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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Kevin

7 SEP 07

Hail Kevin! Many thanks for your letter & enclosures of 28 AUG 07.

Maybe Sean is winding down, although the Brits say that a bad penny will always come back in change. He is one sour griper who usually engineers his fiascos, so he can complain about them.

According to Sean, life done ‘im wrong, & all the people he knows, including the ones to whom he complains. Sean must be

(1) A victim of a global conspiracy or

(2) A victim of himself.

You don’t need my permission to write to Ron McVan. I enclose one of his essays with some artwork. I don’t know where he finds time to answer correspondence, write essays, do artwork & play in a band. His trade name is Sons of Albion, which appears on his enclosed essay on Heroism.

Poor David Lane! I think receiving letters from Sean would be quite an additional punishment.

Covington claims to be one of David’s foremost writers, which is par for him as an infiltrator. His contact with another Order P.O.W., Richard Kemp, may have made mucho mischief for THOR INK, another publisher in Butte, MT, who knows Ron.

Covington advocates terrorism. This is sufficient for him & all his correspondents to be grabbed by ZOG, according to public statements made by FBI Director Mueller. Such ZOG stings have occurred in the past, but most blightwingers are not interested in possibilities nor in precedents.

ZOG plays fast & loose with its definitions re “terrorism,” “co-conspiracy” & “illegal combatants.” The Padilla Case & that of The Liberty City 7 are warnings to all but the blightwing.

Money is a major nexus for ZOG-use in accusing Buyers, Sellers & Donors of being all 3, so Covington’s advocacy of terrorism in his NPA letter mailed to me would serve to implicate anyone who even corresponds with him, in addition to those who do business with his.

I wonder what Tom Metzger did to inherit Sean. Such a deal! The blightwing is hopeless but not serious.

Our foremost problem is anti-White Whites, just as Brian’s problem is living in anti-Irish Ireland, where he must make alliances with allegedly pro-White Poles. His latest letter refers.

I pointed out to him that Tom N[---], who allegedly has money, will not do because he has means, & those who would do have no means or very little. This appears to be the rule in White politics.

One correspondent said that all the Ostensible Whites he knew wanted to be jews or niggers. I guess the “Orish” have similar tendencies.

As a child, I enjoyed playing pirates & cowboys, but I really had no desire to BE one. Even as a kid, I could distinguish between games & realities. Neither a pirate nor a cowboy has a mother to feed, clothe & shelter him, so I knew when I had a good deal.

When I visited India in 1966, chiefly in Bombay or Mumbai, I was impressed both by its squalid crowding & by its diversity. I saw a gang of wogs, all of the same color & similar genetic backgrounds, but with different loyalties, different identities & different customs.

The Hindus had some 36 castes, as I recall, which were divided roughly into upper & lower castes.

Castes were indicated by varna or color. The darkest Hindus were likely to be of the lower castes & their jobs were dirtier & harder than those of the higher castes.

A harijan is, I understand, a member of the lowest of the low castes, & higher caste Indians are not supposed to be touched even by the shadow of a harijan.

So the Hindus have their diversity in India, but so, too, do the Sikhs, Parsees, Moslems, Christians & jews, plus the foreigners!

These groups live in their separate communities, who consider the members of other communities as obstacles, aliens & potentially hostile.

I had a feeling that Bombay was living on a tenuous truce which could break into violence at any moment.

The best way to bring about violence would be to enforce the sharing of livingspace, so that no group could live according to its separate social values. Such enforced diversity would prompt large-scale riots, as brought about the separation of Pakistan from India in 1947, after the Brits pulled out.

FEDZOGUSA wants to impose such diversity on the U.S. population, so ZOG apparently wants to cause diversity-disorders here, on behalf of its old divide & rule tactics.

Iraq was always divided, but neither the Brits nor the Amerizoglings can rule it. The same applies to Afghanistan.

Ancient peoples can be primitive in gadgetry, but they are very smart when it comes to diplomacy & politics. Consider what the jews have achieved in Goylands of European extraction!

One observer noted that jews use ‘universalism’ on behalf of their tribalism: “You Goyim be individual all-stars in the game, & we’ll be team members. Such a good deal for us!” Let’s hear the Goy Cheer, loud & clear: “DUUUH!” Ah, such good Goyim.

I’m glad Brian retrieved his computer, which is likely to be loaded up with spyware.

A jew has been arrested recently for massive file-sharing identity thefts. Jews & niggers are clever at using White Man’s technology for criminal purposes. Now, that’s diversity!

All the best. ORION!



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Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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