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Sambo Alfred Lee Robinson,
score 4.
Man Accused Of Being Serial Killer
Daytona Beach Police Say They Solved 4 Cold Cases

POSTED: 5:23 pm EST February 28, 2007
UPDATED: 6:47 pm EST February 28, 2007

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Two 16-year-old murder cases in Daytona Beach were solved on Wednesday, according to police, who are calling the the man charged in the women's deaths a serial killer.

Alfred Lee Robinson, who is in prison for the murder of two other women, was indicted on murder charges of Vickie Lynn Jackson, who was eight months pregnant when she was killed, after a DNA test linked Robinson to her.

Jackson was found partially nude in April 1991 after being sexually assaulted and strangled to death, Daytona Beach police said.

Robinson was also linked to the death of Johnnie May Williams, who police said was also sexually assaulted and strangled to death in Daytona Beach in 1991.

"This is what I consider the face of evil," Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said, holding a picture of Robinson. "He's a scumbag predator who preyed on helpless women, and he had a date with destiny today."

Chitwood also announced that new charges would be filed against Charles Coleman after ballistic tests proved that he killed two women.

In all, Chitwood said four cold cases were solved on Wednesday but stated that 71 remained unsolved.
Wikipedia has a very poor list of serial killers by country, e.g. three listed for South Africa, one in 1932--LOL.

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Count One of the Indictment charges AZIBO AQUART, also known as “Azibo Smith,” also known as “Azibo Siwatu Jahi Smith,” also known as “D,” also known as “Dreddy,” age 26, formerly of 131 Sage Avenue, Bridgeport; RODNEY WOMBLE, also known as “Big Man,” age 38, formerly of 86 Fairmont Street, Bridgeport; FRANKIE HODGES, also known as “Steve,” age 38, formerly of 35 Sanford Avenue, Bridgeport, and JUANITA HOPKINS, also known as “Vanessa,” age 38,
Triple-murder probe halts jury selection
MICHAEL P. MAYKO [email protected]
Article Last Updated: 03/02/2007 01:15:38 AM EST

NEW HAVEN — A federal judge called off Thursday's jury selection for a Bridgeport man charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm after learning the defendant is under investigation for a 2005 triple murder in Bridgeport.
The potential charge, violent crime in aid of racketeering, could result in a death penalty case against Azibo Aquart, 27, formerly of Sage Avenue, Bridgeport.

Senior U.S. District Judge Peter C. Dorsey postponed jury selection to at least Sept. 6. It is doubtful, however, that the government would be able to obtain approval from Washington to seek the death penalty and then try such a case so soon.

Aquart and his brother, Azikiwe Aquart, also of Bridgeport, are under federal indictment for their role in running a crack cocaine operation. Both brothers are detained without bond.

Although they have not been charged, both are considered suspects by Bridgeport police in an Aug. 24, 2005, triple murder in a Charles Street apartment house where the brothers' are accused of running a drug-trafficking ring.

Found bludgeoned to death with their faces wrapped in duct tape were Tina Johnson, 42; her boyfriend, James Reid, 40; and a family friend, Basil Williams, 54. No one has been arrested in connection with the murders.

FBI agents working with local police uncovered the Aquart drug ring being run out of the same building while investigating the murders.(Brilliant! Commit a triple murder, but keep da crack house runnin' in da same buildin'!)

Several witnesses have appeared before a federal grand jury in the case. Nine people have been indicted, but only on charges related to drug trafficking. Several have pleaded guilty to drug-related charges including Nathaniel Grant, 32, formerly of Johnson Street in Bridgeport.

Grant admitted serving as a lookout for the operation.

Jason Smith, Azibo Aquart's lawyer, confirmed that the prosecution is seeking to build a death penalty case against his client. He declined to comment further.

"In all my years as a prosecutor that was the most brutal crime scene I've ever come across," Assistant U.S. Attorney James I. Glasser said during a court proceeding last year.

He is prosecuting the case with Senior Assistant State's Attorney C. Robert Satti Jr.

To try a death penalty case, it must first be approved by U.S. Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor and his staff. O'Connor would then recommend it be prosecuted as a death penalty matter to the attorney general and a special panel in Washington. Defense lawyers can submit evidence against the government proceeding with a death penalty case.

