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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Jamie

22 June 07

Hail Jamie! I just got your letter of 18 June 07.

First of all, who is Richard Kemp (an Order P.O.W.?), & why did he want you to advertise Covington’s books?

It does not matter who else is advertising &/or carrying his books, as long as they are prepared to defend themselves against federal actions against “terrorists”, “co-conspirators” “illegal combatants,” none of which the ZOG has defined.

In practice, the ZOG just grabs a U.S. citizen & incarcerates him or her without charge nor trial, based on these undefined accusations.

No habeas corpus is necessary, & the confinement & torture can be indefinite. This is what happened recently with U.S. citizen Padilla & the Liberty City 7.

Padilla was grabbed & incarcerated for over 3 years by ZOG-thugs, during which time he was tortured, so he is now so addled that he may not be fit to stand trial, once ZOG decides on what charges, if any, they will lay against him.

ZOG told the jewsmedia that Padilla was “plotting to set off dirty bombs.” That accusation has been dropped, according to the jewsmedia.

Liberty City 7 were victims of a ZOG agent provocateur posing as an “Al Qaida” agent. In reality, he was an FBI informant.

The zoggie told the 7 Black Moslems that he was “Al Qaida,” & that he wanted to blow up things. The Blacks not only DID NOT tell the ZOG, as required by law, but they asked the ZOG-fink for money.

FBI Director Mueller summed up the case against the 7 nig-nogs on NPR JEWS radio:

(1) The 7 had listened to the agent’s statements of “terrorist intentions”, without denouncing the zoggie to the ZOG.

(2) The 7 defendants asked for money, in exchange for taking pictures of the zoggie’s alleged “terror-targets.”

They’re in the slammer now, awaiting trial, under what conditions, I’d prefer not to know.

Covington has a long history of making statements which put others in courtrooms, & still others into slammers.

First, he infiltrates a group; then he makes outrageous statements in the name of the group, without members’ permission, nor knowledge.

That’s how I wound up in court in Rhodesia, from whence I was soon deported in 1976, barely a year after Covington joined our Rhodesian White People’s Party. Thanks to him, that ZOG found out all it needed to know about The Party members.

As I understand, he has made trouble for every group he has infiltrated.

This current project enables him to implicate as “terrorists”, “illegal combatants” & “co-conspirators” anyone who writes to him, receives communications from him &/or engages in any financial dealings with him.

Would you treat Al Qaida differently from Covington? My considered & experience-based advice is that you treat them the same.

Back in the 1950s, Rockwell & Stoner were jailed because they listened to a zoggie who said he wanted to burn a Black church. The church got burnt; the zoggie vanished, & those leaders who heard him, but did not denounce him to the ZOG were jailed as “accomplices” in the crime.

Pastor Miles was railroaded into prison because a zoggie burned some school-buses, allegedly for something Miles had said. The zoggie did it, as he later admitted, but Miles did quite some gulag time for it.

Covington’s NPA letter of July 10th, 2006, with his signature, reveals that he advocates the violent resistance against ZOG which he described in his fiction.

In other words, his writings are no longer deemed fiction, but advocacy of violence against ZOG. Such advocacy has long been illegal in the USA.

I even recall the law which stated that it was illegal “to advocate to teach the forceful overthrow of the U.S. government.” Covington is not advocating to teach, but he is advocating to shoot & blow up, which is even more illegal.

But there is an additional item: “The NW Pioneer ARMY” of Nanaimo, B.C. Their logo is the same as Covington’s NPA, with the addition of 14/88 & an AK-47.

Canada is very paranoid & aggressively active against White groups per se, & militant White groups in particular. Firearms in White hands are taboo, especially if accompanied by militant messages.

Having spent over a decade in Canada, I know that CANZOG would not put up with such an outfit, even if only a letterhead, for there are many laws which they can use to put the NW pioneer Army out of business, pronto.

CANZOG has a long history of founding, funding & fostering agent provocateur groups, such as the most recent Heritage Front, run by Grant Bristow, a CSIS agent, the equivalent of the CIA.

Based on my experience, the NWPA would be such a CANZOG-op, which is apparently in contact with Covington.

What ZOG needs now is “White terrorists,” which Covington appears able to supply, at least in print, which is entirely satisfactory to the ZOG’s persecution-prerequisites.

Sorry you got bad advice. The best you can do is drop anything to do with Covington, a.s.a.p. I suggest that you return any book orders &/or correspondence to senders, notifying them that you no longer advertise such merchandise. I hope ZOG will leave you alone. Good luck!



