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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Steve

7 FEB 07

Dear Steve: Many thanks for your latest mailing, which included the beautiful calendar.

I am surprised at the acceleration of your Zionist/Bankster regime’s genocide against the Whites of your country.

When I lived in Rhodesia, the White fools thought “Usrael” was ‘the’ bastion of “Anti-Communism”, to which we could look for massive aid if we were ever threatened by Red invasion & takeover.

I tried to tell these sheeple that Communism was always a creature of Banksterism, jew-Banksterism at that. As Rhodesians, we were under sanctions imposed by the U.S. & U.K. via the U.N.

Our foremost trading partners were Red China, Red Russia, Taiwan & Israel, via South Africa & Zambia, after the demise of the Portuguese Empire in Africa (Angola & Mozambique).

Later, I learned of the jew declaration of war against Germany in 1933, & the Bankster sanctions against German trade.

So guess who were Nazi Germany’s foremost trading partners? None other than the Soviet Jewnion & the Zionists who founded Israel (Zionist-occupied Palestine).

This tactic is old, indeed, in which blockades are imposed, but certain loopholes are built in.

The jew-Banksters did the same trick during the Napoleonic wars. I understand that the gold to pay the British & their Spanish allies came via the Rothschilds of Britain, via France.

This Zionist (jew-supremacist) Bankster system has long ruled Britain & its colonies, including the USA. Independence for colonies never meant independence from the Rothschilds & their kosher cohorts of The Bank of England et al.

Christinsanity, which includes Judaism (Old Testament) & Buddhism (New Testament) is a whore which has incorporated many tenets & symbols of other religions, so as to gain converts.

Most recently, we see Santeria, a Voodoo/Christian religion with millions of adherents in Latin America & the Caribbean; wherever Blacks settled in the Americas. It is practiced wherever so-called hispanics (mestizos who may or may not speak Spanish) are settled in the USA.

The bane of Christinsanity is its constant craving for ‘converts’ who do their share of converting church doctrines so as to conform to their traditions & customs, as was done with my people of the North, in regard to Yule & Easter. Neo-jews like Jehovah’s Witnesses rightly deem Yule & Easter, Yule trees & Easter eggs, to be “pagan”. Indeed, they are.

As I understand, anything non-jewish within Christian doctrine & practice may be deemed as pagan, although Judaism is pagan in its origins, so we may consider which pagan practices & beliefs are ‘kosher’ & which are not, as described in “The Great Jewish Masque.”

What has “Christianity” to do with race? Most who call themselves Christians are non-Whites: wogs, nig-nogs, pollywogs, &c. The church on my street is mostly Mexican, judging from my daily observations en route to the post office.

I know that it is terribly hard for jew-dazed victims of Christinsanity to think like White men, for that takes courage, logic & action.

I saw the same insanity in Rhodesia: “We aren’t racists,” said the ostensible White sheeple, “we are anti-Communists/Christians!”

The Blacks we were fighting, under their jew handlers, like Oppenheimer, Slovo, Baron, Levy et al. called themselves Communists & Christians, but they were not as silly, nor as hypocritical as the White idiots, for they knew they were Black, first & foremost.

The Whites pretended

(1) That jews were White &

(2) That Rhodesia would be ‘different’ under Black rule, unlike all the former White-ruled colonies.

Wrong on both illusions!

White Nationalist leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, predicted that, in the ongoing race war, one’s skin will be his uniform. If we think like White men, we cannot lie our way out of who we are, even if we lie to ourselves. Non-Whites see through our pretensions.

I have lived in pre-dominantly non-White countries, under jew rule, as a nomad, a traveller, since birth in the USA, where my parents were constantly moving in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Good thing my ancestors were seafarers. Had they been farmers, I may have been traumatized, for lack of roots in any soil.

It is one thing to be at variance in one’s religious definitions, but I see variances in people’s definitions of “White,” which is as absurd as it would be to vary in our definitions of blood-type, height, weight & sex.

If we want to live as Whites, we must learn to fight as Whites. Other pretensions fool no one, even if they serve to fool ourselves.

That is why I proclaim, as a White Nationalist, ORION! (Our Race Is Our Nation!)

Eric Thomson



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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