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Sam Emerson
Diversity = White Genocide
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Sam Emerson
Default Ted Sallis' Strategy: Neutralize Social Pricing

In The System vs. Democratic Multiculturalism Ted Sallis said:

Social Pricing is in the long run the most difficult problem we face. Le Brun stated as much in a podcast, talking to Greg Johnson. In Europe, the social system does a better job of protecting folks from social pricing, while in “free market” America, such protection does not exist. Ultimately, we need to build an infrastructure of sufficient breadth and depth so as to make social pricing a weaker weapon of the System. Unfortunately, the pathetic “movement,” with its incompetent affirmative action leadership, shows no signs of doing so or even of acknowledging that such is necessary. Decades of time, money, and support have been wasted by “movement” trash and their “Der Tag” apocalyptic fantasies. The truth is far more mundane and less “heroic.” The “movement” won’t want to hear it. I’ll say it anyway. In my opinion, the real “turning point” will NOT be when “Whites storm the ramparts” or whatever other doomsday scenario whets the onanistic fantasies of the “movement” — instead, the turning point will be when overt pro-White activists can safely and securely live a comfortable middle-class existence while simultaneously being public far-Right representatives of White interests.

Social Pricing is the usual antifa tactic of getting any pro-White activist fired and shunned by their friends and relatives.
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I think the author makes some great points, but I don't fully agree with his conclusion you quoted.

Great points:
" is, simply put, a form of sociopolitical ju-jitsu to undermine the multiculturalist system by forcing that system to live up to its own ideals down the slippery slope to chaos, or be exposed as hollow and hypocritical. Stating this openly is not a problem, since the System will know it anyway; the point is to press the issue in such a way as to create a “heads we win, tails they lose” scenario so that the System fails regardless of how they attempt to address the issue."

If they give in and give whites a seat at the diversity table we will be much closer to victory, as a fairly level playing field will over time lead to whites getting back on top. Hopefully this time with enough racially aware people to make sure we don't slide back.

If they refuse us, it will give us more grist for our propaganda mill. More whites will see that 'diversity' isn't about a universal ideology but rather a cover for blatant favoring of political allies over political enemies.

"Winning honors our ancestors; losing disgraces them. Do what you have to do to win."

Absolutely. It disgusts me to see people say things like, "we shouldn't act like the jews to beat the jews!" Are we in a fight for our survival or we are just having a friendly match of cricket? There is no such thing as 'jewish behavior' or 'aryan behavior', there are end goals and there are the means by which we achieve those goals. For example, being a lawyer isn't being jewish, it is making a decent living to support a family while also having the power to help out the cause in ways you could not do without a law degree.

It won't be a turning point when an openly WNist can live a middle class existence without fear of social reprisal. At that point we will have already won or lost the battle. If we are still a majority, or at a minimum the majority minority, then we will have pretty much won. This is because the main thing that holds us back is that whites benefit more from compliance with anti-white program than they suffer from its existence. Get rid of the penalty for non-compliance and people will strongly gravitate towards their personal self-interest, the end of anti-white programs. Furthermore, the only way a white majority will ever get equal treatment is if the jews no longer controlled the media and dominated the hiring process in so many areas of wealth and power. In other words, we have already won.

If we gain the ability to be WNist without social repercussions when we are a true minority and the jews still control the media, etc. then most likely it was given to us like you give an old dog a chunk of bacon before taking it to the vet to be put down. If this happens when we are a minority but the jews have lost control of their organs of power perhaps we could get back on top, but there are too many variables to make a prediction now.

social pricing, ted sallis, white activism


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