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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Jeff

18 JAN 07

Hail Jeff! Thanks for your letter of 15 JAN 07 & the Celtic motif. That’s what I call high-quality stationery! I’m glad your zoggies let you receive my mailing to you. Nice zoggies!

Apparently, Romans used to say: “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

The Roman writer, Tacitus, describes their conquest of the British Isles. He characterized Rome at its imperial zenith, as ever-expanding & ever-enslaving. The Romans enslaved their conquered peoples by chains & by decadence, according to Tacitus’ observations.

Rome had to expand or die, & its hunger for territory, both occupied or controlled by Rome, was insatiable. As it turned out, by analogy, Rome died of over-eating & acute indigestion as it incorporated aliens who could destabilize the empire from within, but could not defend it from outside invaders.

As I understand, Rome’s capital was conquered, not by foreign armies, but by foreign immigrants whom a degenerate, Christinsane Roman regime let into its capital city, Rome itself.

The USA has been a copy of Rome from the beginning: as Tacitus said, Rome was ruled on behalf of the rich (bastards), & so it remained until its end.

Rome’s rich rulers saw independent peoples as free-roaming cattle, i.e. as meat on the hoof, wealth for rounding up, herding & slaughter.

This is how jews see Goyim, in the Roman manner, as potentially useful animals to be exploited for profit, as declared by jewish prophets.

One writer concluded that “Rome perished for lack of Romans,” for Rome’s expansion took in too many aliens to absorb & the Romans were not reproducing, largely for the same reasons that Whites are not reproducing in formerly White countries: children interfere with individuals’ fun & profit, in our judeo-capitalist society. Just ask any ‘career woman.’

The USA began as a republic of the rich who wanted Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order), so it was also an empire of corruption, even in its vigor.

The USA seems designed to go the way of Rome, especially if our Zionist Occupation Government gets what it appears to want, at our expense.

One Freemason said, that’s why the pyramid on The Great Seal of the USA is unfinished & is occupied by the Evil Eye on its apex.

In other words, the USA is a launching pad for the Jew World Ordure; a mere means, & not an end in itself; a steppingstone & not a residence; a globalist business address of the sort one finds in tiny Liechtenstein, whose main ‘industry’ appears to be P.O. Boxes for offshore companies.

The situation which I describe in this Land of ZOG is not abstraction, nor speculation. It is observation.

The big Mexican nationalist parade which tied up most of Yakima in May of 2006 was fact, not fancy, & is indeed The Shape of Things to Come.

El Presidente Bush wants his North American Union: Political & economic unification of Canada, USA & Mexico. With NAFTA, economic unification has been achieved.

The USA’s border remains unguarded & 2 U.S. border guards have been arrested & incarcerated for daring to capture a Mexican drug-smuggler.

Bush also wants to adopt a new currency for his new, jew state: the amero, not the dollar. This will allow the kosher banksters to slip out of any financial obligations they may have been unable to avoid so far, & it will transfer any wealth remaining to U.S. & Canadian sheeple for the temporary benefit of the impoverished mestizos of Mexico. Such a deal!

Back in ‘dear old’ Communist East Germany, people told me about the periodic ‘currency reforms.’

Germans tend to be hard workers, so some would moonlight after their regular jobs in order to earn more judeo-commie currency.

But these were ‘underground’ jobs or ‘black’ jobs, which the kosher commie regime disliked. So it was policy to call in all currency on a surprise basis.

The people would suddenly be informed that they’d better hoof it to their local bank to exchange their ‘old’ marks for new ones. Otherwise their hard-earned money would be worthless after a certain date.

Imagine that you had earned money beyond your official income. You’d have to buy goods, for you could not turn it in at the bank. That would reveal that you’d committed tax-evasion on unreported income.

Say that you could account for your money, but the bank would not give you new marks on par for your old ones: you’d receive fewer new marks, so the currency reform was also a tax for the commie government. Such a deal!

We can just imagine all the sheenie-scams Bush’s kosher bankster cronies could cook up in the formation of The North American Union!

Bush says he talks directly to The Big Sky Jew, so he may aspire to becoming a Roman god-emperor, & not just a mere president.

Certainly, if a new state is formed, Bushy may think he could be its ‘presidente’, as U.S. term limits would no longer apply.

The N.A.U. would finally be a real banana republic, which could grow its own bananas in Mexico! Up ‘til now, the USA has been a banana republic which had to import its bananas. Oy veh.

Don’t be too surprised if things have changed dramatically when you relocate.

All the best & ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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