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Bread and Circuses
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jewsign Teaching Whites about Jews

I discuss my attempts to teach whites about Jews & also give examples of self-serving Jewish stories that are passed around to make people believe they are victims. Jews want everyone to believe they are victims.

JEWS 101: This is based on an email I wrote to a retired senior military officer I know, who is also a Christian. I tried, in a very short way to explain to him that the Jewish Question is not only real, but massive.

This is a comparison of telling the Truth as a survival strategy, versus telling Lies as a survival strategy. It compares White people with Jews. Also: Little-known info about Napoleon's actions against the Jews.

I analyse the Slippery nature of Jews. They are extremely hard to catch out. Also, we look at the whole act; the big lie & how the Jews assist each other in their scams.

What comes out of the mouths of Jews may shock you...

Here I discuss the topic of Secret Jews, hidden Jews - with a specially close look at Pope Francis and Angelina Jolie.

Excerpt from Interview with Monica Stone about our experiences with Jews as backstabbers. The two-faced nature of Jews, feigning friendship & knowing ALL their interactions with other people will come to a ROTTEN END!

The Jews have a strategy whereby they can trick entire markets along with intellectuals and the rich. Through a group approach the Jews can totally monopolize an entire market. Does the Jewish moon-based religion also come in handy as a secret means of coordinating Jewish financial strategies?

In my commentary I discuss Ancient Jewish lies. This is followed by a full copy of the 1940 German documentary: The Eternal Jew.
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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Nate Higgers
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Nate Higgers

Der Ewige Jude is an excellent portrayal of what the kikes are really like and there are strong parallels between 1940 Europe and modern day America that shows that the nation wreckers have not changed a bit.

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Tyrone White
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Tyrone White

I'm sure everyone has their "red pill moment". This one was mine:

Click image for larger version

Name:	cnn_jews.jpg
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Size:	2.17 MB
ID:	10263

The goal of red-pilling as many white people as possible is something that everyone should be thinking and talking about. Sharing "what works", etc... For me, all the text and talk etc... were merely "preparatory" for the moment when I actually saw a graphic depiction of disproportionate Jewish representation. There were too many Jews for it to merely be a cohencidence. That was the final straw that cracked my conditioning.

There's another image I also think is important, as it's a good first step in thinking about race realism.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Heimbach_Bell.jpg
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Size:	15.4 KB
ID:	10264

I modified the meme over a year ago to illustrate my own personal theory that there is a correlation between collectivism and low-IQ. The Heimbach mention was added later, when I repurposed the meme during a spat over the whole Heimbach "affair". It was a single-purpose meme and I no longer feel this way now (as an aside). I'm posting it here to show how the fundamental meme of comparing the IQ Bell Curves can be used first to make the larger point that high-functioning people need less government and can be trusted to have more freedom, while the opposite is the case as you move towards the left side of the Bell Curve, and then second you can take that "modified meme" and adapt it for a specific, tactical task when you are in the heat of battle. But it's all built around the fundamental idea that differences in racial IQ exist, and have real world, sociological consequences.

It also addresses the idea that "NAXALT". Most text is very linear, meaning sequential, and yet the sociological realities are multi-dimensional. It's very difficult to describe these multidimensional realities in the linear format of text, and it's even more difficult to get people to read them, and remember. However a graphic like this tells a lot of the story with very little effort. Exposing people to this graphic as often as possible should be incorporated into an overall strategy of red-pilling white people, as the science behind it is irrefutable (Jordan Peterson), and the consequences of that reality are obvious once you understand and accept the science.

I think the larger point here is that memes are not only effective, but that some memes are more effective than others. Here's another highly-effective meme that is almost impossible to forget once you apprehend the truth of the message:

Click image for larger version

Name:	civil.jpg
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ID:	10265

These are three of what I consider to be my most effective memes. Posting them here on the chance that they are useful to someone else.

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The Diary of Anne Frank is a Fraud

by Robert Faurisson

Is The Diary of Anne Frank genuine? For two years that question was included in the official syllabus “Text and Document

Criticism,” a seminar reserved for degreed students in their fourth year. The conclusion of my studies and research is that

The Diary of Anne Frank is a fraud.

Kristallnacht, or in English, the “Night of Broken Glass is a Jew Fraud – by Hoff

And it’s easy to prove that it’s a jew false flag operation. What we are told is that a jew, Grynzpan walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot the embassy secretary Ernst von Rath.
The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?


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