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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Alison Chabloz (UK)

Alison Chabloz "My Song is Not A Crime" Heads Back to Court in the U.K. in October

LONDON, ENGLAND. Friday, June 23, 2017 In court this morning, the original charge brought privately against me by Mr Faultfinder of the Campaign Against Britons Having The Right To Freedom Of Expression In Their Own Land was dropped.

Court was then briefly suspended, allowing the Crown Prosecution Service to finally serve me with, wait for it, not two but FOUR charges of causing 'gross offence' in two songs featured in a YouTube video (not uploaded by me) which I shared on one of my blogs.

Back on bail until October 25th when the legal arguments regards whether simply sharing a hyperlink constitutes 'sending' or 'causing to be sent' an offensive message under the Communications Act will be heard.

In short, I have been charged with committing offences for which the prosecution has no evidence. Cyber experts will now be called in to explain clearly the functioning of YouTube and sharing of hyperlinks and embed codes.

My original accusers will be upset that Judge Zani banned the press from publishing my address - with a severe caution of being in contempt of court if they do. However, I must alert my solicitor if I stay anywhere other than my official address for a period of more than ten days. Any offers of accommodation for nine days would be most welcome ;-)

This could and probably will drag on for months to come. The mainstream press aren't likely to say much as the British people don't appreciate the idea of freedom of speech being under threat.

With huge thanks to those who made the trip today in order to lend their support. -- Alison Chabloz
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Mick Walker
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Mick Walker

Alison is on my friends list on VK, Jewbook as well until they blocked me.I have made a few posters about her and for her i E-mail her every couple of weeks... A fine Lady.


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