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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Toeben

Holocaust 'revisionist' Fredrick Toben fights bankruptcy proceedings
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This shows how spiteful the kikes are.I know Dr Toeben from some years ago.Nice man,someone you wouldnt call an 'extremist' but this does not stop the kikes from their vendetta against those that speak the truth.
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Nice guy Fredrick Toben. If I win the lottery I'll cut him a check. An award for contributing to world peace and understanding.
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alex revision
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alex revision

Toben sues for being called a Holocaust denier

FREDRICK Toben claims the Holocaust is a lie – yet he has launched defamation proceedings against federal Greens leader Senator Christine Milne, The Australian editor Clive Mathieson and journalist Christian Kerr for, among other things, calling him a Holocaust denier.

The action is in response to a June 21 article in The Australian headlined “Split in Greens over Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben”, published after Toben was invited and then disinvited from a pro-Palestinian fundraiser by NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge.

Senator Milne confirmed to The AJN that she had received Toben’s Statement of Claim.

“I am organising a legal team and will defend the claim,” she said.

Kerr also confirmed that The Australian had been notified of the action.

Among the defamatory imputations in Toben’s Statement of Claim are that “the Plaintiff fabricated history”, “the Plaintiff is a Holocaust denier” and “the Plaintiff is an anti-Semite” and “has a racist Jewish agenda”.

“The Plaintiff has been greatly injured in his character, credit, business, personal and professional reputation and has been brought into public hatred, ridicule and contempt,” it says.

Yet, in the Adelaide Institute Newsletter No. 605 February 2012 Toben wrote: “The most *comprehensively developed recent historical lie – the Holocaust-Shoah lie, which states that during World War Two Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers – still stands because it is set in legal concrete and it serves well those individuals who see Germans as a threat to their economic existence.”

In October 2000, a Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission found that material contained on Toben’s website “consistently presents Jews as a group of people who are engaged in a manipulation of the truth or an attempt to conceal or pervert the truth in order to obtain political, economic and other power”.

The matter is currently listed for the Supreme Court of NSW for July 29, 2013.

The Australian editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell did not answer The AJN’s calls.
Old December 20th, 2013 #5
alex revision
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alex revision

Holocaust denialists back calls for reform of Australia's race hate laws

Australia's leading Holocaust denial group has backed the Abbott government's intention to water down the nation's race-hate laws.

The Adelaide Institute, founded by convicted Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben, says section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and other laws on racial vilification stifle ''legitimate'' historical debate.

Attorney-General George Brandis and newly appointed Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson have both publicly called for the abolition of laws, last used against News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt over articles about light-skinned Aborigines.

Mr Wilson described the views of Dr Toben and his institute as ''repugnant'' and ''fantasyland rubbish'' but said he believed the courts were not the way to confront them.

Adelaide Institute director Peter Hartung said he did not have a view on Mr Wilson's appointment to the commission but that the denialist group supported the repeal of section 18C. "These laws stop discussion of things that can be proved with facts and figures so it cannot be debated,'' he said.

''These laws were brought in to shut people up when they have no rational argument against what they're saying.''

Critics have branded 18C the ''Bolt laws'' after the News Corp columnist's prosecution in 2011 for his ''inaccurate and offensive'' attack on a group of Aborigines. However, Section 18C has mostly been used by Australian Jewish groups against Holocaust deniers and Nazi sympathisers.

Mr Hartung said the Adelaide Institute was sympathetic to Mr Bolt's cause. ''What Andrew Bolt said was basically true and factual.''

Mr Wilson said that free and untrammelled public debate was a better way to confront Holocaust denial than anti-hate speech laws.

''Rather than hide in their caverns of hate, these people should be exposed for the stupidity and absurdity of their commentary in public debate so their names can be dragged through the dirt for all time,'' the newly appointed commissioner said. ''I disagree with people having recourse to the law to shut down public debate because there is a big difference between recourse to the law to protect yourself from physical violence, and protecting yourself from stupid and childish ideas.''

