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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Mandela

Mandela to see his statue unveiled in front of British parliament

Fri Aug 24, 4:43 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Former South African president Nelson Mandela is to attend the unveiling next week of his statue opposite the British parliament, London Mayor Ken Livingstone said Friday.

The wraps will be taken off the statue next Wednesday and will see the likeness of the 89-year-old Nobel laureate stand alongside the figures of former British prime ministers Winston Churchill and Benjamin Disraeli.

A statue of former South African prime minister, politician and military officer Jan Smuts also stands nearby.

Livingstone said in a statement that putting the statue in Parliament Square reflected Mandela's place as a world statesman and as "one of the key political figures of our time".

"There can be no better way for this statue to be unveiled than with Nelson Mandela himself present," he said.

"Nelson Mandela's struggle against apartheid symbolised both the fight against racist tyranny and the universal struggle for human rights.

"The statue underlines the warm friendship between Nelson Mandela and the people of London."

Mandela's spokesman said in the same statement that the former president was "honoured" at the tribute and would be accompanied by his wife, Graca Michel.

Also present will be Wendy Woods, the widow of journalist and anti-apartheid campaigner Donald Woods, who died in 2001 and whose idea it was to have the statue in Parliament Square, as well as film director Sir Richard Attenborough.

The statue, by sculptor Ian Walters, is nine-feet (2.7-metres) high and faces the Houses of Parliament. Walters sculpted another statue of Mandela which currently stands on the south bank of the River Thames.

In his autobiography "A Long Walk to Freedom", Mandela recalled a visit to London with his fellow anti-Apartheid campaigner Oliver Tambo.

"When we saw the statue of General Smuts near Westminster Abbey, Oliver and I joked that perhaps someday there would be a statue of us in its stead," he wrote.


Some background on the Communist Murderer Mandela:

It's a huge, huge story that no-one will cover. I'm glad that Hitchens got that damn Albanian hag dead to rights in his book "Sacred Cow" (American title: "The Missionary Position"/ BBC TV special title: "Hell's Angel") but no-one has gathered all the horrors of Mandela together in one place. It's unbelievable. It's like something out of Cambodia.

Funny comments here:


Amnesty International declared in 1985 that "Mandela had participated in planning acts of sabotage and inciting violence, so that he could no longer fulfill the criteria for the classification of political prisoners."

Arafat, Castro, Qaddafi. Without Ted Koppel's June 21 "town meeting" with Mandela, the tour might have escaped controversy completely. Questioners asked Mandela to explain his praise for Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro and Moammar Qaddafi. The questions were prompted by Mandela hailing Castro's Cuba in May: "There's one thing where that country stands out head and shoulders above the rest. That is in its love for human rights and liberty." A week later in Libya, he praised Qaddaf's "commitment to the fight for peace and human rights in the world." These statements, which appeared in The New Republic, were never quoted on the networks when he said them, or when he visited here.

ANC Antics. The networks have repeatedly failed to report recent events that give the Mandela legend a less lyrical ring. When a South African court implicated his wife Winnie in the beating and murder of a 14-year-old, only CNN PrimeNews briefly noted the incident. ABC, CBS and NBC have ignored it. On June 11, ANC members murdered Sipho Phungulwa in apparent retribution for Phulungwa's public allegations that the ANC tortured and killed dissident members. The networks have never mentioned it.

ABC's Don Kladstrup was the only reporter to put Mandela's importance in South Africa in context: "Mandela is not the undisputed leader of all South African blacks." Kladstrup reported that more than six black organizations are fighting apartheid, and interviewed black activists who said "Heaven help us if the ANC takes over here" and "If you do not go along with them, they will run roughshod over you." Kladstrup reported: "Many complain: why does Nelson Mandela talk with President de Klerk, but refuse even to meet with Chief Buthelezi, leader of South Africa's Zulus?"

The networks barely reported Mandela's ABC remarks until Jewish and Cuban groups and print outlets made them an issue, mentioning the controversy in 26 stories. ABC, which taped the Koppel special in the afternoon on June 21, didn't find the remarks worth including in a story on that night's newscast summarizing the "town meeting."


