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alex revision
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alex revision
Default A Dutch Art Dealer Says He Discovered a New Rembrandt

A Dutch Art Dealer Says He Discovered a New Rembrandt

The claim is supported by 15 leading experts

In 2016, the Dutch art dealer Jan Six purchased a 17th-century portrait of an unidentified young man at a Christie’s auction in London. The painting, which shows its sitter draped in a luxurious velvet cloak with an ornate lace collar, was classified as being from the “school of Rembrandt.” But Six, an expert in Old Masters paintings, suspected that the unsigned work was by Rembrandt himself.
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In my opinion it is not a Rembrandt. First off, what is suspect here is the hand and in addition the lack of the other hand makes the pose awkward. But the hand itself is of such a poor understanding of anatomy that most likely two people worked this canvas. There is an overall cut and paste look to this work. The face and hand as mentioned are separate two and the cloth is a third. It would be common that the person sitting for a portrait like this would not be present while the clothing of such detail is painted. Because of that many paintings by masters do have a separation between what is rendered as flesh and that of cloth. The French painter David, pronounced (Dah-veed) is a good example of this. The nose falls flat on the shadow side, and many other details that would require extensive writing for the average layman to understand. Most of which has to do with the behavior of light, also known as light-narration. The story of light does not seem as clearly understood here as it does in an authentic Rembrandt. I think this painting is what it is, a student work.


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