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Angry Slowly but steadily ALL cities in the western world are filled with Negroes

. . not just in the USA . . . And . .they take their 'ghetto'-culture with them. .

What once began in the USA as 'black ghetto culture' they are now exporting worldwide . .

'Black ghettos' are developing in practically every major city in the west . . .

( this is a subject of interest for me lately since my wife is currently doing a 2 weeks vacation trip through some European cities and she tells of her experiences there . .)

When having thought of 'black ghettos' in the past most people thought of the USA . .

Yet today they are developing EVERYWHERE . . .

Tons of Africans arrive on Europe's shores every day . .

Wherever the black man sets foot into the West he brings crime and violence with him . .

The number of blacks in the West outside the USA sure has grown so high recently that practically every major European metropole has its 'black ghetto' now . .

Wow . .

You know . . I always felt sorry for our American brothers for having to deal with such a large black population on a daily basis . .

I suppose Europe is next . .

3 rings for the Commies up on could nine . . Seven for the anifa in their bunkers of stone . 9 for SJWs doomed to die. One for the Aryan lord . . One ring to defeat all antis . and with the truth blind them


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