65, is serving two life sentences in Florida, where he was captured on July 1, 1978, still inside the St. John's County home where he had repeatedly raped a woman and her teen-age daughter in front of the bound husband. When Surratt, drunk and on drugs, fell asleep, the husband escaped, and police caught Surratt in the house.
When police vacuumed the crime scene, they had little to go on but a few hairs from a black person. Boardman Police were forced to wait until authorities from Pennsylvania asked Detective Glenn Bowers if Boardman had experienced any recent unsolved murders. The evidence that linked Surratt to the crime was the traffic ticket Surratt’s wife turned over to the FBI.

By the time this information was available, Surratt was already in a Florida prison serving four life sentences plus 275 years for crimes committed in Florida and South Carolina.

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Brit mud vader, Rahan Arshad, conducts belated "springtime racial house cleaning" in July,
offs 4 !
Uzma, 32, became suspicious about his plans when he suddenly started showering her with expensive gifts, including a 30,000 BMW, it was said.

The dinner lady and part-time beautician confided in her brother that he was `planning something' and said: "Count the days until he kills me."
Just days later - hours after a trip to Blackpool with the children - it was said Arshad used a rounders bat to murder his wife, their sons, Adam, 11, Abbas, eight, and six-year-old daughter Henna at home in Cheadle Hulme.

Father 'clubbed family to death'

Rahan Arshad was described as 'jealous and possessive'
A cab driver clubbed his wife and three children to death with a rounders bat because he thought she was having an affair, a court has heard.
Prosecutors said Rahan Arshad, 36, then fled to Thailand, leaving the bodies undiscovered at an address in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester for almost a month.

Paul Reid QC, prosecuting, told the jury the evidence relating to the deaths last July would be distressing.

Mr Arshad denies four counts of murder, at Manchester Crown Court.

The jury heard when Mr Arshad was arrested, he said: "I confess to the murder. My beautiful kids, I don't regret killing that bitch, but my kids, killing my kids..."

The court was told he killed his wife Uzma Rahan, 32, sons Adam, 11, and Abbas, eight, and daughter Henna, six, in July.

The bodies lay undiscovered for almost a month

Mr Reid told the jury the couple had an arranged marriage in 1992 but their relationship hit the rocks from before Easter 2003 because Mr Arshad believed his wife was having an affair.

He said: "Despite Uzma's denials to many about the affair, including her family and friends, the affair was an open secret and lasted until about April 2006."

Mr Reid claimed that in the months before her murder, Mr Arshad admitted threatening to kill his wife and children.

He told the jury that on 27 July Mr Arshad, whom he described as "jealous and possessive" bought an 18-inch (45cm) rounders bat.

Blood samples

DNA traces from all the family members were recovered from the bat and blood samples were found on the trainers Mr Arshad was wearing when he was arrested, the court heard.

The jury was told that Mr Arshad left his car in the short stay car park at Heathrow before boarding a flight to Bangkok.

Although Mr Arshad had booked a return flight on 18 August, he failed to board the aeroplane.

He was stopped on 30 August at the Thailand-Malaysia border.

In a defence statement to prosecutors, Mr Arshad claimed he had returned home to find his children dead and that he had bludgeoned his wife to death with the rounders bat because he believed she had murdered them.

The trial was adjourned until Wednesday.
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Genuine serial killer, Reinaldo "Ray'' Javier Rivera 4-6!
Suspect hid in ordinary life
Mr. Rivera was in the ROTC and was stationed aboard the USS Ajax in the Navy. A fellow ROTC member, Stephen L. McManus, said, ``Back then, I couldn't say a bad thing about the guy.''

A chill hangs in the air.

Mariea Stubbs has felt it. It's keeping neighbors indoors. Sidewalks are deserted after dark. Late-night diners aren't as busy as they used to be.

But the chill has nothing to do with the coming winter, and everything to do with one man. Tales of Reinaldo ``Ray'' Javier Rivera - charged in a series of slayings in the Augusta area - have some residents of the quiet community of Clearwater on edge.