Back in 2003, the government tried Luke "Mega" Jones, the ruthless head of a drug-trafficking ring operating in the P.T. Barnum Housing Project on a charge of committing murder in aid of racketeering and sought the death penalty. But at the end of the trial, Senior U.S. District Judge Alan H. Nevas ruled the government had not proven their case sufficiently to have the death penalty charge before the jury.

Nevertheless, Jones was convicted on numerous charges, and is serving a life sentence imposed by Nevas.
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Mark Faust
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Mark Faust

Oh c'mon Chain.....This is all bullshit.....Niggers CAN'T be serial killers. Court TV says so.
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Dink Woo "Power" Bum-Kon, 57 !, not including himself.
Woo "Power" Bum-Kon (Korean: 우범근) (February 24, 1955–April 27, 1982) was a Korean police officer who carried out the worst incident of spree killing in known history, killing 58 (including himself), and wounding 35 in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.

Bum-Kon was originally a police officer in Seoul, but was sent off to a rural village in Uiryeong county (의령군). Dispirited from being left out of the career path, he was also under enormous emotional strain from being unable to gather enough money to hold a proper wedding.

April 26, 1982
Bum-Kon had an argument with his live-in girlfriend in the afternoon of April 26, 1982. Enraged, he left the house and went to the police armory, where he began consuming large amounts of whiskey. He became moderately drunk, raided the police armory of its weapons and built a personal arsenal. Bum-Kon then stole a single high-powered rifle and some grenades and left the armory. It was by this point around dinner time. He walked from house to house, and abused his position as a police officer to make people feel safe and gain entry to the home. Then he shot the victims, or killed the entire family with a grenade. He continued this pattern for the next eight hours, and into the early morning hours of April 27.

Village to village
When Bum-Kon had shot a certain number of people in a village, he ran to another village and started killing. Eventually, he had torn through five villages in Uiryeong county.

In the early hours of April 27, Bum-Kon took his final two grenades and strapped them to his body. He grabbed three people as he set the fuse of the grenades. They became his final victims, as he blew himself up, killing the three he had taken hostage and finally ending the world's worst spree killing.
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It would take a bit much more time to go through the original 27 pages of Stormfront which comprise this start of this thread. (Someday in future I will add the 27 pages of the Stormfront thread to show more Wikipedia lies). But for now, I willl simply show the inaccuracies of the Wikipedia serial killer thread as they pertain to the VNNF portion of the thread. I will ONLY be citing genuine serial killers, NOT spree or "mass" killers. Here is the lying Wikipedeia thread:
By the way, if you argue that 3 killed is insufficient to make one a serial killer, note that Wikipedia lists Whites Jeffrey Gorton, "convicted of 2, suspected of more", Harvey Murray Glatman, killer of 4 (a jew,
though Wikipedia won't tell us so
and Westley Allan Dodd (among still others), killer of just three.

Country, Peru, serial killer, Pedro Alonso Lopez,
more than 100 girls killed, Wikipedia has no listing for Peru at this time.

Country, USA, negresses Angel Ford Wright and Caroline Peoples, unlisted in Wikipedia.
They serially killed four.

Country, USA, Chester Dwayne Turner, nigger serial killer of 12!

Country, Brazil, Francisco das Chagas, killer of 41,

Country, USA, spic Jose Guererro,
3 killed, no Wikipedia listing.

Country, USA, nigger serial killer and rapist Arohn Kee, 3 murders.
No Wikipedia listing.
When led from the courtroom after the verdict Kee shouted toward the spectators, "Fuck all o' y'all!"

Country, UK, Brit nigger cannibal serial killer Peter Bryan, 3 killed:
No Wikipedia serial killer listing:

Country, USA, nigger serial killer Gary Sinegal, 3 killed,
no Wikipedia listing:

Country USA, nigger Curtis Brown, 18 murdered not even LISTED at this time by Wikipedia's very, very poor and racially inaccurate serial killer list.

Country, USA, nigger serial killing necrophiliac, Cory Morris, 5 killed.

Country, USA, nigger Willie James Hodges, serial killer of 3,

Country USA, Lamar Baskin, 1 conviction, believed to have murdered 8.
No Wikipedia listing.
Wikipedia lists, for example, "Jeffrey Gorton, 2 rape-murders, suspected of more". Of course, Gorton is White, so Wikipedia has no problem lkisting him and the suspicians about him.

