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Jerry Abbott
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Jerry Abbott
Default Four of my posts that were recently censored from Facebook

Here are four of my posts that were recently censored from Facebook.

Censored post 1.

I've been catching up on the alt-media presentations on YouTube, BitChute, and elsewhere. An overall picture can be put together, and I'll summarize it as follows:

Americans had better be damned happy that Donald Trump won the Presidential election in 2016, because, if Hillary Clinton had been our president now the United States would be full-on Soviet Union style Marxist repression.

Even with Trump as president, white men who committed no crime have been sent to prison for defending themselves and each other from violent leftists and from violent blacks.

Judges have looked at evidence videos — and then lied about what those videos revealed, in order to exonerate blacks who were guilty of aggravated assault. One of the blacks who were so improperly acquitted was DeAndre Harris.

Biased juries have been created for the purpose of convicting white defendants of inflated criminal charges. A white man who might, perhaps, have been reasonably charged with negligent (vehicular) homicide was convicted of first degree murder by such a biased jury in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Attorneys have been credibly accused of sabotaging the defense of their own clients, when those clients were white nationalists.

Imagine how much worse things would be, if Hillary Clinton had been elected President of the United States in 2016. Yes, things are bad anyway. But at least we have in Donald Trump a president who won't actively take part in the evil perpetuated by Marxist leftists both in and out of government. Hillary, when she was well enough to function, would have been a Stalin.

Censored post 2.

In Houston, Texas, yesterday, after the press had been blaming "a white man" for four days for the murder of a black girl named Jazmine Barnes, the police arrested the killer— and he's a black man.

The blacks, the leftists, the Jews... they will do this every time.

Do you remember the Beltway Sniper (2002)? For weeks, the blacks, the leftists, the Jews were telling us all that the shooter was "a white man in a white van." Then it turned out that the shooters were two black men driving around in a Chevrolet car.

Do you remember the Atlanta Child Murderer (1982)? The blacks were saying it must be a white racist who was killing black children in the city. Then it turned out to be a black man named Wayne Williams.

But they'll blame whites every time that they think that they can get away with it. Tawana Brawley was a liar. Crystal Gail Mangum was a liar. The blacks lied about George Zimmerman, too — fortunately, the jury saw through those lies.

The FBI crime statistics say that in 2015 there were 498950 black-on-white crimes and 88050 white-on-black crimes (combined violent crimes and property crimes). The ratio of black crimes to white crimes was 5.667. The white to black population ratio, in the United States, is five. Therefore, the typical black is about 28 times more likely to commit a crime against a white person, as compared with the typical white committing a crime against a black person.

When considering violent crimes alone, apart from property crimes, we get a similar picture. When the interracial violent crimes from 2012 through 2015 are totaled, there were 540873 black-on-white violent crimes, but only 92706 white-on-black violent crimes. Blacks perpetrated 5.834 times more violent crimes against whites than whites did against blacks. The typical black was 29 times more likely to commit a violent attack on a white victim, as compared with the reverse.

Blacks are far, far more criminal-minded than are whites.

In case you're curious:

The typical mestizo "Hispanic" is 10.0 times more likely to attack a white victim, as compared with the reverse.

The typical black is 3.62 times more likely to attack a mestizo "Hispanic," as compared with the reverse.

A black is 15 times more likely than a white to be a member of a gang.

A mestizo "Hispanic" is 14 times more likely than a white to be a member of a gang.

Censored post 3.

If you missed it, Serena Williams chimped out during a US Women's Open tennis match. Her coach tried to give her advice (coaching), which is against the rules of that particular venue of the game. The umpire, per the rules, gave Serena Williams a mild penalty, a warning, for this first violation.

Serena Williams completely lost her composure and began ranting at the umpire. After losing a point to her opponent, Naomi Osaka, Williams slammed her racquet down on the court, which was another violation of the rules. The umpire accordingly gave Williams a point penalty for this second violation.

Serena Williams seemed to go crazy. She heaped verbal abuse and insults on the umpire, and called him a thief. The umpire accordingly gave Williams a game penalty for this third violation.

Serena Williams lost the match. Now she's saying that she was standing up for the rights of women against injustice, or some such thing.

Censored post 4.

Remember that when we compare races, we are comparing averages, or rather distributions that have means and standard deviations. We aren't comparing their individual members.

As a rule, whites are superior to blacks in intelligence. There are certain blacks who are smarter than a fraction of the white race. But the average white is smarter than is the average black.

The fraction, f, of a race having an average IQ of x̄ and a standard deviation in IQ of σ, which is above the minimum IQ of μ.

f(μ) = [σ√(2π)]⁻¹ ∫(μ,∞) exp{ −[(x−x̄)/σ]²/2 } dx

Taking advantage of the normal distribution's symmetry, we make it more easily integrable.

f(μ,x̄,σ) = ½ − [σ√(2π)]⁻¹ ∫(x̄,μ) exp{ −[(x−x̄)/σ]²/2 } dx

You can avoid integrating the probability density function if you have a handy error function to call.

f(μ,x̄,σ) = 1 − ½ { 1 + erf [(μ−x̄)/(σ√2)] }

For whites, x̄ = 102.2 and σ = 14.1
For blacks, x̄ = 85.0 and σ = 13.0

Let's suppose that an employer is hiring people to do a kind of work that requires an IQ of at least 130 for satisfactory performance: μ=130.

For whites, f(130, 102.2, 14.1) = 0.024325861
For blacks, f(130, 85.0, 13.0) = 0.000268549

Let's further suppose that the employer's place of business is in a demographically average part of the United States, where whites outnumber blacks by a ratio of five. We'll assume that everyone in the area submits an application and that everyone in the area takes an IQ test as a condition for having his application considered by the employer.

We can see that one white in each 41 whites will qualify for the job.
We can see that one black in each 3724 blacks will qualify for the job.

An average white will be 90.6 times more likely to be qualified for the job on the basis of measured intelligence, as compared with the average black.

Since there are five times more whites in the area than blacks, we can expect that the employer, were he to use no racism whatsoever, would hire about 453 times more whites than blacks.

Of course, being generally too stupid to do these calculations, not to mention being racist themselves, black advocacy groups will accuse the employer of racism. But they will be wrong. And no informed person should take those accusations seriously, because they are wrong.

IQ tests measure the ability of a person to solve problems for which intelligence is the primary advantage for success. Intelligence is exhibited by accomplishment.

However, beware of claims of accomplishment. Blacks often lie about the so-called inventions and discoveries and credentials of blacks in history. No, they didn't invent the electric street light. No, they didn't invent peanut butter. No, they didn't invent the gas mask. No, they didn't invent the refrigerator. Whereas a black person found a way to make these things, they were inferior copies of inventions that whites had already made.
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It was a little unrealistic to think you could get away with posting math.
Just one of those post contains more words than all of my FB posts combined. That's probably how I've not been banned. Still, it's a bit embarrassing that my account hasn't been deleted...yet. The censorship is so bad it's left little of substance on the site.
卐 White ⊕ Power 卐
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Jew Book just told me this:
"This post goes against our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity"

My response:
"It's a Led Zeppelin song. What the hell is wrong with you people?"

This is the video I posted in response to whomever. I don't even remember.

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

Why are you guys still using Jewbook?
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor


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