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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Mr. B

3 SEP 06

Dear Mr. B[---]: Many thanks for your letter of 27 SEP 06! I am glad to know you are still alive.

I hope you don’t mind my deluge of material, some of which I hope you can use, if not all thereof, if only to give you a Gestalt of The View From Brownest Yakima, now the heart of “Northern Mexico.”

There is no need for you to reply in weight to my Flat Rate parcels. I just need to know that my correspondents are still in existence & that they don’t mind receiving my mailings.

Around March of 2006, all my “Down Under” correspondents switched off, so I sent them postcards, including yourself, to find out if they were free to receive mail from me.

These days, ZOG knows if one will be in or out of its gulags, all of a sudden, now that thought-crime laws relating to undefined “terrorism” are so much in vogue in the so-called ‘free world.’ “1984” lives!

I do not like to send my material into The Memory Hole, so that is why I like to receive some occasional note to indicate that our correspondence is still functioning.

One denizen of Oz said that someone in the USA may be pinching their replies to me, rather than my letters to them, which is also a possibility.

Postal-niggers may like pretty Australian & New Zealand stamps, which I return to you uncancelled in hopes you can re-use it.

The writer, Marshal MacLuhan (sp?), wrote that “The Medium is the Message.”

It appears that the ‘net-nerds’, as I so affectionately call them, prefer their disinformation FAST, & in great volume.

If their brains can process it all, great, but I wonder if they come away from their illuminated screens in a data-daze, especially while being interrupted by incessant cellphone calls.

Since they don’t do anything with all the information they receive, I think that the Internet is largely a medium of entertainment, rather than a medium of communication & information.

If a crisis becomes recognized in our society, the number of crisis discussion groups multiplies on the Internet, in lieu of action of any kind. Perhaps we shall be well-informed, as well as idle & apathetic in equal proportions.

I can easily imagine racial riots breaking out, & the net-nerds fleeing into their respective basements or attics to peck away at their keyboards to discuss the mayhem going on right outside their dwellings, until the mud-people break in or the lights go out. What a ‘holocaust’ computer-withdrawal will be for them!

If you remember the old Peter Sellers movie, “Being There,” the anti-hero grows up with TV, so when he is confronted on the street by mugger-niggers, he just tries to click them off with his TV-remote.

Wargames via computer cater to armchair warriors’ imaginary machismo, which I deem as dangerous illusion. Reality is hard, heavy, gritty & exhausting. Virtual reality is not.

In one letter to a correspondent I mentioned a co-worker who related his assignment to ‘take out’ certain objectives in East Germany.

I had been in East Germany, where I was kicked out by jew Stasi chief, Markus Wolf, who now works for his kosher crony, Chertoff, of U.S. Homeland Security, along with kosher former KGB chief, Primakov.

For that reason, my colleagues tale sounded credible at first, until he began to list all the weaponry he carried with him.

As a former infantryman, myself, I knew how much such items weighed, so he’d have to have been not only John Wayne, but Superman to tote all the weapons he listed for his assignment. That’s when he told me it was a video-game!

I pointed out the unreality of assuming that a man could carry so much hardware, by himself, & my colleague said that the wargame rules were being altered to reflect what a man could actually carry when he went on a virtual mission.

I said that the game should include a route march on a treadmill for the participants, to see how many miles they could tote their loads to their objectives, ‘just for fun.’

The impending crisis which I can see in plain sight is the potential civil war in Mexico, following their recent presidential election fiasco, which now has them with two presidents, according to my latest jewsmedia information.

A civil war or similar unrest in Mexico would suddenly propel millions of refugees into the USA, all of a sudden, which would effectively combine or annex the USA to Mexico, as our Freemasonic rulers have wanted ever since The Mexican War of 1846, as most recently stated in “Philip Dru, Administrator” by Woodrow Wilson’s jew handler, Mandel House.

Other writers see the prospect of political-demographic-economic amalgamation of Canada, USA & Mexico, on behalf of globalism & low wages.

Thanks for letting Charles Thomson off the Freemasonic hook! He must have been a versatile flunky for the Founding Freemasonic Felons of the USA, having served as secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence.

As I understand, non-Freemason, Samuel Adams, denounced “The Great Seal” as a “tawdry, Freemasonic device.” Hear, hear!