P.S.: It’s too bad that we must concern ourselves with proving our innocence. Formerly, one would be innocent until proved guilty.

Tyrants like ZOG have long used “terrorism” to enhance their tyrannies, as Crassus did with Spartacus, by claiming that the fleeing slaves were, in fact, marching on Rome.

As I recall from my reading of history, Crassus used his legions to herd the fleeing slaves toward Rome. This caused panic in Rome & enhanced Crassus’ power.

As I say, ZOG needs a threat of White terrorists NOW, to impose further restrictions on Whites. When ZOG needed “Arab terrorists,” it performed 9-11.

Now that the Goyim are indoctrinated about terrorism, all that is needed is a hint that there are now “White terrorists” who are White Nationalists. Covington knows that, so he adds fuel to ZOG’s obvious intentions.

ZOG is particularly concerned with money. If someone were to help financially another whom ZOG deemed a “terrorist,” then the donors, buyers of terrorist advocacy & its promoters could be charged or just abducted by ZOG, as in the cases I’ve mentioned.

John [---] seems to believe that doing business with one defined by ZOG as a “terrorist” is safe. I only hope that he is right, but I have no confidence that he is.

John lives, perhaps, in a different world than I do. He is accustomed to blightwing blather & back-biting motivated by ego, including slander, which usually amounts to nothing, since it has no basis in fact.

Covington was the target of such slander, in which he was falsely accused of peddling kiddie-porn, & had been “arrested” on such charges. I gather that this allegation was totally false: blightwing &/or ADL disinformation.

Funny thing was that the blighter who sent me this slander had known it was false, but chose not to tell me that it was.

I really don’t know Covington that well, so I have no idea of his proclivities, but when I receive a signed document from him, advocating “terrorism” as described in his novels, then I must act in my own defence, as I do.

Apparently, he thinks that we ‘need’ more martyrs, & he thinks he is clever to tout himself as a likely ZOG-victim, while he is really exposing his correspondents to ZOG-accusations of “co-conspiracy,” &c. A comrade would never do that, but an enemy agent would.

One lazy-brain said to me, “What about ‘The Turner Diaries?’”

I replied that Pierce, who wrote it, did not send out fliers stating: “This is what I want everyone to do,” as does Covington.

One need not live in post-9-11 Usrael to know that statements which may be construed as ‘incitements’ to illegal acts were & are punishable by ZOG.

Tom Metzger may have learned that fact, for his cartoons were deemed such incitements & he lost all his property & savings, plus he must pay a large portion of any zogbucks he gets to the family of a Black invader, by court order.

I live in a world of nasty consequences, amid all the blightwing b.s. & cries of “Wolf!”

I have paid dues for my views, in the form of 5 exiles from 5 countries, plus periods of incarcerations therein, without breaking any laws. In my world, one need not be charged, nor tried for anything to receive punishment.

Since I have been charged with no crime, anywhere on Earth, I had no trouble obtaining a licence from The Washington State Gambling Commission, so I could be Chief of Security at a local casino. One need not have such a clean record to become President of the USA.

Of course, the blightwing/ADL are not deterred from inventing slanders about me on the Internet. Those slanders I deem to be more cries of “Wolf!” As long as they do not affect my freedom nor my means of living, I am not concerned.

The same goes for Covington. I am not his competitor for shekels, but I see that he has chosen to endanger my freedom. I know this, even if others whom he endangers with his words prefer to remain unaware of the possible outcome.

I do know my ZOG, so I know the kosher context of Covington’s program. Those who doubt my words are welcome to proceed on a path which I have reason to believe is mined. If only wishful-thinking could clear a path of landmines!

We know that ZOG works internationally, so an ‘incident’ need not occur in the USA, but anywhere: In Canada, for example.

ZOG can make up any incident it requires to persecute pre-selected victims. All it needs for that is to make a connection between its victims & the contrived incident.

Covington provides that nexus. Some have said that he is crazy, but so is Osama bin Laden, according to ZOG. In politics (people-power) alleged insanity is irrelevant to results.

Covington is no less dangerous to our freedom if he is a conscious or unconscious agent of the ZOG, “a useful idiot,” as the jew, “Lenin,” would say.

John G. wrote that I was “complaining about Covington.” I replied that I have no complaints, for he is not my competitor. I just feel it is my duty to warn fellow Whites to shun him, for their own good. Our Race needs no more martyrs who are victims of ZOG’s inciters.



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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