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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Susan Prose Lies about Matt Hale

In her Oppositions Summary, Susan Prose tells literally 147 pages of lies on both Matt and Creativity, and also the wrongdoing of the Fed Bureau of Prisons.

Among the lies are that Creators are a 'violent' org of terrorists, and that it is not a religion with a set of ethos other than White Supremacy.

Not true, as there is a whole code of conduct within the religion, and not true on Matt being leader of, or director of, any violence or acts of terror.

Many more lies about their conduct re his mail, the diet being 'not required' so therefore Matt should not consider it a necessary part of his religion and be fed slop, etc.

It is a PDF and I can't upload the whole thing, but if you want to read it and include your objections to it in a Declaration Summary for Matt, please write to Matt's mom and get on her mailing list:

[email protected]
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier


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