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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Mr. N

8 JAN 09. Happy New Year!

Dear Mr. N[---]: Many thanks for your welcome letter of 3 JAN 09!

I’m sorry you have been busy coping with Problem-makers, to use Elmer Pendell’s cogent terminology.

I was afraid that I had inundated you with so much reading material that you needed more time to go through it, since I think that people must have other things they need to do, in addition to reading my material.

As I understand it, Anarchism was to be the final goal of Marxism, upon “the withering away of the state.”

The madman Rousseau touted Anarchism as existing in his fantasy of the “state of nature.” Hence, Anarchism remains a madman’s fantasy.

Apparently, his madness was triggered by an “Age of Reason” rebuttal of Christ-eaters’ propaganda: That man was basically “bad,” because he was “born in original sin.”

To counter this credo, opponents of the churches posited the equally fictional idea that “man is basically good.”

But reasonable people asked how it was possible for “basically good men” to perform so much evil to others.

The Rousseauites’ answer was that “man’s institutions made him bad.” Therefore, it was necessary to eradicate ALL human institutions en route to the “idyllic state of nature.”

The Nihilists took to blowing up government buildings, mailboxes, &c. as well as killing officials, usually as “useful idiots” for Rothschild interests.

Rousseauism appealed to that drunken agribusiness slave-owner & race-mixer, Thomas Jefferson, a Freemason & therefore a Rothschild agent in league with his fellow Founding Felons of the USA.

Jefferson succinctly stated two predominant fallacies inherent in Anarchism in his preamble to the “Declaration of Independence:”

(1) That “all men are created equal,” &

(2) That all men should be free to indulge in “the pursuit of happiness.”

Hence, Anarchism is rights without duties, a childish concept at best & a criminal ‘justification’ at worst.

Rousseau & his ilk prompted anthropologists to comb the planet in search of “the noble savages” who allegedly lived as anarchists in “the state of nature,” without family groups, clans, tribes, social hierarchies, religions & other ‘evil institutions.’

So far, we have failed to locate any such society, & now we see that apes & other creatures also live in social groups with customs & pecking orders, in-groups & out-groups, as well as property in the form of group territories, which the group defends against encroaching groups.

It is unfortunate that the man who said, “In the state of nature, life is nasty, brutish & short,” was more correct than the Anarchists.

Humans & other animals live in societies in order to make their lives less nasty, brutish & short, when possible.

Societies also stem from biological characteristics, such as mammals who need male & female to reproduce & young who need parental care & feeding, thus men & women are not created equal, & their offspring least of all.

This is why form needs to follow function, on behalf of survival. It also means that family arrangements, which stem from biology may not be subject to whims of the moment.

Among his other accomplishments, Jefferson was also a first-rate hypocrite, like any libertarian slave-owner. After touting “equality,” he wrote that people have a “natural Aristocracy,” i.e. that some men are ‘more equal than others.’

The Chinese captors of U.S. slave-thugs in Korea reported that fewer than one out of 20 U.S. prisoners had any leadership ability, regardless of rank.

Hence, Chinese guards, who spoke no English, as they do in Hebrewood movies, were told to look for

(1) Men to whom other men listened;

(2) Men with a sense of humor, who could laugh at adversity;

(3) Men who showed courage in the face of their armed enemies.

Such men were segregated from the masses of asses or sheeple. Result: only two escapes from Chinese P.O.W. camps, to my knowledge, & many deaths due to demoralization, from lack of leadership, according to the U.S. Pentagon tapes I heard in college ROTC classes.

Human inequality in terms of intelligence, ability & character precludes such fallacies as Anarchy & Democracy, as wise men have known all along, & is explicitly stated in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which must be the most truthful “forgery” ever written!

Have we ever had a political economy favorable to the existence & improvement of a human society? My best guess would be German National Socialism, as opposed to Israeli or Zionist National Socialism which was first promoted by Zionist leader Theodor Herzl in 1896.

Unlike Judeo-Christinsanity, Judeo-Communism & other Asiatic cults, German NS did not expect men to be angels, for real men & women need food & sex. White men also needed work & honor.

NS also recognized the need for intelligence, ability & character, in order for one to become a military officer &/or a NAPOLA (National Political Academy) leadership student.

If Hitler were fanatical about anything, he was fanatically & correctly opposed to nepotism, quite unlike Napoleon. Hitler knew that social worth to the Volk Community was not to be found in any particular family, group or class.