Quite why so many people write about Nelson Mandela in such a hagiographic manner baffles me. This is a man who is going out of his way to give aid and succor to Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, the man convicted of murdering 270 people in the air and on the ground when he blew up a Pan Am Jumbo Jet full of people over Lockerbie, Scotland.


Americans nevertheless have reasons to be skeptical of Mandela. First, Nelson Mandela is not a freedom fighter. He repeatedly has supported terrorism. Since Mandela's release from prison and his subsequent refusal to renounce violence, the Marxist-dominated ANC has launched terrorism and violence against civilians, claiming several hundred lives. Further, the ANC, in which Mandela serves as Deputy President, has tortured and executed its own members when they have refused to tow the party line, a fact Mandela conceded in a press conference on April 14. ANC dissidents who escaped to Kenya in April contend that at least 120 political prisoners are being detained and tor- tured in ANC camps in Angola and Uganda. Because of its support for violence against civilians, Mandela's ANC appropriately was labeled a "terrorist" organization last January in the U.S. Defense Department's Terrorist Group Profiles.

[. . . ]Third, Mandela continues to embrace such pariah nations as Angola,. Cuba, and Libya, raising sig- nificant questions about the foreign policy alliances the ANC might seek should it take power in South Africa. Mandela thanked Muammar Qadhafi this May 18 inTripoli for his "readiness to pro- vide [the ANC] with facilities" and praised Qadhafi's "fight for peace and human rights in the world." Also in May, Mandela lauded Angola's Marxist dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos, saying "we hope that one day we will be as free as you." Remarkably, Mandela recently hailed Marxist Cuba for its "love of human rights and liberty." Finally, though Mandela often was considered the world's most famous political prisoner, leading human rights groups such as Amnesty International never recognized him as such because of his per- sonal involvement in violent activities. Mandela was not jailed because of his political viewpoints. Rather, he was imprisoned in 1962 for possessing explosive devises, which were used in sabotage at- tacks inside South Africa, and for inciting violence. Mandela's violent actions would have resulted in imprisonment in virtually any country of the world.

So far as I can tell, there are four major points of widely-unknown contention. Firstly is the "Church Street Massacre", where bombs were timed to maximize civilian casualties:

Mandela organized the terrorist arm of the ANC, an organization that was trained and bankrolled by the Soviet Union. They remain Stalinist (in the un-figurative sense of theoretically advocating the goals and methods of Stalin, and denouncing and hating all Trotskyites) to this day.

"if you read his own account of his history you will discover that he ADMITS setting up Umkhonto we Siswe ("Spear of the People"), ANC's terrorist arm, and never during his long years in prison did he condemn that organization's acts of indiscriminate terrorism. Moreover, throughout his career Mandela has remained close to regimes actively supporting terrorism - the former Soviet Union, Libya and Cuba."

"Mandela did support violence in the past - a fact that is largely forgotten or trivialized. Indeed, in 1961 he was the founder of Umkhonto we Siswe ("Spear of the People"), ANC's terrorist arm, and never during his long years in prison did he condemn that organization's acts of indiscriminate terrorism. Moreover, throughout his career Mandela has remained close to regimes actively supporting terrorism - the former Soviet Union, Libya and Cuba."

International relations: "The same Mandela who told the Black youth of South Africa to "burn down" their schools has produced a lawless, unemployable generation. Mandela recently travelled to Libya and presented Gaddafi with South Africa's highest military medal."

Wu, China's leading dissident, has denounced Mandela for severing all ties to Taiwan and recognizing China instead.

"When I think of Mandela, I feel very sad," he told WorldNetDaily. "When he became president of South Africa, he abandoned Taiwan and recognized China instead.