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Crazy niggeress (sic) mammy
burns up 4
White poeple.

Prosecutors: Woman Set Fatal Fire To Warm Up Cold Feet
CHICAGO, Ill. (STNG) -- A judge on Tuesday denied bond for a homeless woman charged with setting the weekend blaze that killed four people in a Wrigleyville apartment building.

Cook County Criminal Court Judge Colleen Hyland denied bond for Mary Smith, 43, charged with two counts of aggravated arson and four counts of first-degree murder, according to Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin. Smith’s next court appearance was set for April 4 in Violence Court (Br. 66), he said.

The fire early Saturday at 3553 N. Fremont claimed the lives of single mother Jennifer Carlson, 24, her roommate Jason Bowers, 23, and two friends -- Jerod Pilgreen, 21, of Poplar Grove and Joseph Schultz of Belvidere. Carlson and Bowers rented a third-floor unit.

A fifth person jumped from a third-floor window at the burning apartment building. The survivor might have inadvertently aided the fire’s spread, said police Bomb and Arson unit Cmdr. Ed O’Donnell. The man left his apartment door open, which “allowed superheated air and gases to enter,” O’Donnell said.

At Smith’s bond hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Lacy said Smith set the fire in an interior stairwell at 3553 N. Fremont just before 7 a.m. Saturday. "She said she lost her shoes that night and her feet were cold," Lacy said.

At the request of Smith’s lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Dayna Woodbury, Hyland sent Smith to Cook County’s Cermak Hospital instead of the jail.

“All indications are she is seriously mentally ill,’’ said Woodbury. “She needs medication. She needs to see a doctor.’’

One witness -- who later identified Smith in a lineup -- described seeing her in the vestibule of the Fremont building. The witness gave Smith a dollar, Lacy said. In a videotaped statement given to police, Smith “said she lit the fire with a dollar bill,” Lacy said. It was not clear if it was the same bill.

Though she lit the fire to warm herself, “She said the hallway stairs burned fast,” Lacy said, “and that’s one of the reasons why she got out.” As she left, Smith “heard the people yelling for help,” Lacy said.

Smith is also charged with setting another fire near the Fremont address at 3521 N. Reta about seven hours earlier.

Neighborhood witnesses led police to Smith. A series of small fires was set on North Reta in the hours before the Fremont fire, and a woman of Smith's description was seen in the area. A man walking his dog saw Smith outside the North Fremont address 15 minutes before the fatal fire, according to police Deputy Supt. Hiram Grau.

A tip led police to a coffee shop at Barry and Broadway, where they found a “very calm” Smith about 9 p.m. Saturday.

After her arrest, Smith spoke of bugs crawling from her eyes. She was unable to provide her name and had to be identified through fingerprints, a source said. “She said she was Liza Minelli’s sister and was born in a forest,” another source said.

Court records show Smith had a history of misdemeanor arrests for crimes like trespassing and retail theft. Her last known address in the 1000 block of West Sunnyside is a Salvation Army support center and soup kitchen for the homeless that does not allow women to stay overnight.

If convicted, Smith could face the death penalty, prosecutors said. A conviction would depend on whether she could "appreciate the criminality of her actions," said a source.

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the families of the fire victims alleging J & M Magic Mist of Illinois and Mary Geoghegan “failed to maintain functioning locking systems at the entrance doors” and that this allowed “unimpeded entrance to the second floor,” where the fire Saturday morning began.

Cook County Judge Elizabeth Budzinski issued a protective order Tuesday morning allowing the families’ investigators access to the building to conduct their own investigation.
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Karen Z.
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Karen Z.
Default Wayne B. Williams

Frankly, I'm surprised that the two most famous nigger serial murderers of ALL TIME are not in this thread. In the south, at least, we were assaulted nightly on the news by images of this simpering, geeky little nigger who killed a large number of feller niggs in two years. The KKK loved this guy and thanked him for "killing thousands generations of niggers to come". (not exact quote)

This is whats going on currently with the case, all along they tried to blame it on whitey, watch and see if the 'dna evidence' ends up backing this up.

The Atlanta Child Killer: Postscript or Rewrite?

