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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Mike

8 DEC 05

Dear Mike [---]: Congratulations on your royal status!

It was great to receive your cogent, trenchant, concise & pithy letter plus enclosures, as always.

Bush is indeed a scary psychopath, our own version of Caligula. As you observe, as well as others, he has been a demented puppet, although he probably doesn’t know it, & if he ever strays from ZIONIST policy, thinking he is more important than he is, I’m sure the carpet will be pulled swiftly from under his feet.

If there had been an election to choose the captain of The Titanic, I’m sure the voters would have chosen Bush, whose Zionist backers, the “neo-cons”, were sure he’d steer into the iceberg, at full speed.

I wonder what the majority of Bush’s voters were thinking. As for me, I figured he’d get us into a major disaster, which seems to be the only way in which Whites will focus their dim minds, for time is not on our side.

Thanks for the “Dylan” poem, which was an outcome of his Christian phase, for Robert Zimmerman, his real jew name, became a “Christian” for the making of one album, as I recall, in the western/country/gospel genre. After that venture, he resumed being “Dylan”.

Considering its author, “Masters of War”, is a great poem, which adequately describes the jew bankster-war-mongers.

In this regard, your excellent observations & analyses of “Larry” in “Curb your Enthusiasm” are quite germane to the Jewish Dilemma, as I call it.

“Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” come to mind, as well as the old joke about the jew electrician who wires a Catholic church, after which he uses the baptismal font to wash his hands & face.

The priest says: “You’ve just baptised yourself, no now you’re a Christian!”

The jew doesn’t know what to make of this, so he goes home to tell his wife, but she immediately assails him with his alleged shortcomings.

Then he goes up to his son’s room to tell him what happened at work, but the son snaps for him to go away, so he can study for his law exam.

He goes to his daughter’s room & gets turned away, since she’s preparing for an important date with a young jewish lawyer.

The father goes downstairs, musing: “I’ve been a Christian for almost one hour, & already, I’m beginning to hate the jews!”

“Curb your Enthusiasm” is not so much a comedy as it is a sermon on jewish morality. I hope you can catch a copy of the show.

It’s as trenchant as “The Eternal Jew” of the Third Reich & “Jud Suess”, which is even more effectively educational for Goyim, since “Curb your Enthusiasm” is all kosher!

Yes, the ZOG is fond of its numerology, so “06-06-06” may be the chosen date for “something big.” Thanks for pointing that out!
As you know, Christian Armageddonists crave the ‘end of the world’, ever since Reagan was in office, if not before, on behalf of Zionism, for by giving the jews & their Satan what they want, the Christian Armageddonists believe that they will hasten the end of the world & The Second Coming (actually the third!).

However, a righteous jew, Israel Shamir, wrote that “those who serve Satan on behalf of Jesus will go where the Anti-Christ goes”. How blasphemous for such “Christians” to attempt to hurry Jesus’ Return!

“Curb your Enthusiasm” would make even a devout atheist feel sorry for jews, who dwell in a hell of their own making. It would also teach Goyim to avoid jews, in order to prevent them from sharing their hells with us!

David McCalden wrote in his “Exiles from History” that the essence of Judaism is the imposition of a “guilt-trip”, first on its believers, then upon everybody else who can be gulled by them. First, fear, then guilt, then exploitation.

Other religions have used the same tactics. Some religions want to capture their believers’ hearts & minds, but the Aztecs only wanted the hearts!

Aztec priests did not require belief, just participation, so we can’t call them bigots. It’s the only form of birth control ever practiced by Mexicans.

I recently read a damning indictment of FEDZOGUSA’s anti-American role in post-Hiroshima atomic tests & later, Agent Orange poisoning of everyone in Vietnam, U.S. personnel included.

The book is entitled “GI Guinea Pigs” by Uhl & Ensign. This book was purged from the local public library after it became “unkosher”, now that we are being poisoned by ZOG in Iraq, ever since Bush One’s “Gulf War Massacre” & now, Bush Two’s Iraq occupation on behalf of Israel.

One fellow asked “Where have all the peaceniks gone?” The jew peace activists seem noticeable by their absence in our Middle East conflicts. Cui bono?

“Congo-Liza” Rice’s denials of ZOG torture policies make good material for a text on the use of English to avoid answering questions.

Now she says “democracies aren’t perfect”, (in terms of condoning torture). The same goes for dictatorships. We’d all like to avoid the use of torture, but we aren’t perfect; but I thought that’s what distinguished democracies from dictatorships!

Now, maybe “Congo” could explain how “democracies” & “dictatorships” are different, so we could understand why we use military force to impose “democracy” on unwilling peoples.

I seem to recall that we justified our earlier imperialist conquests in terms of bringing civilization to the ‘benighted savages’.

So tell us about “The White Man’s Burden,” “Congo”! Been there, done that & it’s all B.S.

All the best & ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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