Congratulations on your occult research! I had no idea one could earn a Ph.D. in that field, although I earned my first B.A. in “The Regional Group Major on Hispanic America,” according to my Berkeley diploma.

The Barnes Review, which shows exceedingly ‘flakey’ research, as you observed of their treatment of New Zealand’s non-White fauna, has tried to address the Templar-Freemasonic-New World Order topic.

The first I heard of it was in 3 90-minute audiotapes entitled “Sirius Rising” by William Grimstad, who suddenly ceased correspondence in the mid-1990s. I’ve heard nothing about him since then. Gone with the wind? ZOG only knows, it seems.

I recommend “The Magic of Obelisks” by pro-Satano/Templar/Freemason, Peter Tompkins, which includes Satanist Crowley’s 33° Masonic certificate amongst its illustrations.

I also corresponded with Knight, author of “The Brotherhood”, prior to his premature death at age 33, as I read.

I also knew a ‘bent copper’ who resigned in the London Police scandal in the early seventies (?), in which Freemasonic cops & crooks were in the same lodge, where deals were made for mutual profit, at the expense of the public.

Knight mentioned the activities of Licio Gelli of Italy’s P-2 Lodge, the Vatican’s Banco Ambrosiano, & its ritually-murdered executive, Roberto Calvi, whose body was ritually-hanged from Black Friars’ Bridge in The City of London.

I also recommend “The Empire of the City.”

I’d be surprised if you did not encounter such sources in your research, since you are a great researcher, as your work on “The Protocols” reveals. I think you have produced the definitive work on that subject, by putting it in its proper context.

As you say, there appears to be little interest in such important subject matter in the ‘blightwing’, as I call it. This leads me to question their kosher connections with our Zionist Occupation Government &/or Freemasons.

You are undoubtedly aware of Albert Pike’s role in building the obelisk known as “The Washington Monument” & the Ku Klux Klan. J.B. Campbell wrote a good article about him in Liberty Bell. Let me know if you want a copy thereof.

The ‘blightwing’ is best described as a bunch of mental midgets with bloated egos & boundless greed, so they will sell any vestiges of principle in favor of profits, as their track record proves.

In lieu of ideology or political program, they promote personality cults, whose message is twofold: “me-me-me” & “gimme-gimme-gimme.” Two examples are Rimland & Zündel whom we are supposed to trust & send money. Such a deal!

I am indeed surprised that Zionist-dominated entities, such as universities & libraries, would not fear to receive your publications.

All it takes is for one jew to express hatred for what one has written, in order to have it banned a “hate literature.” At least, that’s how “hate” is defined in practice: whatever a jew hates for Goyim to read.

A correspondent sent me a download from Australia in which two strangers, both purporting to be historical revisionists, are discussing Eric Thomson, yours truly, at length & in astounding detail, as being “a former CIA supervisor of Mossad hit-teams,” &c.

So that is how others see me! I wonder what Robbie Burns would say to that? This tendency to believe ANYTHING said about another person is par for the blightwing course, I have learned.

I’ve been asked to write my autobiography, but I confess that I have a feeble imagination, compared to those who can invent much more entertaining stories about me, which are believed immediately, unlike the plain, unvarnished truth which I could relate.

Here, again, is the penchant for consumerism: Information, disinformation & simple lies are ‘consumed’ as entertainment of equal worth by many, if not most, readers.

No doubt, detractors will accuse you of promoting “a conspiracy theory,” which in jewspeak means “falsehood.”

Indeed, there is a conspiracy of occultists, which is not bogus, but real, in view of its practitioners & supporters.

Of course, the best way of combatting any conspiracy is to expose it, rather than deny its existence, as those who serve such a conspiracy would do.

To deny the existence of a Freemasonic power structure is on par with denying the existence of the Catholic Church et al. Sophistry can be used to argue the non-existence of anything.

I have also been accused of being “a fictitious person,” “a committee of former Gestapo officers,” &c. Talk about metamorphoses!

I have also undergone death & resurrection in the virtual reality of the Internet, & I am once again deemed to be “a real person,” albeit of dangerous & unsavory character. To paraphrase R. Burns: “A man’s a monster for all that.”

The ‘blightwing’ is hopeless, but not serious.

All the best, as always!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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