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Nikolai kh
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Nikolai kh
Default Russian Journalist Saved By Russian Defense League From Islamists

Radical Islamists threaten Russian journalist
Russian journalist Denis Korkodinov received death threats for being outspoken. Radical Islamists sent him messages such as “keep your throat lubricated” and “kill you.” According to the Russian Defense League, a Russian journalist has been threatened by supporters of radical Islamist terror groups like ISIS merely for exercising his right to speak out freely. The name of the journalist is Denis Korkodinov. “The radical Islamists are threatening to kill him because of his professional journalism,” Rami Amer Dabbas of the Russian Defense League related. “Denis is a well-known author who writes about terrorism and international relations. In his articles, he strongly opposes attempts to drag Russia into a global war. That is the reason that many groups and citizens began to chase after him for ideological and religious reasons.”

Korkodinov has been threatened with violence and even death: “Almost every day on his cellphone, he receives messages such as ‘keep your throat lubricated,’ ‘kill you,’ etc. Such is the price of his objective opinion as a freelance journalist. Now out of fear for his own life and that of his family, he appeals to the international community for help. The Russian press is oppressed. Journalists are threatened.”

According to Dabbas, the radical Islamist threat in Russia is mainly under control but there are a lot of Tatars within the country that support the radical Hizbotahrir Party, which is banned basically everywhere including in many Arab countries and within Russia too but for some odd reason is considered legal in Australia: “They are illegal but they still hide and threat to wage terrorist acts. They are still dangerous. This same party organized a demonstration against the Russian Embassy in Jordan and threatened the Ambassador a few years ago. They gave him a letter asking him to apologize for crimes committed against the Muslims during the middle ages.”

When asked how Russia is dealing with the radical Islamist threat, Dabbas related that Putin is a lot tougher on the Muslim extremists than his Western counterparts: “Putin allows Muslims to practice their faith but under limitations. He outlawed Sharia law and made it illegal. This came after some Muslims mainly in Chechnya called for polygamy in Russia.” However, he added that the radical Islamists still threaten Russian society despite Putin’s stern measures as the threat against Denis Korkodinov demonstrated.


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