Will the story of the Atlanta Child Killer get a shocking new ending? Well, we're about to be handed an epilogue in the form of DNA testing.
Williams was convicted of two murders and suspected of many more. The strongest proof against him came in the form of fibers matched to his home, bedspread, and his dog. Twenty murder victims were tied to Williams based on this fiber evidence.
The 1979-1981 murders made headlines across the world. The coverage was so intense because of the sheer number of victims, the panic they caused, and because "the original assumption was that the Atlanta child killer was a white redneck or a Klan-like group" (John Douglas, Anatomy of Motive).
Even after Williams was convicted, many people believed -- even to this day -- that the Ku Klux Klan was involved in the murders.
From the Brockton (Mass.) Enterprise, March 1982:
Soviet propagandists have been making hay out of the trial and conviction of Wayne B. Williams in the Atlanta child murder case.
According to Tass, the official Soviet news agency, poor Williams has been made a scapegoat by white racists, who are not only persecuting an innocent man but are also allowing the real mass murderer -- a white racist -- to remain at large while black children cower behind locked doors.
Tass does not, of course, tell its readers that Williams was run to ground and convicted after the most intense and costly criminal investigation in the history of Georgia and after one of the most expensive trials in the state's history.
Was he a black patsy? Or are his supporters misguided? I'd put good money on confirmation of the verdict. But DNA evidence has made a jackass of many a judge and juror, not to mention true crime author, so prudence dictates testing whenever a claim of innocence is made, regardless of the degree of plausibility. Some questions are best settled, so let the chips fall.
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Karen Z.
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Karen Z.
Default Coral E. Watts

If you were in Texas in the 80's you know who this guy is, only the scariest black serial killer ever IMO. A large number of his victims were white. I say you'de have heard of him, but apparently there was a semi- blackout on the story, so who knows.
Good news! Looks like he may be the first serial killer acquitted.
SCORE 100!!

(CBS) Coral Eugene Watts may be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. He’s already admitted to killing more than a dozen women, but authorities believe the actual number may be closer to 100.

Watts is scheduled to be released from prison in less than two years, after serving just 24 years of a 60-year sentence. How can that be?

It turns out Texas authorities made a deal with the devil back in 1982. They agreed to a plea bargain they thought would keep Watts behind bars for the rest of his life. But, as correspondent Steve Kroft reports, the deal has come back to haunt them, and Watts may become the first serial killer ever to be set free.

For the past 22 years, Watts has been locked up in the Texas prison system – all but forgotten.

"What’s amazing to me is everybody in America has heard of a Ted Bundy, a John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer. But when you mention the name of Coral Eugene Watts, 99.99 percent of the public has no clue who you’re talking about," says Andy Kahan, who is hoping to change that.

As director of the Crime Victims Office for the Mayor of Houston, he's trying to find some way to keep Watts from being released.

"I guarantee you, if he is released, women are gonna turn up murdered," says Kahan. "There’s no ifs, ands, or buts. This was a man that by his own admission stated that 'I’m gonna kill again if they ever release me.' You do not rehabilitate a serial killer."

Watts has been in trouble since he was 15, when he attacked a woman on his paper route. He’s been in and out of psychiatric hospitals, and in college, he was the No. 1 suspect after a young woman was stabbed 33 times. Police, however, had no evidence linking Watts to the murder. He was also a suspect in a series of slayings in the Detroit area, but once again there was not enough evidence to arrest him.

Watts’ ability to elude authorities followed him to Ann Arbor, Mich. It was 1980, when three young women were brutally murdered by someone the police and newspapers dubbed the “Sunday Morning Slasher.”

Paul Bunten, now the police chief in Saline, Mich., was the lead investigator in the case and says Watts quickly became the prime suspect.

"He knew that I suspected him of three homicides, even to the point where I demonstrated," says Bunten. "I said, 'Coral, I know exactly how you did it. And I stood up and I put my arm around his neck. And I said, 'You did it just like this.'"

By then, Bunten had put Watts under 24-hour police surveillance. When Watts decided to skip town, Bunten tracked him to Houston and sent police there an urgent warning.

"We put this very large packet of information including fingerprints, photographs, photographs of his car, highlights of our reports," says Bunten. "And I called Houston homicide and talked with the detective down there, and told him, 'I’m mailing this down. This is guy is a predator. You need to watch him.'”

