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Robert Bandanza
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Default Frank Brunner (Switzerland)

Posted on: 2009-03-29 03:52:34

Swiss Journalist Frank Brunner was jailed in Geneva, Switzerland, for having criticized the Jews on its website He was kept from March 5 until March 13 in prison in Geneva.

Brunner had been shocked by the atrocities committed by the Israeli army in Gaza -- and applauded by many Jews worldwide. Brunner had published his feelings about Jewish horrors on his website.

The Swiss police arrested Brunner on March 5 after he was accused by Jewish hate group CICAD of criticizing the Jews. The hate group is led by Jewish attorney Philippe Grumbach.

It is forbidden by law to criticize the Jews in Switzerland since Jewish minister Dreyfus had a anti-free-speech law adopted in 1995.

Brunnerís website was locked upon CICADís orders. However, on March 13, Brunner was freed after it came out that he had actually done not one of the things that the Jewish haters pretended.

And now, happily, Brunner is counter-attacking. On March 24, he sued the Jewish hate group CICAD for having been harassed, defamed and wrongly denounced.

anti-free speech, frank brunner, jewish, judaic law


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