Gulag Network: (Quatro camps in Angola are the most notorious)

" The ANC has admitted that torture and "staggering brutality" were committed at their Angolan re-education camps in the 1980s and "could have caused prisoner deaths." In an internal report, the ANC documented 17 eyewitness accounts of detainees who survived the camps. "The ANC routinely violated its own code of conduct with physical and psychological torture," said the report. One detainee has written a book about the camps, which he referred to as "a scene from [the film] 'Spartacus.'" The report - which was authored by two ANC officials and an independent advocate - did not single out any ANC members responsible directly for torture, although it is believed the late ANC activist Chris Hani was involved. Nelson Mandela has refused to apologize for what he said were "inexcusable" violations of human rights during the ANC's terror campaign
against the White-led government. Mandela did, however, admit that torture occurred at ANC prisons and camps, but the report now documents that this
abuse was widespread and far-reaching. Torture and murder occurred not only in Angola, but also in ANC re-education camps in Uganda and Tanzania.

This report was a major embarrassment to the ANC, which had been lionized in the West for its war to end apartheid and install a supposedly democratic government in South Africa. Detainees recounted in the report that they were tortured for disagreeing with Marxist orthodoxy, refusing to carry out bombings of civilians, being accused of spying, questioning ANC policy, or trying to leave the organization altogether. Even the late Joe Slovo, a Lithuanian-born KGB colonel and the main leader of the South African Communist Party through the 1980s and early 1990s, said before his death that "it is possible that people died" in the re-education camps.

The report reads in part:: "The worst conditions were at the Quatro camp in Angola, where guards and medical assistants were universally hostile. The inmates, whether convicted of any offence or not, were denigrated, humiliated and abused, often with staggering brutality. Prisoners were forced to crawl through piles of red ants, thrown down into trenches and then made to crawl out while guards poured dirt into the hole. Others were denied food, water and medical treatment. One prisoner had boiling water poured on his head. His head was then regularly struck against a tree to prevent healing. Prisoners were beaten to force confessions. Some prisoners were executed by firing squads for taking part in mutinies, beaten to death for infractions of military discipline or died of malaria and other illnesses in detention. From the late 1970s until 1991, suspected spies were imprisoned for up to eight years without any hearing, tortured to extract confessions, and beaten with sticks and wires."

There are some remaining unanswered questions about Mandela's incarceration:

"1) Concerning Mandela's jail sentence. The crimes he committed were shamelessly criminal, and included no heroic acts. In fact, it is still a mystery why Percy Yutar (the then state attorney) did not file for murder, but manslaughter instead. Based on the facts it is commonly agreed by legal scholars that Mandela would have been hanged if Yutar filed for murder. You can easily get access to the case and you will find facts that the media, for whatever reason, prefer to ignore. 2) They often show Mandela's cell on Robben Island. That is not where he spent most of his time. He later lived in a house under so-called "arrest". It was comfortable if not luxurious, and most people work every day of their lives for the privilege to live in something not nearly as good as that. Why do they never show photographs of that? 3) What is really mind-boggling is the fact that while he was in the "house jail" he had free access, on account of the S.A. tax-payers, to telephone, fax and other communicating facilities to organize the ANC. That is why he was still the leader when he was "released". 4) You already know of the terrible deeds he ordered for his own people who disappointed him. He has many murders of his own on his hands. 5) He was supposedly in "jail" for 20 or more years. One would expect that he had a negligible income in that time. Yet when he and his wife were divorced about 4 years after his "release" he had to pay her millions in settlement. Where did these millions come from? Who else could earn millions in 4 years from a salaried job after taxes? Obviously something is seriously wrong. You find out where all that money came from and you will discover a lot about Mandela that the press never report. 6) Once he left "jail" (the house the government provided) he moved into a very luxurious home in one of the richest suburbs of Johannesburg. However, he kept a little four-room house in Soweto and pretended to live there. That is where he would interview reporters and where photographs were taken. What a liar and bigot. I cannot believe that the press did not know this. It simply played along to sell this falsehood of a hero and martyr. These are six leads that anyone from S.A. should be able to confirm easily with documentary proof. Mandela is a murderer and a liar. He only lived in "poverty" when it suited him. Just ask where he is presently living. There are very few Whites or other people that can, after a lifetime of working, afford the house he is living in now. Nonetheless, for some reason, I have no reason why, the media are ignoring all of this and misrepresent the actual situation. "

There's another major terrorist attack that Mandela was part of, but I can't find it right now.