When Watts showed up in Houston in 1981, it was the perfect hunting ground for a serial killer. Houston was the murder capital of the United States that year, with more than 700 homicides. Police were underpaid, understaffed and overwhelmed. So when Watts began killing young women, no one suspected that it might be the work of one man.

Watts would later confess to stalking and killing 12 Texas women. The first victim, Linda Tilley, was drowned. Elizabeth Montgomery was stabbed, and two hours later, so was Susan Wolf. Ellen Tamm was hanged, Margaret Fossi was asphyxiated, Elena Semander was strangled and left in a trash dumpster.

Emily LaQua was just 14. Anna Ledet was a medical student. And Yolanda Gracia, Carrie Jefferson and Suzanne Searles were all killed as they returned home.

Watts killed at random. There were no patterns, no motives, no eyewitnesses, and no evidence.

"If we had the goods on Coral Eugene Watts, we wouldn’t be talking today. That’s how good this guy was," says Kahan.

But Watts’ luck ran out on May 23, 1982. He spotted a woman leaving a Houston nightclub and followed her home. Michelle Maday was killed on her 20th birthday, and her body was dumped into a bathtub. Then, Watts moved on to another apartment complex, where he would confront his last two victims.

"He came in and grabbed me and started choking me. And he told me if I screamed, he would kill me," says Melinda Aguilar, who had just turned 19.

Watts tied up Aguilar, and her roommate, and began filling the bathtub with water. "He was excited and hyper and clappin’ and just making noises like he was excited, that this was gonna be fun," recalls Aguilar, who had no doubt that Watts was going to kill her. "He clapped and jumped at one time … and that's when I knew that I had to do something."

As Watts tried to drown her roommate in the bathtub, Aguilar managed to escape, throwing herself off the second floor balcony. Neighbors called police, the roommate was saved, and Watts, a 28-year-old bus mechanic, was arrested as he tried to flee.

But on the day Watts was set to go to trial, a deal was struck with the Houston district attorney. In exchange for a guilty plea to “burglary with the intent to commit murder” and a 60-year prison sentence, Watts offered to confess to 12 unsolved homicides if he was given immunity for them.

In the eyes of the district attorney, it was a good deal. It got a mass murderer off the streets for a long time and resolved a dozen open cases.

Det. Tom Ladd, who was brought in to take Watts' confession, says there is no evidence linking him to the crimes he confessed to.

It took Watts more than a week to describe how he had stalked and killed each of his victims -- and he led investigators to three shallow graves.

What was he like? "Very congenial. He didn’t act like a killer until you started listening to what he’s telling you or following his directions to his crime scenes," says Ladd. "[He had an] excellent memory. Very, very intelligent. He never got the facts of one murder mixed up with the facts of another murder. He never missed."

So why did he do it? "We'd ask him. We said, 'Well, why'd you kill this girl or that girl?' And he goes, 'They have evil in their eyes,'" says Ladd, even though almost all of his victims were picked out at night. "We said 'Coral, you couldn’t see her eyes.' And he said 'Yeah. She’s got evil in her eyes.'”

How did he operate? "He'd get in that car of his, and he'd drive around," says Ladd. "Sometimes, he’d drive all night long. And then he’d see a female, and whatever it was about that female, which we still to this day don’t know, why he picked one girl, and passed up 20 others."

Once he picked his victim, Watts killed quickly. None of the victims were sexually assaulted. Most were killed just steps from their front doors. "One girl, he just walked up and she turned and he stabbed her one time in the heart and turned around and ran away," says Ladd. "Probably didn't spend 15 seconds there even at the scene, and then an hour and a half later, he killed another one."

At one point, Watts said he was willing to confess to 22 murders in Michigan, and a call went out to detectives like Bunten in Ann Arbor.

"The next day, we sat down with our prosecuting attorney and we all agreed that you don’t give immunity to somebody who’s committed murder. There’s just no way you can do that," says Bunten.

Even to clear up cases? "Just because we couldn't prove it doesn't mean we don't know who did it," says Bunten.

Did he ever give any indication as to why he had committed these murders? "He says, 'I'll take that to my grave with me,'" says Bunten. "He's driven to do this. What drives him, I have no idea."

But Bunten said he did manage to have one last conversation with Watts in a Texas penitentiary: "I said, 'Coral, I haven't got enough fingers and toes to count the number of people you’ve killed, have I? And he looked around the room and said, 'There’s not enough fingers and toes in this room.'”