What Hitler & other National Socialists wanted was able, upright men & women to assume leadership of German society. It was incumbent on each generation of leaders to foster the next generation of leaders.

NAPOLA candidates were selected similar to U.S. candidates for West Point. Hitler was loath to accept intra-NS Party members’ selections in favor of choices made by clergy, teachers & popularly-elected officials, such as mayors.

The candidates were tested in regard to intelligence & ability upon entry, & throughout their schooling, they were also tested for character.

I recall watching a Wehrmacht training film, “Fahnenjunker,” about officer candidate school. The officer instructor greets the new class with the terse statement: “We know you are intelligent & capable, but we must also know if you have character.”

I am working toward the establishment of a Nation of Whites. As a White Nationalist, I am not a White Supremacist. A Nation is a people, not a place.

To survive, a Nation must be inclusive & also exclusive. Pale-skinned trash may not be members. Indeed, most of those I have known are Eurasians, the products of Jeffersonian race-mixing policy. How do I know? They tell me, & they behave like Injuns in their anti-White values.

I suspect that Eurasians are the majority of so-called Whites in North America, in view of their Asiatic health problems, which are like those of the Hispano-mestizos (Hispanic Eurasians): Obesity, diabetes & circulatory diseases.

I noted this when I heard a health report on Whites in Britain & “Whites” in North America. Despite the terrible diets, the smoking & boozing of both groups of “Whites,” the Brits did not have the diseases of so-called American Whites.

One p.c. female thought that the Brits “walked more.” That I doubt, for the distance from the couch & the TV to the bus stop does not seem adequate for such good health.

Obviously, DNA testing must be the ‘sacrament’ for admission into White Nationhood, since Nation is biological, not geographical, the jew Boas to the contrary.

Census figures are kosher in the USA, that is, false, for “Whites” include Eurasians, as one can see from Federal Wanted Posters. Jews, being mongrels, are not White, either, but they are certainly liars.

We know that Whites are not paragons of perfection at all times, & I have known Whites inferior to non-Whites, but the jew parasites are organized, unlike White Trash, who can be dealt with on an individual basis.

Hitler found that few people were habitual criminals, & after German economic recovery in 1935, many prisons were converted into factories, since the chronic criminals were fewer than 10% of the entire population, excluding the jewish criminal cult members.

Most jews who lived in Germany before, during & after World War II were not criminals, & they remained in their communities in Germany. I speak from first-hand experience from such jews themselves.

Usually people behave decently with positive & negative incentives, provided their rulers are reasonably honest, able & virtuous.

You note that I do not posit perfection as the prerequisite for social improvement.

Politics (people-power) is the art of the possible, & I believe that the good leader can distinguish that which is desirable for his people out of the possible. Leaders are examples for their people, so the good leader must provide a good example.

Machiavelli urged that The Prince appear to be virtuous, but he also wrote of the rewards of true virtue, for a prince with vices does not long remain a prince.

As Moslems say, our first victory must be within ourselves, & as I observe: Those who cannot govern themselves are unlikely to govern others. Leadership is as much a duty as it is a right, lest we forget.

I’ve also read that Sombart was a jew. If he was, all the better, for his assessment of wars being “the jews’ harvests” is more authoritative, like Marx’s critical equation of Judaism & Capitalism.

Robert Frenz introduced me to works by Ludovici. I never knew his age, nor his wife, & I didn’t hear about “Crystal Ball,” although I received some of his newsletters years ago.

Re Mullins’ mention of jews as “a reaction to civilization,” I think it was Freud who wrote “Civilization & Its Discontents,” which I read in college, but which I don’t recall in detail. I think the title explains its content.

No, I have not read Mullins’ “The Jew as Parasite,” but I certainly agree with his title!

Frederick Soddy sounds like an informative & provocative writer. Please let me know what you discover.

I’ve read “Mein Kampf,” which I find useful as a guide for ‘street politics.’ Thanks to M.K. we had none of the rowdy jew shenanigans at our meetings, & we fought them in the streets of Toronto with our fists, so knowledge of boxing is very useful, although I do not recommend it as a career.

Hitler describes the evolution of the NSDAP & its hall monitors, the Sturmabteilung or S.A., which was a necessary reaction against the thuggery of the opposition.