Of course, as awful as he is, he's a kitten compared to the current president of S.A. Thabo Mbeki, who grew up memorizing the works of Karl Marx. He has applauded Mugabe's ethnic cleansing of White farmers in Zimbabwe and has turned a blind eye to the similar treatment of South African farmers. Thus, South Africa, now the rape capital of the world (one every 26 seconds, when a moratorium on crime statistics was announced several years ago) will soon become a famine zone as well, like Zimbabwe.

I leave you with a tale that reminds me of a quip by Oscar Wilde: "It would take a man with a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing."

"There is no greater example of this phenomenon than the murder of a white American college student named Amy Biehl of Newport Beach, Calif. She came to South Africa in the early 1990s to work with blacks and help them prepare for the 1994 elections. She was a Fulbright scholar who lived in a black township and generally interacted with the ANC Marxist cadres in a peaceful manner.

In August of 1993, Biehl was attacked by a group of black youths chanting communist slogans like, "One settler [Afrikaner or Boer farmer], one bullet!" Biehl was stabbed innumerable times and had her head bashed open with bricks.

At the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings, Biehl's attackers testified about the event. Three of the four youths who testified finally admitted that they were part of the mob that set upon her. A fourth youth, Vusumzi Ntamo, admitted hurling stones at Biehl's head as she lay dying in a township outside Cape Town.

The youths tried to evade their 18-year jail terms by claiming that the killing was political and not criminal. Ntamo acknowledged that he was too ignorant to understand any political theory.

Biehl's father, Peter, and mother, Linda, appeared at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission trial and actually shook hands with the murderers of their daughter. Mr. Biehl read a poem to the youths before embracing them. Mongezi Manqina -- who admitted he applied the fatal stab wound to Biehl's chest -- wiped away a single tear from his eyes as Mr. Biehl read the poem.

Says Van der Merve, who attended the TRC Hearings on Amy Biehl, "I don't want to be rude or insensitive, as I would have done anything to prevent this killing. But the Biehl family just doesn't get it. They are what Lenin would call the 'useful idiots' of a Marxist revolution. Their own daughter, the girl they raised from a baby to adulthood, was horribly murdered by these animals, and they just shake the hands of the killers. This is the mentality of the liberals."
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No informative thread about Mandela is complete without the infamous footage of him singing a little ditty about killing Whites. Maybe the Brits can add a viewing box featuring this video along with the graven image of their treasured hero.

Part 1

Part 2
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Madela is a perfect symbol of niggerfied England. Bring it on. I don't see the problem here. If anything Mandela represents England better than MLK represents Amerikwa. Enjoy it Englanders. You richly deserve it. If you don't like it do something about it.
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Jett Rink
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Get some pool acid and mark it with something creative.
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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
The wraps will be taken off the statue next Wednesday and will see the likeness of the 89-year-old Nobel laureate stand alongside the figures of former British prime ministers Winston Churchill and Benjamin Disraeli.

I got to say if one is going to erect a statue of a Negro Ex-Con I couldn’t think of anywhere better than between a Jew and a Drunk.

Guess now we can see why they let them take all their guns and pointy knives. Heard they are trying to outlaw private ownership of tools unless the person is a licensed contractor.

All the people who scream hate America propaganda should move there for a month.
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Karl Lueger
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Karl Lueger

England's pretentious delusions of grandeur have blinded them to the simple fact that they are jew-owned and beyond the turning point of being a "nigger nation". The truly astounding thing is that there are people who still believe in "England" as they always imagined it would be, which it never was anyway, but thats the jewish nature, thinking oneself far better than they really are, esp. in comparison to truly great nations like Germany.
Alex summarized the English mentality in a great phrase a while ago, along the lines of.."to IMPLY is the English way". Now the kikes give them a statue of a nigger to worship.
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.
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ha ha ha!...they can whack it along-side the 'statue' of that other POS, Cromwell....the jew-luvvin', race traitor MAGGOT!...most white Brits over the age of, say, 17 r gunna hafta be dispatched post-haste after the Race War!...they are all just too fckn 'jewed' to fit into a New White Imperium...they're pretty much irredemable 'lost causes'!


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Red face

A belated XXXmas present for Nelson Mandela
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O'h well!



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