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Default The jew changes masks

Step back for a minute and imagine that the sole purpose of any religion is actually a device to control people.
And further imagine, those who set up the religion remain hidden and actually control the religion through figureheads. (examples of figureheads...Popes, Mulahs etc.)
Now suppose you are one of those hidden controllers and you've been controlling Popes to do your bidding for centuries.
Things work out for you for a long time as you have controlled Christians for a long time via the Pope, televangelists and a host of charlatans . You have been able to use Christians to enrich yourself, and essentially control much of the Western world.
But then you discover your controlled Christians are starting to rebel and figure-out their so-called leaders (Popes) are really sexual deviate child molesters. And this causes people to abandon the church and you as the controller are losing your source of income and power as the Christian church falls under the weight of scandal.
So what are you to do as the ultimate controller now that Christianity is no longer the cash cow it once was and the flock no longer obeys the Pope you've installed?
The obvious solution is to replace Christianity with another religion that will maintain your power and control over the people.
If you are a controller, Islam is the perfect replacement for Christianity and for keeping a grip on the minds of the people.
It is an aggressive predatory religion that demands obedience.
Muslims are forbidden to question authority.
Islam will crush the pacifist Christian (just as they've done in England) and they'll do this in all of the rest of the Western world. And then Islam will be the controlling device the controllers will use to attack and dominate the rest of the world.

Of course this is true.......if anyone really thinks a bunch of primative goat herders have taken over England by themselves, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell them.
There is a powerful Hidden Hand behind all of those migrations into the Western Nations of Europe. Highly intelligent, calculated, devious control freaks. And Muslims are simply not sophisticated enough to pull off something as massive and all encompassing as the takeover of Europe. For the fall of Europe to happen as it is right before our eyes, would take something so monstrous, so evil, It could only be called The Beast.
And we here at VNN Forum call it.........the jew.
The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.


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