Dr Toben went to jail in 2009 for defying Federal Court orders to remove material from his website that claimed there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, and describing the murder of millions of European Jews during World War II as the ''Holocaust myth''. He was convicted and jailed in 1999 in Germany for the specific crime of Holocaust denial.

Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council spokesman Jeremy Jones, who has prosecuted Dr Toben using 18C , said he was ''not surprised'' the denialists wanted the laws scrapped. ''The minimum you would expect in a country like Australia is that people who are vilified by this material have some recourse to the law,'' Mr Jones said. ''The recourse that we're talking about is asking people to stop what they're doing; nobody was suggesting that people have any sort of onerous penalties.

''Under 18C you do not have an untrammelled right to destroy the quality of life of any other Australian with your words.''

A spokesman for Senator Brandis said he wanted to stop section 18C being used to stifle ''freedoms of speech''. ''The government wants to ensure that laws which are designed to prohibit racial vilification are not used as a vehicle to attack legitimate freedoms of speech,'' the spokesman said.

''The two values - protecting people against racial vilification and defending freedoms of speech - are not inconsistent.''
Old March 26th, 2014 #6
alex revision
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alex revision

George Brandis: Holocaust Denial Would Not Become Legal Under My New Laws

Attorney-General George Brandis has denied draft laws unveiled yesterday would make holocaust denial legal, after The Opposition suggested the changes to the Racial Discrimination Act would prevent Jewish leaders taking action, as they did in the Federal Court against Fredrick Toben.

“It all depends on the particular facts but, might I remind you, that racial vilification would always capture the concept of Holocaust denial,” the Attorney-General told ABC Radio.

“For those who are concerned about Holocaust denial, I can’t see how Holocaust denial fails to be racial vilification.

“Toben, as I understand his particular case, wasn’t involved in the public discussion of a matter — he just put some racist nonsense on his website.”

Robert Todd, one of Australia’s most-respected media lawyers told Business Insider a broad exemption included in the draft laws would not excuse any offensive opinions unless a court found they were made as part of a relevant public debate.

George Brandis: Holocaust Denial Would Not Become Legal Under My New Laws | Business Insider
Old May 29th, 2014 #7
alex revision
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alex revision

George Brandis says Holocaust denier Frederick Toben is 'a nutcase'

Attorney-General George Brandis has dismissed a supporter of the government's proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act as a nutcase.

To make this completely clear, he spelled out nutcase "N-U-T-C-A-S-E".

That supporter is Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben who has backed the government's moves to water down race hate laws as a welcome challenge to "Jewish supremacism".

Greens senator Penny Wright said people such as Mr Toben and others with repellent views were lining up to celebrate the proposed change.

"Given that there is a great deal of concern expressed by well-meaning people that this will actually be a red flag to racism, are you concerned about those potential risks," she asked during a Senate estimates committee hearing.

Senator Brandis said he was not.

"I have more confidence in the Australian people than obviously you do," he said.

Senator Brandis said Mr Toben was a nutcase.

"He is a nutcase, N-U-T-C-A-S-E, nutcase. He has nothing to do with this debate," he said.

Senator Brandis said Senator Wright had sat in the Greens party room with a colleague Senator Lee Rhiannon who was an active and prominent member of the Communist Party of Australia for much of her adult life.

"Her views are repellent. There are lots and lots of repellent views. The fact that a person may have repellent views doesn't mean that they infect everybody else in the community," he said.
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Default The 'holohoax'


I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to share that if you do a bit of impartial research on the holocaust (Dr. Toben's video is a great example and is available on YouTube), you will realise that you do not need to be a forensic detective to work out that it is one big lie.

One of many facts that discredit the holocaust is the cremation of bodies. It is impossible, even with today's technology, to dispose of 6 million bodies (apparently there were 10 million in total including the gypsies, homosexuals, etc...) with the equipment that was available at the camps.

I do not wish to duplicate the work of other people's well documented research by attempting to make a case with this post, but there are many sources including YouTube that totally discredit the holocaust.

If anyone cares to challenge this, I will be waiting.



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