``It's like nobody trusts anyone anymore,'' said Ms. Stubbs, 23. ``Everybody's just real skittish. Everybody's just real freaked out.''

One of dozens of women claiming to have been approached by Mr. Rivera, Ms. Stubbs was shaken by the news of his capture.

``I haven't been out since. Once the reality sets in, it's hard to go back to the old way, because you're afraid if you slip up, you're going to be another victim,'' she said. ``It's just sad that so many people had to die before he was caught.''

Before his capture in October, Mr. Rivera, 37, was a man with a double life, police say. One was that of a blue-collar family man: a devoted wife, two children and a steady job. The other was that of a homicidal sexual predator, luring young women from parking lots to their deaths.

Now his family is devastated and he's charged in the brutal rapes and killings of four young women.

It didn't have to be this way.

The future looked bright on Valentine's Day 1993 when Mr. Rivera, then 29, exchanged wedding vows with Tammy Bonnette, 30, in the campus chapel at the University of South Carolina.

It was a big wedding. His entire Naval ROTC unit was invited.

The newlyweds were beaming as they embarked on a life together as the all-American husband and wife, according to Marine Col. Richard Slack, Mr. Rivera's commanding officer in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

There was much to be happy about. Their first child, a son, was already on the way, the colonel said. Yeoman Rivera was wrapping up his final year at the university and was months away from his commission as an officer.

He had come a long way from his childhood in Puerto Rico, where as a doctor's son he was educated in prestigious Catholic schools and at the University of Puerto Rico before signing on with the armed forces.

He became a decorated sailor, gunning for a career as a pilot. The Navy sponsored his studies at South Carolina after an impressive 4 years in an administrative post at the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington. He was hand-picked for the stiffly competitive Enlisted Commissioning Program, for which only 400 sailors from the entire Navy make the grade each year.

``When the Navy sends you to college to give you a degree and make an officer of you, you have to be doing something right,'' Col. Slack said.

But during the next seven years, things went horribly wrong. Mr. Rivera's long, hard fall would end in a blood-covered Clearwater motel room early Oct. 12, when police from two states following leads in the rape of a teen-ager found him with his wrists slashed.

Nobody saw it coming.

Not the Washington court authorities who dismissed his case after he allegedly sliced a prostitute's hand in 1989.

Not the Navy disciplinarians who let him off with an other-than-honorable discharge when a bust for soliciting a minor in a Texas suburb turned up a stack of lurid, homemade videos - at least one involving an underage girl - and a duffel bag filled with condoms, a 35 mm camera and a large knife.

Not the South Carolina police who questioned and released him after reports he was harassing young girls in Aiken.

Not his wife, who stuck by him through the messy collapse of his military career, his sporadic employment as a used-car salesman and even a bankruptcy claim in 1997.

And certainly not his friends, co-workers and fellow sailors, who saw him as harmless and, in retrospect, almost too ordinary.

``Back then, I couldn't say a bad thing about the guy,'' said Stephen L. McManus of Indianapolis, who was a midshipman in Mr. Rivera's ROTC unit. ``He wanted to become a pilot. He wanted to do his time in the Navy, then retire. I have no idea what happened.''

A plush life

Reinaldo Javier Rivera-Martinez was born Sept. 13, 1963, in Madrid, Spain, the second son of Rodo Edwin Rivera, a physician.


Reinaldo J. Rivera (second row, fourth from left) was a decorated sailor and was chosen by the Navy to work with the Joint Chiefs of Staff Office in Washington during the Bush administration. His subsequent schoolwork at the University of South Carolina was also Navy-sponsored.


Dr. Rivera was a native of San Isabel, Puerto Rico, and the family returned to the island in 1970, when Reinaldo was 7.

As a child, he apparently lived a plush life on the Caribbean island. From 1977 to 1980, he attended Colegio San Antonio Abad in Humacao, a village nestled in the foothills near the eastern coast.

At the time, the Catholic school was for boys only. Mr. Rivera maintained a 3.53 grade-point average, according to a teacher. Adelina Rodriguez Inostrosa, a retired health educator, worked with Dr. Rivera at Jabucoa Hospital in the 1970s. She said he was a ``great doctor,'' and she remembers his son as a small boy playing in his front yard with his older brother and little sister.

