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Robert Bandanza
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jewsign " Anti-Semitism" may be spurring wave of aliyah from Sweden

2009 may prove to be a peak year for immigration from Sweden, according to Jewish and Christian Zionist officials involved in facilitating this immigration, which they say may be connected with anti-Semitism and Israel-hatred in Sweden.

"We are seeing an upward trend in interest in aliyah (immigration to Israel) from Sweden, possibly owing in part at least to various attacks on Jews," said Howard Flower, director of aliyah for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

According to Aryeh Jacobson, who represents the Jewish Agency in Sweden, 24 immigrants from Sweden finalized their aliyah during the first eight months of 2009 ? exceeding the total of 16 during all of 2008. This figure also tops the average number of Swedish immigrants per year, totaling 19 new arrivals.

Flower, who heads the Russian branch of the Evangelical Zionist body from a permanent office in St. Petersburg, Russia, describes the anti-Israeli protests in Malmo in March surrounding a tennis match between Israeli and Swedish players as a watershed occurrence.

"There is suspicion that there maybe an increase in aliyah because of the events in Malmo," said Flower, "but also because of other attacks by Islamic fundamentalists in Sweden and their non-Muslim Swedish sympathizers."

Swedish police arrested more than 100 people in March at violent riots outside the arena where Sweden and Israel played in the Davis Cup. The matches were played without spectators because of the riots, which carried anti-Semitic overtones.

Flower's organization has for several years been handling and subsidizing aliyah flights from Scandinavia and facilitating the arrival of Scandinavian Jews to Israel for the Jewish Agency, which does not have permanent staff of its own in that part of the world.

"In Malmo, it is not a good idea to walk with a skull cap or wear a Star of David in the street," said Raffi Zender, a prospective new immigrant from the city who said the riots and "the atmosphere they represented" were "an important part" of his decision to leave, as well as some of his friends.

Zender - whose two older sisters immigrated to Israel over the past few years - added this month's issue of the community's publication focuses on anti-Semitism, and whether Malmo Jews should hide their Jewishness or advertise it in protest of the current situation.

Jacobson, the emissary for Bnei Akiva to Scandinavia ? who also represents the Jewish Agency ? says that some aliyah applicants from 2009 have already immigrated to Israel while others are expected to come within weeks.

The Jewish population of Sweden numbers roughly 18,000 people. Stockholm has the largest community, but Malmo with its 1,000-strong community is also an important center. Gothenburg, Bors, Helsingborg, Lund, and Uppsala also have Jewish communities.

In Sweden, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has taken on the Jewish Agency's traditional role, and is currently organizing and paying in full for immigrant flights to Israel.

The Christian Zionist organization allows immigrants from Sweden to take aboard 75 kilograms of luggage instead of the usual 20 kilograms limit. The flights also offer certified kosher meals ? a rare commodity in Sweden. People from distant towns receive free boarding near the international airport while waiting for the flight to Israel.

"Since WWII, the Jews have enjoyed safety in Sweden," says Flower, the organization's aliyah manager. "But, it seems that temporarily, maybe now it is less pleasant for some Jews in Sweden, and young people are leading the way back to Israel."

But Flower recognizes that some community members and leaders have a less alarmist view of the scale of anti-Israeli sentiment in Sweden, and the degree to which it affects the lives of Jews. "The Jewish community is very diversified and just about every opinion about this issue can be found in its spectrum of views," he said.

Flower also noted that the recent scandalous publication of an article which accuses Israeli soldiers of killing Palestinians and harvesting their organs may push others to leave as well.

"People are not telling me that they decided to come to Israel from Sweden because of the riots in Malmo or anti-Israel sentiments," said Jacobson, the 28-year-old son of veteran immigrants from Sweden who are now living in Jerusalem. Speaking from his office in Gothenburg, he added: "They tell me they wanted to come to Israel all along, and are now more confident about their decision."

During Operation Cast Lead, Sweden saw a number of pro-Palestinian rallies, and an attempt to set fire to a synagogue. "The main voice heard in the media was the Palestinians and the images came from Al Jazeera," Jacobson said. "What remained for the average Swede was to conjure up anti-Semitic hatred and go on radio talk shows to tell listeners that Jewish law preaches to kill anyone who isn't Jewish."

Jacobson nonetheless noted that Jews in Gothenburg "do not suffer too many expressions of anti-Semitism," but added this may be connected to the fact that "they do not show their Jewishness."