There were four people in the room, which would mean 80 victims. Does Bunten believe he is capable of killing that many people?

"Don't know. I asked him if he confessed to everything down in Texas, and he said, 'No,'" says Bunten. "I said, 'Why didn't you?' He made the statement to me that he doesn't want to go down in history as a mass murderer. And I said, 'You know what? That ship sailed.'"

At the time, it seemed a moot point, because everyone assumed Watts would die in prison an old man. But a series of court rulings changed that. As a first-time offender, Watts was granted time off for good behavior – three days off his sentence for every day served. So instead of serving a 60-year sentence, under Texas law, Watts would automatically be released after just 24 years.

"He'll have served less than two years for every Houston homicide victim that he murdered. That’s incredible. It’s never happened before in this country’s history," says Kahan.

Because Watts had been given immunity back in 1982, there was nothing Texas could do to keep Watts in prison. But Michigan was another story.

As soon as authorities in Michigan found out that Watts might be released, they created a special task force, headed by Lt. Bill Hanger, to begin digging through every unsolved homicide that Watts might possibly be linked to. Hanger says there are "roughly 90 cases we still consider him a suspect on."

They've got a suspect, but now they're trying to find the crime. Usually it works the other way around.

"He said that he would confess to 22 or so Michigan cases if he was granted immunity," says Hanger. "So I know there's at least 22 out there."

Assistant Attorney Gen. Donna Pendergast says appeals were made to the public for information – and it took less than 24 hours to get the first lead.

"It's really miraculous, but out of all the hundreds of cases that the task force was looking at, a witness from one of them said 'Hey I know something' and he came forward," says Pendergast. "I got a note on my desk, 'Saw one of Coral Watts’ murders.' And my first reaction, of course, was 'Sure, you did.'"

The eyewitness, Joseph Foy, was the same person who called police in 1979 to report the stabbing death of 35-year-old Helen Dutcher in an alley of a Detroit suburb. According to the police reports, it was dark. Foy didn’t describe seeing the actual murder, and only saw the killers’ face for a brief moment.

"They're looking for anything, any murder, any witness, any anything that they can pin on him," says Ron Kaplovitz, the court-appointed attorney for Watts.

He says his client may be a confessed serial killer, but he says there is not much physical evidence that he killed Dutcher: "It's hard to believe that a person who could see a person in an alley for a few minutes, a dark alley, 25 years ago, could come into a courtroom, point to that person and say 'That’s the guy I saw in the alley 25 years ago.'"

But after two years of investigating, this is the best case the State of Michigan has been able to come up with. Prosecutors may be counting on Watts to convict himself with his own words.

The judge in the case has just ruled that the jury can be told about the murders Watts confessed to in Texas, and the jury will also be allowed to hear from his last victim, Melinda Aguilar.

Is she worried about him getting out? "Absolutely. He has admitted to killing again if he was to get out. And I believe he will," says Aguilar. "I can still remember when I had to identify him, just the way he looked at me was one of those looks like 'You just wait when I get out.' All I remember is his evil eyes."

Coral Watts is scheduled to go to trial for the murder in Michigan the first week in November, but the special task force is still looking for other homicides to charge him with, in the event that Watts is acquitted in this case.
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Genuine negro serial killer-- by the strict definition-- a brand new one!
Boo Alvin A. Merrit, Score 3

Inmate's DNA is linked to three rape-murder cases
The Broward Sheriff's Office has tied three old cases of rape and murder to one suspect -- jailed in Miami on other crimes.
[email protected]

Alvin Merrit has been charged with murdering Phyllis Flagler and Janet Ramos.
Crime Scene
They were dumped like garbage, half-naked, raped and strangled.

For years, the deaths of 25-year-old Phyliss Flagler, 20-year-old Janet Ramos and 23-year-old Sybol Dillard have gone unsolved.

Now Broward Sheriff's Office homicide detectives have charged a man in two of the slayings -- and, ac- cording to the arrest affidavit, his DNA matches samples taken from the bodies of all three women.

On April 5, the BSO charged Alvin A. Merrit, 57, in the Flagler and Ramos cases. He has been in the Miami-Dade County Jail for the past two years, awaiting trial on two separate armed sexual assaults. Miami-Dade police are still investigating the Dillard case; he has not been charged in that crime.