``They were a happy family'' living in a middle-class neighborhood near the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao, she said.

Mr. Rivera's final year of high school was spent in San Juan, a port city whose scenic beauty and economic prosperity eclipse the nearby poverty of shantytowns and squatter villages. In 1981, he received his diploma from Colegio San Jose, another distinguished Catholic boys school.

Mr. Rivera went on to attend the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras. He wasn't there long. Taking the lead of his father, a military veteran, he enlisted at age 19 and reported for basic training April 18, 1983.

The journey would never take him far from palm trees and saltwater. Boot camp was in Orlando, Fla., with technical training in Meridian, Miss. By August, he was stationed in San Diego aboard the USS Ajax, a World War II-era repair ship servicing the Pacific fleet.

Yeoman Rivera was with the Ajax for more than three years. For its final overseas assignment, the Ajax sailed as far as Al Masirah off the coast of Oman, with stop-offs in Guam, Thailand and the Philippines. The month after it was decommissioned in December 1986, he went to Washington.

Fall from grace

As he was earning accolades in the nation's capital, Yeoman Rivera's run-ins with police began. He was picked up for an alleged attack with a knife on a 19-year-old prostitute. But he was never prosecuted on the charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, likely because the victim was a prostitute, said Washington Metropolitan Police Detective Jim Trainum.

The sailor emerged with a clean record, allowing him to pursue his military goals. His fall from grace was still years away.

At the end of the Reagan years and during most of the Bush administration, Yeoman Rivera was an office worker for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the president's top military advisers.

He was named the 1990 Sailor of the Year in the logistics section and rose to petty officer first class, according to his military file. He also received two Joint Service Commendation Medals, two Joint Service Achievement Medals and a Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation.

After his strong performance in Washington, he was sent to the University of South Carolina's Naval ROTC program. Three years later, on May 14, 1993, he was commissioned as an ensign.

He spent a year in flight school in Pensacola, Fla. By December 1994, he had been assigned to more advanced fixed-wing aircraft training at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas.

According to Nueces County Constable's Precinct 2, it wasn't long before he tried to pick up two teen-age girls. The approach he allegedly used in January 1995 is chillingly similar to the one reported in the attacks in Augusta and Aiken County years later.

When Mr. Rivera encountered one of the 16-year-olds while she was walking alone, he claimed to be a photographer seeking swimsuit models and offered $150 an hour for a photo session, a constable said, reading from a police report.

The teen and a friend alerted police, who were waiting for him when he arrived at the rendezvous. Mr. Rivera was charged with soliciting a minor, but the case was turned over to the Navy.

When they searched his Chevrolet Camaro, Nueces County police found a vinyl duffel bag containing a bottle of baby oil, a tube of lubricant, a camera, prophylactics and a sheathed knife, according to a Navy criminal investigation report. They also found a video recorder and a videotape.

The tape showed Mr. Rivera having sex with a 16-year-old girl, the report states, and he admitted to having other sexually explicit videos at home. Another search turned up three tapes whose content the report does not explain.

However, Navy investigators dug up much about what was found in the car, leading to a charge of conduct unbecoming an officer. The Navy document contains the following account:

Reinaldo Javier Rivera, 37, of Clearwater, S.C., has been charged in the deaths of four women in Georgia and South Carolina.

On Jan. 22, 1995, four days before his arrest, Ensign Rivera approached the teen and her 17-year-old cousin as they left a 7-11 store. He offered them as much as $200 to model for him. The girl told investigators she agreed because she needed the money.

He took them to the Ranch Motel in Corpus Christi and registered under the name Carlos Estrada. He instructed the 17-year-old to hold the video camera while he and her cousin had sexual intercourse. He coached the 16-year-old on how to answer his questions about her sexual preferences and sexual history. Eventually, he told the older girl to use a still camera.

The 16-year-old explained: ``(I'd) gotten myself into something I couldn't get out of,'' the report says.

