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Old June 15th, 2019 #15
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Originally Posted by Skinhead Zack View Post

Not only Negroes and Spics are unhygienic like that. I've also seen too many Orientals come out of a bathroom without washing their hands.

Non-Whites are nasty and gross..
Amen to that. Back in 1990, a friend and I ordered Chinese food. I got a case of food poisoning so bad that I wanted to die. I vomited up the entire meal and shit was spraying out my ass. Even after everything was out, I had dry heaves so bad that my ribs hurt. I couldn't eat for three days.

I wonder if that muzzer/illegal beaner-loving Israeli jew and her jew dog husband approve of this?

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.

Last edited by Gladiatrix; June 15th, 2019 at 11:21 PM.

ba-bite, illegal aliens, jews, oakland libby schaaf jew, sanctuary restaurant


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