Jorge Viera, listed in court records as Merrit's public defender, couldn't be reached for comment.

Merrit's criminal record dates to 1968. Florida Department of Law Enforcement records show he has been arrested in South Florida 28 times since then on charges including vagrancy, car theft, robbery and kidnapping. Many of the crimes were dismissed, or he was acquitted.

In 1976, he was acquitted of a litany of charges by reason of insanity, including kidnapping, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, two attempted rapes and violation of probation. Merrit was committed to South Florida State Hospital, a mental facility.

In 1980, back on the streets, Merrit was charged with five rapes. In 1985, he was found incompetent to stand trial and released to mental health services.


He was convicted of a burglary in 1989 and arrested several more times in the 1990s. Most recently, Merrit was arrested March 6, 2005, and has been in the Miami-Dade jail since.

Now he is charged with the rape and murder of Flagler and Ramos.

Investigators and prosecutors said getting a suspect with a history of mental incompetence to even stand trial can be difficult.

''How do you try and prove that he was crazy back then, but not now? Guys like him already have the stamp; there's a prejudice that he is crazy,'' said Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. ``He is a malingerer and knows how to act like he's incompetent.''

Detectives have been working the three cases for years. Flagler's body was found Dec. 27, 1994, among litter and debris in a field at 52 NW 14th Ave. in Dania Beach. She had been strangled and raped. The Homestead woman had several boyfriends and preferred life on the streets to her family's home, relatives have said. At the time of her death, she was pregnant and addicted to drugs.

DNA was collected from the crime scene. But at that time, detectives couldn't get a match to a suspect.

But they did learn that the DNA taken from Flagler's body matched that of DNA taken from another woman's body, found March 2, 1999, in a field in Opa-locka. Sybol Dillard, 23, had also been raped and strangled.


On April 18, 2002, Ramos' body was found in the parking lot of the Stanley Terrace Apartments at 414 SW Second St., near Interstate 95, in Deerfield Beach. She had been also been raped and strangled.

DNA samples taken from all three bodies matched. Detectives entered the profile into a state law enforcement database, hoping to match it with a suspect.

In 2004, they got a break. Miami-Dade police told BSO that a rapist's DNA in a recent case in the Miami Shores area matched a sample taken from the Ramos murder scene.

Still, they didn't know whom the DNA belonged to.

The next year, Miami-Dade police arrested a man accused of raping an 18-year-old woman at gunpoint in Northwest Miami-Dade. His DNA was matched to the Miami Shores rape -- and the three others. That was Merrit.

Maria Ramos, who was 18 when her sister Janet was killed, wants Merrit to remain behind bars.

''He just can't be found incompetent. He can't be let out again,'' Ramos, 23, of Memphis, said. ``The system has to work this time.''
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Default It totally blows my mind that...

...some of these animals are released so soon.

There was one post in this thread where a savage strangled a woman to death in June of '94 and is released in December of '01.

Un-fucking-believeable, or not. Nothing surprises me anymore?

My first post.
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Originally Posted by Where to begin. View Post
...some of these animals are released so soon.

There was one post in this thread where a savage strangled a woman to death in June of '94 and is released in December of '01.

Un-fucking-believeable, or not. Nothing surprises me anymore?

My first post.
Welcome to the foruum. EWhen you find something like that and note it, go ahead and link it. I'd missed or don't recall that case. Good to have the public record of fact.
Spic kills between 10 & 100-- is IN PA prison, and MSM can't come up with his PA prison photo--LOL! I also do NOT believe he is, as is isted in the AP article, in prison till 2010 SOLELY for illegally entering the US. This is some kind of half-baked propaganda. They knew he was a sex criminal--something they are not telling us. Any of you ever hear of a spic doing 3 years for illegally entering the US?
8:59 p.m. June 7, 2007

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Federal prosecutors want to return to Mexico a federal inmate they say confessed to killing at least 10 women in a border city there as “offerings to Satan.”
The U.S. attorney's office in Harrisburg, acting on a request from the Mexican government, asked a federal judge Wednesday to extradite Jose Francisco Granados de la Paz for trial in the June 2001 slaying of a 17-year-old girl.

De la Paz, 29, is a Mexican imprisoned in Lewisburg Federal Prison on immigration charges. Authorities say he confessed last year to the deaths, which ranged from 1993 until 2006, to Mexican investigators and officials in Texas.
All took place near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the extradition complaint said.