At first, the Reds would just break up a meeting & attack the speaker. Then people volunteered as ushers & bouncers. They wore little Party pins on their coats to distinguish themselves, but little pins are hard to see in fights, so they next tried armbands, which are also tearable & hard to make out if the lights are put out, so, eventually, the NSDAP adopted uniforms, like the Communists & Socialists, with caps whose configurations were as distinctive as those of the opponents, especially in the dark.

We confirmed that M.K. was a relevant guide of behavior for OUR demonstrations in Toronto, & we only had problems if we disregarded M.K. protocols, such as forbidding stragglers & wanderers from the group, who would be routinely attacked by jew gangs, as were the German supporters of Hitler.

Hitler also wrote his “Secret Book,” as entitled by the Allies who published the MS after the war.

I understand that it was written in 1928, but Hitler did not publish it, since it revealed his intention of avoiding war with Britain by seizing agricultural land from the USSR. Hitler did not want to telegraph his intention to Stalin!

I translated a cogent speech by Friedrich Kurreck who lived in Germany before, during & after the 3rd Reich, in which he describes the political-economic situation during the same period.

Of course, nothing would have worked without German Nationalism, so Hitler had it much easier, hard as it was, to create a unified consensus & actions toward German recovery from the war & the depression which followed the jews’ looting of the German economy, already plundered by the previous jewish war.

As we cannot exaggerate Hitler’s role in the German recovery, we cannot exaggerate jewish responsibility for German misfortunes, including World War I, nor can we minimize jewish responsibility in the present economic crisis. If we do, then we are not addressing the problem we face.

I’ve read several sources which claim that Hitler was a jew &/or a hireling of the Rothschild interests. Since Hitler left relatives, including a brother & sister, a DNA test can prove he was a jew or not: Afro-Asiatic DNA would indicate that he was a biological jew.

My view is that Hitler did not stay ‘bought,’ so he did his duty, despite his possible jewish involvement in being elected German Chancellor after Bruning, who wrote that he, Hitler, FDR, Churchill & Stalin were all funded by the same bankers. That is easy to prove from extant sources.

Hitler would be, by no means, the only jew functionary in Third Reich politics. With few exceptions, such alleged jews were loyal, as were Funk, Ley, Manstein & Milch, who endured the temptations attributed to Jesus, & the punishment for not yielding to those temptations. The enclosed copies of his Nuremberg Tribunal report refer, which I translated into English.

One statistic of note is that the jews in the Wehrmacht numbered 150,000. We know that the Zionist Holohoax was concocted to conceal the collaboration between the Nazis of Germany & the Nazis of Israel. I recommend “The Transfer Agreement” alias Ha’arev Agreement by Black, himself a jew.

This is why I founded The Anti-Zionist Alliance which uses non-White information sources toward the co-ordination of Anti-Zionist activities, rather than false-flag mischief sponsored by the ZOG & the Mossad.

La Voz de Aztlan proposed a diamond boycott, to which I responded favorably, & also recommended a kosher tax protest. Naturally, I wrote in Spanish, my 3rd language.

I read some of the ramblings of Christinanity apologist Kuehnelt-Leddihn, which may have been garbled in translation, for they were in English. My recollection is of his fudging on definitions & assumptions.

Re my deportation & exile from the Jewnited States: I was, apparently, set up by my faculty at San Francisco State U., at least ½ of whom were jews.

They knew that I find out things, as I did in Colombia, where I travelled for 2 weeks in “Marquetalia,” an area held by rebels for 7 years, into which government troops did not go. I was guest of the rebels, & had no trouble, whatsoever.

These zoggies advised me to continue my doctoral studies in Peru, where a military junta had come to power. Since my Cold War G.I. Bill money was running out, & the jew-Reds were disrupting the campus with their recreational riots, I agreed to research the Peruvian situation for a doctoral dissertation tentatively entitled: “Peru: New Look for USA-USSR Involvement in Latin America?”

I was already informed that The Cold War was an Orwellian hoax, as confirmed by my readings of Rothschild-Rockefellers’ “Foreign Affairs” CFR publication, “our masters’ voice,” as I call it.

Since many of my faculty were connected with FEDZOGUSA, I figured that my research was ‘kosher’, so I flew to Lima in 1968.

I rented a room with a Peruvian family who knew the local Communist Party chief, who impressed me as a prosperous bourgeois.

I quickly made myself at home in Lima, since the culture & language were no barriers. The local Toastmasters’ Club invited me to speak in the Hotel San Martin, which was later bombed, through no fault of mine, that I know of.

