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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default #1 Leo Frank / ADL Thread

100th Anniversary of Leo Frank Case, 4-26-13

The ADL was founded to prevent a pedophile jew from receiving justice at the hands of Georgia white men.

Everything you could ever want to know about jew Leo Frank:

[only ADL-related material in this thread]

The ADL-at-Large--Working Against the Best Interests of America

U.S. Government Documents Reveal that the U.S. Has Long Known about the ADL's Dishonorable Activities

by Mark Farrell

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has long promoted its image as that of a Civil Rights organization who is merely concerned with furthering the best interests of America. Quite to the contrary, however, the ADL has actually been working to destroy the very fabric of this country through its anti-American activities.

A couple de-classified documents shown here will help expose this very fact.

The ADL's troubling history first began in 1913, when it was formed as an offshoot of B'nai B'rith, which means "Brotherhood of the Chosen" in Hebrew. This B'nai B'rith organization is a Jewish secret society. The reason that B'nai B'rith formed the ADL organization is that the head of its Atlanta-chapter, Leo Frank, was found guilty of murdering a little 12-year-old Christian girl, Mary Phagan; and, many feel, this B'nai B'rith organization wanted to free Frank--for he murdered a non-Jewish girl, which must have been hardly a crime in their eyes for them to work towards this end.

Since those days, the ADL has associated with a lot of characters that many find unsavory, such as mob-boss Meyer Lansky, who was said to be funding many of its activities. Of course, with the ADL's help, he could always complain that his pursuit by law enforcement was simply related to him being Jewish, just another simple case of "anti-Semitism" as they'd say, not related to his illicit and illegal activities, as is always the case. The ADL was also at the forefront of getting Marc Rich, who evaded taxes to the tune of billions of dollars, pardoned by Pres. Clinton on his departure from office. Rich's wife is said to have made some financial donations that helped make the entire process possible.

Throughout the ADL's troubling history, it has been investigated by many people in the government. The ADL's typical response is to suggest that anyone who dares to look into its activities is simply a Jew-hater and other related comments, designed to stifle any opposition. Senator Jack Tenney commissioned a report detailing the ADL's "Anti-Gentile Activity in the United States," which exposed many of the ADL's tactics and how it worked to censor opinions and thoughts it found unfavorable. Robert Williams, an Army Intelligence officer, commissioned a report that also detailed many of the ADL's questionable acts.

Of course, with the ADL's activities, it is fair to say that the ADL itself doesn't help people like Jews. While claiming to promote free speech (the ADL gave pornographer Hugh Heffner its "Torch of Freedom" award), it was also at the forefront in trying to censor Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Additionally, the ADL has reportedly been trying to get such places like Barnes & Noble and to censor anything that it finds objectionable. At Barnes & Noble, the ADL even has little fliers that seem to promote such, though few people bother to view them.

More recently, the ADL has been trying to promote laws that would imprison anyone who dares to contradict Jewish-held beliefs, such as the left-over WWII propaganda around the supposed "Holocaust." Many Jews have argued in the past, without any facts to substantiate it, that 6 million Jews died at Auschwitz alone. (Actual figures taken from the International Red Cross put the number of Jews who died in all German concentration camps at about 375,000--to which many Jewish groups counter that the Red Cross is merely "anti-Semitic.") The ADL has been successful with its activities in various foreign countries such as Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia and elsewhere; and, after the Jews at the ADL helped to make Thought Crimes a reality, one individual in Canada was recently convicted in court for saying that "maybe only 5.5 million Jews died in WWII, not 6 million."

As is often the case, many Christians are offended by the ADL's activities. Notwithstanding the ADL's attempts to censor Gibson's "Passion of the Christ," the ADL has also worked to remove the traditional associations of Christmas, removing "Christ" from "Christmas" and making it become simply X-mas. Further, the ADL has often promoted the acceptance of homosexuality in society, which many moral citizens find objectionable.