The investigation revealed a pattern by Ensign Rivera: The previous year he also had approached the daughter of a fellow officer in a mall while he was in Pensacola for flight school. In August 1994, he met her while she was working and offered her a fee to pose in a swimsuit, she said in the report. He told her the pay would be higher if she posed in lingerie, topless or nude.

The girl told Navy investigators he had also approached one of her friends while she was working at Sunglass Hut in the same mall, asking whether she thought sunglasses would spice up a bathing suit video.

Ensign Rivera underwent a counseling session after the Pensacola incident, the report says.

But the Corpus Christi affair was more serious. Four months after the arrest, the two-year anniversary of his commissioning came and went without a promotion to lieutenant junior grade.

Four months later - in September 1995 - his Navy career was over. As part of a plea agreement, he accepted the discharge to avoid a court-martial.

Thick and thin

Mr. and Mrs. Rivera's son was a toddler when they left Texas for Fayetteville, N.C. They lived with his brother before moving to their own home north of downtown. During their time in the city, Mr. Rivera took a job at Pizza Hut, then at Rick Hendrick Toyota.

At the car lot he found a new career. It wasn't as steady as working for the U.S. government, but it paid the bills.

For a while, anyway.

By the start of 1997, Mr. Rivera had taken a job selling used cars for The Toyota Center in Columbia, earning about $2,200 a month. It still was not enough for the family, which now included a baby daughter. The couple was paying $580 a month for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment off Interstate 26.

The family finances were a wreck. The Riveras began filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbia U.S. District Court while he was still at The Toyota Center.

Together, the couple owed $67,439 in credit card debts and loans and had $15,758 in assets.

By the time the papers were completed in August 1997, Mr. Rivera had been selling used cars at Galeana Chrysler Plymouth Jeep for about three months. He quit a week into January 1998.

Galeana General Manager Scott Rhodes said he didn't think twice when Mr. Rivera departed less than a year after being hired. It's common in the business, and he considered Mr. Rivera just another floating salesman.

From Columbia, Mr. Rivera drifted to Augusta, this time selling used cars at the Gerald Jones Select dealership on Washington Road. He moved his family to Bettis Academy Road in Graniteville, shortly after he took the Gerald Jones job in February 1998.

After three months, he switched jobs again, to Bourne Auto Center on Washington Road.

Apparently growing weary of the precarious auto sales business, by midyear he had applied for a position at the new Bridgestone/Firestone tire plant in Aiken County. He was hired and trained as a tire inspector and attended the grand opening.

Mr. Rivera worked rotating 12-hour shifts - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., or vice versa. Sometimes he got four days off in a row. He was earning nearly $50,000 a year. He and his family attended Fellowship Baptist Church in Graniteville.

He was well thought of at the plant and in the neighborhood. But there were things family and friends didn't know.

Talent scout

Around Augusta, police began documenting reports of a Hispanic male trying to entice women. At the University of South Carolina Aiken, campus police spent two semesters in 1998 on the lookout for a cleancut man in a yellow car. The man approached white females on three occasions, asking for directions to Augusta, claimed to be opening an escort service and offered them a chance to apply for work, according to USC Aiken Public Safety Director Mike Findley.

Women who turned down the talent-scout scheme describe similar pickup lines that some say should have alerted authorities that the man had a problem.

Ms. Stubbs said she had her first run-in with Mr. Rivera in January 1999. For several months, she said, she was continually harassed by a man who identified himself as ``Ralph.'' He first approached her in the parking lot of the Bi-Lo shopping center in Clearwater, telling her about his photography studio and offering a chance to have her picture in a portfolio. She gave him a phone number.

``He kept calling and calling. My stepfather totally freaked. He said this man could be some murderer and you can't be doing that,'' Ms. Stubbs said.

After receiving one call, her stepfather said he had a tap on the phone and planned to call police. The man got nervous.

``(The caller) was just like, `Why do you want to get the cops involved? I haven't done anything! I haven't done anything!''' Ms. Stubbs said. ``He was just really unnerved about it. He never called back.

``I had to contact police once or twice, and nothing was ever done about it. I believe if they would have listened to me, a few more lives could have been saved.''