Pennsylvania authorities specifically cited the slaying of Mayra Juliana Reyes Solis. Reyes Solis had been stabbed in the heart and dumped in a canal in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas.

De la Paz said he used a kitchen knife taken from his sister's home to stab the girl, then with another man concealed her body in a black bag and dumped it into a canal near Ciudad Juarez – the same place they had thrown two other victims, according to the complaint.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Behe said Thursday that he does not know whether de la Paz intends to oppose extradition.

“At this point in time, the Mexican government feels they have enough evidence to extradite him,” Behe said.

In August, police in Denver arrested a suspected accomplice, construction worker Edgar Alvarez Cruz. Mexican authorities have charged him with Reyes Solis' killing. Police said another man, Alejandro Delgado Valles, admitted helping kidnap some of the women but claimed he did not participate in the killings.

More than 100 women disappeared in Ciudad Juarez in sexually motivated attacks over the decade ending in 2003, many of them younger women last seen taking a downtown bus. Often the victims were dumped in the desert outside the city.

The number of victims and the slow pace of the investigation have drawn international attention.

A hearing on the extradition complaint is scheduled for June 26. It was unclear whether de la Paz had a lawyer.

De la Paz is serving a multi-year sentence for illegally entering the United States. Federal prison officials said his release date is in 2010.
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Nigger Curtis Don Brown--

(Included in case TV website yanks story and pic as they not infrequently do)
FORT WORTH, Texas -- Police say they have linked a convicted murderer to DNA evidence found on the body of a 29-year-old who was among more than a dozen young women killed in Fort Worth over a 21-month period two decades ago.


Convict Charged With Murder

Curtis Don Brown.

Curtis Don Brown, 46, has been charged with capital murder in the death of Terece Gregory.

A fisherman found Gregory's body in the Trinity River in 1985, a day after she was last seen leaving a popular downtown Fort Worth nightclub just before daybreak. She was shot in the face.

Investigators say they linked Brown to Gregory through a DNA database in February while working on cold-case killings. Police say that Brown's DNA matches semen taken from Gregory's body and stored in a crime lab freezer.

Since then, investigators have re-examined 25 unsolved slayings of women in Tarrant County and say 18 of those deserve a closer look, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported in its Thursday editions.

Over a period of 21 months in the mid-1980s,
more than a dozen
young women were slain
, including a popular radio station employee who disappeared after buying gas at a convenience store in southwest Fort Worth and a middle school teacher strangled in her apartment. Most of the deaths remain unsolved.

"The DNA hit caused us to look at several other cases to determine whether Brown may be possibly involved in those," police Sgt. J.D. Thornton, head of the homicide unit, told the newspaper. "Whether he is or not, the evidence available in those cases will be processed to determine whether we can make a link to any suspect."

Brown was brought back to Fort Worth on Tuesday from a prison in Angleton, where he is serving a life sentence for the 1986 murder of Jewel Woods.

Woods was a 51-year-old nurse attacked in her apartment. Her body was found nearby the following day. She was beaten to death with a rock.

At the time of his arrest in Woods' death, Brown was free on bond after police say he crawled into one woman's apartment and tried to break into another.

Defense attorney Tim Moore, appointed to represent Brown on the capital murder charge, declined to comment.
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Default IDF snipers are probably the biggest serial killers alive today

I thought I would briefly make the point that the most prolific non-white serial killers today are probably snipers in the Israeli Defense Forces. They kill Palestinians with impunity ... young, old, male, female ... plenty of children ... one after another after another. There surely must be several IDF members with over 100 kills.

How is the faithful city become an harlot! It was full of judgment: righteousness lodged in it, but now murderers. Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water. Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards.

Xian WN!

"The Jew can only be understood if it is known what he strives for: ... the destruction of the world.... [it is] the tragedy of Lucifer."

Holy-Hoax Exposed, Hollow-Cost Examined, How Low Cost? (toons)
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Resurrect this thread as a sticky!.....I found it!
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Aaron Saucedo shot at least nine in 2016, captured in Phoenix May 2017


#1, chink mass murder, chink serial killer, jew mass murder, jew serial murderer, mud mass killer, mud serial killers, nigger mass murder, nigger serial killer, spic mass murder, spic serial killer


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