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Originally Posted by Rounder
Hey Jim, you posted a quote from Ashley saying that he and Mandell had appeared on "88.7 KTRM in Kirksville".

Can you shed any light ?? Anyone ??

Looks like Sunday evening it is.

I look forward to hearing Mr. Cobb call in to the show...and perhaps a few of the other intelligent posters here. One way or another...these "tolerant" Whites are gonna hear what we've got to say! :cheers:

-Yankee Jim
"Googo dat shit"

The Hudson Valley Freeman

Carry a pocket knife ,wear steel toe boots and always make sure that you have the advantage or these savage simians will fuck you up! -- "White Minority" from VNNForum

“To destroy is always the first step in any creation.”


"We're seeing people wearing Skrewdriver (a white power band) shirts and sieg heil-ing around town."

-New Paltz, NY Mayor Jason West 08/18/2004

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Originally Posted by The Outer Limits

It's Truman University's campus radio station, located here:

Radio Station Telephone: (660) 785-4506

Thanks for the info. I phoned that number, spoke with "Courtney", identified myself and volunteered myself and Alex to be guests on their radio talk show for the purpose of rebutting Mandell/ADL, and to answer questions and present our side of the story, etc.

Courtney, a receptionist, knows all about The Aryan Alternative and the ongoing controversy there at TSU and Kirksville.

Anyhow, the fellow who approves guests is one John Weeks, who was out of the office when I phoned. Courtney assured me he'll phone me when he returns. We'll see. I'll keep phoning them back til I get a yes or no answer from Weeks. Rounder never drops the ball.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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Frank Toliver
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Frank Toliver

Assley Young is no more!

Hooray! Now if he would only take that pipe, shove it up his ass and give himself a lobotomy, the world can have a sense of relief!


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