Last summer, after Melissa Dingess, Tiffaney Wilson and Tabatha Bosdell - all 17 - were already dead, Aiken police questioned Mr. Rivera about his lurking in a Blockbuster video parking lot. When asked why he was trying to pick up girls, he reportedly responded, ``My hormones are going crazy.''

He apologized, and no charges were filed. Six weeks later, Fort Gordon Army Sgt. Marni Glista, 21, was fatally attacked in her west Augusta home.

Not until Chrisilee Barton, 18, survived a rape, strangulation and stabbing Oct. 10 did the nightmare come to an end.

Shattered lives

According to a warrant application in the Barton case, one of Mr. Rivera's relatives let him know police were on his trail the night before his capture.

He fled his home on Sudlow Ridge Road in North Augusta, the document states, leaving behind a note saying he was sorry for what he had done and asking his wife to take care of the children.

About a week after his arrest, Mrs. Rivera penned her own letter to news media.

``My life is shattered and I just ask that the community have compassion not so much for me but for my two small children who are victims also,'' she wrote. ``We have asked God over and over, Why? How could this have happened? We just do not have the answers and probably never will.''

She declined to participate in this article, as did other relatives and the pastor of Mr. Rivera's church.

Attorney Jacque Hawk, who is helping defend Mr. Rivera, is piecing together his client's life story, interviewing family members and pulling records. He said he hopes some good can come from it, perhaps learning how such tragedies can be prevented.

Mr. Rivera's main concern now is protecting his children ``from knowing anything about his situation, that he's even alive right now. He misses very much being able to see them,'' Mr. Hawk said. ``This is a situation where a young man had an opportunity to do great things with his life. This was a man who had done a lot and achieved a lot.

``How this would happen is beyond me.''

`I pray for him'

The arrest brought answers for four families who lost daughters, sisters and wives. It shed light on two unsolved homicides and the tragic ending to a missing-person case.

Within days, the news of the arrest was rippling from state to state and across the Caribbean Sea.

Mrs. Inostrosa had lost touch with the Rivera family after she left Humacao. Her memories were stirred when she saw the face of a grown-up Reinaldo in the pages of El Nuevo Dia, a daily Puerto Rican newspaper.

``Even if I don't know him or her, or if he is guilty or innocent, I pray for him because they have to be suffering so much,'' she said.

Word also spread quickly to other places Mr. Rivera had lived. Those law enforcement agencies wanted in on the act.

Soon after he was appointed to defend Mr. Rivera, attorney Peter Johnson was inundated with calls from investigators. He refused access on the grounds of protecting his client's interests.

The lawmen aren't giving up. The FBI already has entered details about the patterns in the killings into a database, allowing police across the country to compare notes.

Sgt. Wayne Bunton, Richmond County Sheriff's Department's lead investigator in the case, said his department will assist other agencies and hopes eventually to compile a DNA profile.

Mark Brewington, a criminal specialist with North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and part of a multi-agency task force looking into a string of unsolved prostitute deaths, said he's optimistic a crucial lead could be found in the Rivera case.

During his statement to police, Mr. Rivera claimed he once raped a woman in Fayetteville, Richmond County investigators said.

``I don't care if it's from 1963, we're going to do everything we can,'' Mr. Brewington said. ``Maybe we can clear some things up.

``At least we'll know we've done our jobs.''
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You know Craig, what gets me in that suratt case is this bit
"Surratt, now 65, is serving two life sentences in Florida, where he was captured on July 1, 1978, still inside the St. John's County home where he had repeatedly raped a woman and her teen-age daughter in front of the bound husband. When Surratt, drunk and on drugs, fell asleep, the husband escaped, and police caught Surratt in the house."
The husband escaped whilst this filth was in the house and he goes to the police? Why didn't he kill the scum? Shit like this pisses me off, we have to take responsiblity for our families, not go tell the cops. They don't give a shit. ESPECIALLY when the perp is non-white and the victim/s are White.
We have to ACT like men and think like men, IF we are ever gonna take back what is ours.
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