As a ‘cover’ for my asking questions, I became a freelance reporter for OIGA (LISTEN) magazine, the Peruvian equivalent of TIME or NEWSWEEK.

I also made friends with the Lima Reuters chief, who kindly let me read outgoing news, in Spanish. Wire service reports are most revealing, for they connect economics with politics, a connection normally denied to Goyim.

I recall reading AP in California at the time of the Pueblo spyship incident with North Korea: If I recall the correct sum, $3 million were held up in Congress, which were wanted by the Pentagon.

CIA transcripts available to a local congressman revealed that N Korea had repeatedly warned the USA to get that spyship out of their territorial waters. After 2 weeks, the N Koreans captured the ship & its crew, & as if by magic, the $3 million were given the Pentagon by Congress! As usual, the Goyim saw no connection, as ZOG intended.

I wanted to learn if the military junta were Nationalist or Capitalist servants of foreign interests, anti-Peruvian interests, & what I saw & heard indicated that the junta was not pro-Peruvian, as partially confirmed by my interview with Premier Montagne, the junta chief.

Soon after that interview in The War Ministry, I received an invitation to participate in a “Taskforce on Latin America” at S.F. State.

Hoping to score brownie points, I flew to Los Angeles, to find a ‘welcoming party’ which I did not expect: The U.S. Customs zoggie, to whom I handed my passport, checked it against a list, & without a word, handed it to two armed zoggies, who indicated their guns & invited me to accompany them to a room, with my baggage, which was searched & emptied of all written material, including a book I’d purchased in California.

The next day, as I collected my suitcase of Peruvian publications at the Unaccompanied Baggage counter, I was arrested by Messrs. Mason & Morneau of the FBI. That suitcase was already empty.

To make a long story short, they told me that “someone” in DC “did not like me,” & their job “was to make things ‘hot’ for me if I chose to remain in the USA.”

They handed me a federal indictment alleging that I had “attempted to highjack” the plane I’d flown in on!

Since my faculty invitation was a hoax, & I had no funds to engage in legal battles, being just a Goy without clout; I decided to leave in search of a new country & a new career.

In 1982, an Interpol contact told me that I was recorded as a “plane highjacker” who was “not wanted” by the U.S. government! He said, “You can go back anytime you like. THEY ARE ALL DEAD.”

I had a job as a researcher & anti-Zionist activist in Toronto, so I did not return until 1992, for a job as gardener on a 30 acre estate in Louisville, alias Loserville, KY.

Years later, I read Noam Chomsky’s “The Washington Connection & Third World Fascism,” which complemented my own findings, but Chomsky was not stripped of his academic career, nor forced into exile, to my knowledge.

As you say, jews have no monopoly on intelligence, but they are organized, so they can keep their dummies & dolts in line, or else. Whites are NOT organized as a Nation nor as individuals, so we behave like unpenned cattle or “Goyim.”

My summary of NS is that it is a formula for survival of a people (Nation), including their wellbeing & their improvement.

Hitler said that “The Party protects the Folk & the Folk protect the individual.” That’s how I see it. Others call it “Natural Socialism.”

The photos in “The Hitler We Loved & Why” are in the public domain, as they have been circulated for decades & centuries, many of them stolen by the Allies, who thereby infringed on any copyrights in existence. If some jew sues for their use, I would not be surprised, but I know of none so far, for such a lawsuit would publicize the little book. Oy veh!

I shall follow your wish in regard to name. As far as I know, I’ve never corresponded with “Maguire” in person.

To my knowledge, Simon Sheppard has kept the FAEM site ‘up’, but since he was tricked into FEDZOGUSA’s gulag in Santa Ana, CA, on a Britzog thoughtcrime charge, FAEM may vanish. However, a recent radio program claims that one can ‘resurrect’ defunct web pages by means of a “Back to the Past” search engine, if one is desperate.

It was great to receive your reply. Strength through Joy to you. ORION!


P.S.: I coined such terms as Christinsanity/Christinanity, Zionist Occupation Government, White Nationalism & Our Race Is Our Nation on my own, although I’d have hoped that other Whites could have done the same. I guess I expect too much from Whites, whom I love only for what they may become.


Werner Sombart: The Jews and Modern Capitalism


Werner Sombart

Sombart Sombart


LIFE IN THE THIRD REICH and the world political situation then and now

A speech by Friedrich Kurreck. English translation by E. Thomson.


Letter to Phil (Milch)

Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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