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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to David

26 AUG 06

Hail David! Thanks for yours of 19 AUG 06.

I agree with your Petrified Platen Theory. I understand that the first ‘plastic’ was Bakelite, which is hard & brittle. Thus it appears that old typewriter platens do not just fade away, they turn into bakelite!

If there is such a thing as the opposite of a miracle, we may have discovered it, such as wine turning into vinegar.

Murphy’s Law would probably describe negative miracles, in which we expect a good outcome as the norm, but are surprised at the bad outcome. Perhaps the word ‘debacle’ would best describe a negative miracle.

Just heard on NPR jewsradio: 1876 was the year in which rootbeer & typewriters were invented, but we have survived so far.

An extra sheet of paper acts as a cushion when platens get too hard, but I should use more sheets to increase the diameter of the platen, to see if that does not correct the angle of striking for the keys. As I say, it’s not my typewriter, more’s the pity.

Kennan was a Rockefeller ‘droid of the CFR school toward the maintenance of The Cold War Hoax, on behalf of which he obfuscated.

I recommend “Foreign Affairs”, the CFR organ, which we can understand to be “our master’s voice.”

I may have got into hot water by writing a critique of an article therein, in which I suggested that Soviet support for “the national bourgeoisie of Third World” would be stepping into the shoes of the First World, which used the N.B. of the Third World as colonial middlemen in the exploitation thereof.

As always, I promoted the idea of self-sufficiency, on behalf of development.

When the campus hebes were jumping with joy at Castro’s takeover of Cuba in 1959, I tried to point out that Castro’s major problem would be to make Cuba self-sufficient, by diversifying its colonial mono-culture, but failing that, Cuba would merely pass from the U.S. orbit into the Soviet orbit.

“Hey, you’re no fun!” said the wee hebes. Nor am I a swinger, & I don’t play jazz.

I read recently a couple of scary items:

(1) Property values are falling in the USA &

(2) Chinese real estate prices are soaring into outer space.

Hence, the U.S. real estate market is ready for Chinese occupancy, & they have abundant zogbucks to buy us up.

The U.S. east coast appears to be busting out all over with new real estate developments. Has there been a population explosion? If so, I doubt that it is a native one.

The Delaware real estate excerpt refers, in case you weren’t aware that your area is only one place where the housing is spreading like a plague, over once essential agricultural land, as it has done in California, &c.

A download from La Voz de Aztlan suggests that our Decadent Criminals in The District of Corruption intend on doing exactly what you have said: get the nigs out & get the pollutocrats in, so “Nawlins” can become a U.S. version of the Riviera, even if it must be rebuilt after hurricane season every year.

Weather forecasts indicate that the hurricanes will increase in force & frequency, so we can find out shortly in this new hurricane season.

Some writers have likened jews to a bacillus, just as you say, which Nature has designed to test our social immune systems.

Dr. Oliver saw Christinsanity as the initial attack on our immune systems, which left us open to jewish infection. In fact, Oliver likened Christianity to AIDS.


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