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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Jeremy

8 APR 10

Hail Jeremy! It was great to receive your letter dated 4 March which was postmarked 5 April. I guess April surprised us, along with its weather, including gusty winds.

As you say, religions are expressions of a folk who see similar things & share similar values. Or, they may be visions of conmen & tyrants which are imposed on peoples like Christinsanity.

The Romans had a different approach: As long as people treated the emperor as a god & paid lip service to all the gods & goddesses of The Pantheon, people were pretty tolerant.

Freemasons claim that all gods are basically the same god, with different names, ignoring allegations of their different personalities.

One Freemason told me that their only requirement for joining a lodge was belief in “a supreme being.” I asked him if Buddhists could join, as they do not deem Buddha to be “divine,” to my knowledge. He waffled on that point.

Better Freemasonic sources claim that their “one god” is Lucifer, the Morning Star & Bringer of Light. Hence, top-kick Masons are known as “Illuminati” or “Enlightened Ones.”

In any case, they are Rothschild bankster agents & traitors to the people with whom they dwell, like the jews they so desperately wish to serve. But enough kosher crap.

Congratulations on your progress in educating your loved ones out of their ‘edjewcation.’ I was also a victim of edjewcation in my exposure to church & judeo-public schools in which jew-commies set the standards.

I resented compulsory attendance in both places, so I was critical.

Some things I did fall for, such as the credo that “U.S. citizens have the right & the duty to inform themselves & to inform others on behalf of an enlightened electorate.” Boy, did that jew lie ever get me into trouble!

So I learned from experience that certain things were true, & others false. This is a bit like testing a minefield to see if it is genuine.

The Lie was that we lived in a “democracy,” not a dictatorship. The Truth was that we did live in a corrupt banana republic which had to import its bananas, under Rockefeller-Rothschild rule, i.e. the Money Mafia & lesser jew mafias; a republic of the criminal rich minority.

Fortunately, I learned fast when the truth was shoved in my face. Unlike most Goyim, I do not cling to lies when Truth is available & I recognize it as such.

My objective was always that of personal freedom which incurs certain obligations, for it is easy to fall into slavery. Hence, freedom is the obligations which we accept willingly, rather than unwillingly.

Before freedom comes duty, the duty of knowing the difference between freedom & slavery. Most sheeple do not know. Debt is slavery. National debt is therefore national slavery.

Thank you for your compliments on my contribution to your knowledge. Knowledge is my major interest: The acquisition & the sharing thereof.

I’ve been in contact with Colin Jordan & John Tyndall, as well as a few present day political activists in Britain, Canada & Australia.

I’m therefore surprised that they do not get more of a following amongst their people, but, as we know, “money talks,” & we all pursue The Almighty ZOGbuck, for food, if nothing else.

I’ve tried to keep most of my writings on the Internet, as printed publications come & go down the Orwellian Memory Hole, but the Internet is no different.

Many of my essays appear, as I understand, on, but that website is dormant & may getting hacked by the jews.

You & others are always welcome to publish my articles & letters, as long as you don’t have me say that jews are White, as one New Zealand editor did.

Naturally, I’d enjoy receiving any publications you’d care to send me.

As you know, the key to organizing is networking, on behalf of a Folk Movement. Politics is people-power, not piles of paper, so it is with people we must work, or we are not politicians, preachers or used car salesmen. Sorry, I did not wish to offend the vacuum cleaner salesmen by omission!

We live in revolutionary times if we consider the rapidly-changing technologies alone, such as the electronic media of cellphones, computers & Internet. E-mail, texting & twitter provide worldwide instant communication, at least in theory.

I understand that the regime change in Kirgiz, a former Soviet republic, is communicated via twitter, like the Obama campaign in Judeo-America.

Oh, re “Might Is Right:” That book approves the status quo, for it lauds those who are now rich & powerful, regardless of how they attained their wealth & power, & regardless of their goals (destruction of the White Race).

I recommend “The Theory of the Leisure Class” by Thorstein Veblen instead. He views our society as “semi-barbaric,” in which those who produce the least are rewarded most. I prefer to call it a parasitic society. ZOG knows!

Rudolf Hess was indeed a great man. I’ve only heard one of his speeches on the occasion of “Triumph of the Will” at the 1934 Nuremberg NSDAP rally. I suggest one review the Internet to find more.

I was of some assistance in editing the English translation of his son’s book on “The Murder of my Father.” Rudolf Hess was murdered in Spandau Prison by a Judeo-Brit hit team.

All the best. ORION!



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