The ADL has also engaged in numerous illegal activities in its past, such as when it illegally obtained information from the San Francisco Police Department about various groups or individuals it didn't like and was monitoring. The ADL has also recently lost a million-dollar lawsuit, as a result of the ADL illegally sharing private information it had obtained from a phone conversation in which it was not a party. Coming from an organization that had long associated with mob boss Meyer Lansky, none of this should be too surprising, however.

Throughout all this, those people who are knowledgeable in the U.S. government have been keeping the ADL at arm's length. The ADL has been seemingly working in conjunction with AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (which recently had its two former heads indicted for passing Classified information to Israel in a scandal that is shocking Washington-insiders); and there is no doubt that the ADL's covert use of money has a significant impact on elected officials.

Many in the FBI--and even the Civil Rights Commission--have long recognized the ADL's activities. An excellent example of this is a letter shown here. Mr. Dore Schary, the National Chairman of the ADL, had once invited J. Edgar Hoover to attend one of its banquets. Hoover responded nicely, as one might expect of someone who is professional. Hoover wrote:

"I received your letter of December 19th inviting me to attend the dinner . . .

"While I certainly appreciate the kind invitation, a prior commitment already confirmed precludes my attendance. I regret I cannot give you a favorable response but want to extend my best wishes for a successful affair."

However, on the letter itself which was kept in the FBI's archives, it demonstrated that the FBI was well aware of Schary's questionable activities. It stated:

"NOTE: Mr. Schary is a Hollywood producer who is well known to the Bureau. He has never been investigated but Bufiles [FBI files] reflect that he has been a member of, or sponsor of, contributed to, or was in other ways affiliated with a number of organizations cited as CP [Communist Party] front groups or which have been designated as subversive pursuant to EO 10450."

The U.S. Civil Rights Commission has also duly noted how the ADL has twisted facts to make its claims. To say that the ADL exaggerates statements, most likely in an effort to raise funds from its rank-and-file, is probably the understatement of the century. Of course, it must be recognized that while the ADL itself claims to be a Civil Rights group, it does not allow non-Jews to hold prominent positions in its organization.

Even in the ADL's reports that it submits to the government, with the hope that those working for it will not realize its not-so-hidden agenda and be impressed with its thinly veiled propaganda, the Civil Rights Commission was still taken aback. Paul Alexander, the Acting General Counsel of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, commented on the ADL Report. In this letter, which is also shown here, he said:

"...The ADL Report is rank with epithets and labels that only serve to distort the factual accountings....

"The liberal use of hyperbolic epithets throughout the ADL draft sets a tone that probably precludes correction through simple, adjectival laundering. The alleged inaccuracies and misrepresentations noted by the respondents present very serious problems. . . . It is doubtful the report could survive the normal process of a source-check as there does not appear to be sufficient data to support the allegations."

In essence, the ADL Report has been simply recognized as propaganda--nothing more--though people in the government are often much too kind and professional to simply call it that. The letter continues and notes that the "ADL files" probably include "hearsay, unverified interview notes, analyses of incidents based on newspapers, information provided by confidential sources, and so on." The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights felt that if it were to publish a report like the ADL Report, it "could seriously undermine the agency's reputation for fairness and objectivity."

There can be little doubt that the ADL is working in its own selfish interests to further propaganda that most Americans find deplorable. It is working to promote many activities that people generally find immoral, such as homosexuality and pornography, while simultaneously promoting censorship of things that the ADL finds objectionable, such as Christianity or historical scholarship aimed at left-over WWII propaganda. The ADL has long engaged in illegal activities to this end, and has often associated with people who can be described, at best, as unsavory characters. It has promoted its propaganda at every turn.

Help put an end to the ADL's activities. Write to your Congressman and Senators and demand that they investigate its activities. Tell him that you want the ADL's financiers revealed, and are concerned about the ADL's money-trail leading to a foreign country. Tell him that you dislike the ADL's promotion of immoral activities, nor do you want the ADL to be successful in suppressing your First Amendment rights. Tell him you stand firmly against the recent ADL-sponsored bill that would censor Americans from criticizing the ADL's activities.

Make a choice: Take a stand now and voice your discontent, or be silenced by the ADL later.

Last edited by Alex Linder; April 12th, 2013 at 01:44 AM.

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