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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Chris

30 MAR 07

Hail Chris! Many thanks for your letter of 28 MAR 07 & the informative enclosures.

Thanks for the SLIME Magazine interview with the Iranian leader. I understand that he was unable to attend the U.N. meeting in Jew York Shitty because FEDZOGUSA denied his air crew visas. If my sources are correct, this indicates that the U.N. exists only at the pleasure of “Usrael.”

Being a rogue state, the USA does not recognize transit passengers in seaports, airports & surface ports of entry, who are not deemed to be legally in a country, in civilized, law-abiding places. If we were law-abiding, Ahmadinejad’s air crew could have parked in a transit zone, while he attended the UN conference.

Obviously, if my sources are correct, “Usrael” does not wish him to be heard in such a “p.c.” forum. The SLIME interview was damaging enough!

Thanks for the excerpt from the “Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act” dated 1998!

I knew 2 victims of that talmudic tactic, years before it was recently amended: Frank Walus & NASA scientist Arthur Rudolf.

I was also familiar with the trial of John Demjanjuk alias “Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka” whom jews say they killed, or “Ivan the Terrible of Sobibor,” as other jews say of the same man, who was not killed.

Regardless of the truth or fiction, John Demjanjuk was a Goy, & Goyim are supposed to be sacrificed by jews in performance of a “mitzvah,” or Yahweh-yearning to inflict pain & suffering on innocent victims. Such a deal!

Speaking of ‘deals,’ I’m glad to learn you are not faring too badly in your palacial residence.

No, Virginia, the “K” on food & food-related items is not a sign that a KKK tax has been paid. The enclosures on the kosher tax racket refer.

Most of the stuff I’ve heard on “ODESSA” comes from Hebrewood & kosher sources.

What does seem reasonable to me is that any group of people who served their cause & suffered together might strive to work together, since their comrades proved themselves in good & bad times. Wouldn’t we hope to be so lucky?

I’ve known former SS & other Third Reich personnel, but I never asked them, since I didn’t need to know. “The Enemy is Listening,” as all sides announced on their World War II propaganda posters.

Jews are the only ‘religious’ group allowed to tax goods in interstate commerce, which violates the 1st Amendment of the U.S. CONstitution that forbids the establishment of any religion.

Cornwallis told Washington at Yorktown, according to one of Washington’s aides, that “Judaism will be your religion, but you will not know it.”

Christinsane Goyim prate of “The Mark of the Beast.” They babble that it will be an injectable microchip which is subject to theft, damage, erasure & copying.

I asked one Jesus-juice jerk if he would wear his I.D., financial & medical records around on his back. He said that would be unthinkable, so I said having a microchip with all that data is even more convenient for crooks to copy, & straying near electromagnetic waves easily erases or damages the data on the chip, as we have learned with “smart cards.”

One jew scanner gang worked in a swanky Jew York Shitty restaurant. By running the customers’ credit cards across the counter, they could copy all the data thereon & steal from their accounts. The same can be done from 5 feet away, through clothing, in a crowd.

But a microchip is not a mark. It is a device. The Mark of the Beast is the Six-Pointed Death Star of David, for its 6 points, 6 triangles & 6 internal angles conform to the Number 666.

Those who wear that Mark are allowed to buy & sell in the trades they monopolize.

They can create our money out of nothing & charge us interest on it.

They can tax goods in interstate commerce, while others cannot.

This is obvious. It is called “hiding in plain sight,” for Goyim do not see, because they will not. I.e., they don’t want to.

To free ourselves from slavery requires us to understand that we are, indeed, slaves. If we don’t know that, we can do nothing.

As I grow older, I learn that the most precious item of all is knowledge.

One writer said of our Zionist imperialism in The Middle East that “Strength without wisdom = Disaster”.

Imagine a blind bull charging around a factory, such as one making munitions. The blind bull is unlikely to survive the results, after producing considerable destruction to the factory.

The USA has been likened to a jewish Golem or Monster, which makes perfect sense if we look at U.S. history. The Golem is now ordered to destroy itself, for there are more Golem (Goyim) where he came from.

As they say in booming Bagdad: “Boots in the air, heads on the ground, & body-parts scattered all around.”

All the best & ORION!



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Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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