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Default Any Chance of FWD VoIP Phone Support?

Could you support VoIP phone in's to your radio station? I know you advocate Skype but could you also cater for VoIP? Skype hardware is usually toyish and the other alternative is headphones and mic, and theses lead to poor setups resulting in echo's and other issues. VoIP is usually based on professional and conventional styled phones.

A great free linking serivce is
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Stan Sikorski
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Stan Sikorski

Nice! Sorry it took so long fro me to see this post. I'm going to read up on this as I've seen it mentioned in other places as well. Thanks!
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Yeah, VoIP would seem to be a natural for call-in talk-shows. One essential device for a regular phone to talk-show audio is a hybrid phone patch box. As you may know, Stan, the best digital versions are very pricey. But, the hybrid patch is really not even necessary with IP audio because the incoming and outgoing are already separate. Some level control and mixing is mostly all that is needed. ( RadioShack < $100)

BTW, Skype IS VoIP- proprietary VoIP, just not open standards.

The main standard for VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) is called SIP . Some ~free SIP systems I have used are Sipphone, FWD and Voipbuster as well as more commercial ones. Many of these allow calling through from one system to another, say, call a FWD number from a Sipphone or Damaka number. Conference calls are easy, as well.

For a studio talk-show VoIP set-up, I would use a computer soft phone setup, install an additional sound card (cheap) and dedicate it to VoIP. Let the computer's existing audio do its normal function - no hassle plugging/unplugging. Using a soft phone will keep caller in/out audio completely separate.

Connect and mix so that the host hears studio audio plus caller through headsets. Record/live feed gets the same. The caller gets only studio audio back - never his own audio.
Limbaugh - move over.

On the caller side:

For many (me), doing a phone call with a headset is confining. And, of course, the computer has to be on, too. Here is where an adapter such as the linksys PAP2 comes in. It hooks into your broadband network like another computer. It has a place for 1 or 2 ordinary phones to connect. I plugged in a cordless so I can roam about as I talk for free. I mentioned the PAP2 - the bargains come locked to Vonage Service but may be hacked to use on most any SIP service instead of Vonage. An unlocked one goes for aprox $70 -80. So, if the adventure of hacking one is not worth the difference in price , get this or some other unlocked unit if you want an adapter.
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There is also the free PBX software which in other word is a switch-board for VoIP calls.


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