Two weeks passed before paramedic Raffi Zender from Malmo, Sweden, received permission to tell Israeli media about his close encounter with rowing champion Yasmin Feingold, immediately after her near-fatal drowning in the Yarkon Stream in May. But by then, the press had lost interest.

Zender, who will be making aliyah to Israel in a few weeks, was a paramedic for Magen David Adom while attending a Bnei Akiva program in Israel. He was the first paramedic to reach Feingold, a medal-winning athlete who inhaled the stream's polluted water after flipping over with her kayak. But MDA officials allowed Zender to tell the story only 14 days later.

"She was unconscious and I gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until she was taken away," he recalls, telling the story to the media for the first time. "There was polluted water coming out of her mouth and no one there knew whether she would survive."

Onlookers used their cellular phones to record videos of Feingold as she was drowning, explaining later they were afraid to jump in to rescue her because of the pollution, which in 1997 caused the death of three people who inhaled the water in the Maccabiah bridge collapse.

She fully recovered after being rescued by a passerby, Avi Toibin, 62, who leaped into the stream's water ? now significantly detoxified - almost as soon as he saw her, suffering no medical problems as a result of the exposure.

Zender, 20 whose mother is Israeli and who speaks fluent Hebrew, says he wasn't worried about coming into contact with the water on Feingold's mouth. "I wasn't aware of the pollution issue at the time. I would have jumped in to rescue her had I seen her drowning without understanding the problem at all."
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Robert Bandanza
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

case of Ake Gunnar Sundman
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"The government wants to force municipalities to accept children

Skirmish at Vellinge has pushed the issue of unaccompanied refugee children to a head. Government parties are now considering forcing the municipalities to receive asylum-seeking children, writes Swedish Dagbladet.

Of the country's 290 municipalities, only 103 contracts with the Immigration Service. Currently over 500 children waiting to get somewhere to live and now has deputies tired.

- We have seen that it is pure economic profit. We have appealed to the humanity, the good heart, a universal responsibility. My personal patience with the municipalities is completed, "said Fredrick Federley, Center Party's immigration policy spokesperson told SvD.

A variant is a quota system
- The municipalities are part of Sweden and can not enforce its own policy on refugees, says the Liberal Party Ulf Nilsson.

Gunnar Axen, moderate chairman of the parliamentary social committee is no stranger to law. The bourgeois are now discussing how such a law might look like. A variant is a quota system for all municipalities"

Fredrick Federley is a jew, fag and transvestite.

Here are some info about this jew

Federley was criticized in 2006 he donated money to the Israeli military during the ongoing Israeli-Lebanese conflict. He defended his position in an article in Expressen. [8] [9]

In a paper written December 29, 2008 call Fredrick inhabitants of the Gaza Strip for the "murderous dog". Even today debating whether the phrase was directed at Palestinian soldiers or against the Palestinian people [10].

In May 2007 Federley went out and told me that he tried cannabis and cocaine as recently as two years earlier, ie during the time he was chairman of the Youth League. He said while he thought that the previous legislation when it was legal to possess drugs for personal use was "reasonable".

In October 2009 Federley walked out and demanded the legalization of prostitution in Sweden [13].

Fredrick_Federley Fredrick_Federley
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Tom McReen
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Tom McReen
Default Sweden returns skulls to Hawaii

Sweden has returned 22 skulls taken from indigenous cemeteries in Hawaii in the 19th Century, in a solemn ceremony at Stockholm's antiquities museum.

Museum director Lars Amreus said he hoped it would "fulfil the spiritual circle" of those whose graves had been violated by Swedish scientists.

Hawaiian delegates said the bones of their ancestors would now be re-buried "in the soil of their birth".

The Swedish government ordered the return of looted human remains in 2005.

Bones have already been repatriated to Aborigines in Australia and a totem pole returned to a tribe in Canada.

The Hawaiian skulls were returned privately early on Saturday so that delegates could perform traditional rites.

At the public ceremony that followed in Sweden's Museum of National Antiquities, Hawaiian delegation head William Aila thanked the Nordic country.

"I cannot adequately express the thankfulness... for a very, very worthy endeavour, and that is to greet our ancestors and accompany them home," Mr Aila said.

Most of the skulls had been taken from burial sites in the Pacific islands by Swedish scientists in the 1880s.

The museum received five skulls through a donation in 1997, while the other 17 were found at Stockholm's medical university Karolinska Institutet.
'We live in a world defined by the jewish media' - Geoff Beck, TTIND.

'Gentiles are supernal garbage' - Rabbi Schneur Zalman, founder of Chabad-Lubavitch.
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Robert Bandanza
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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Holocaust survivor's pension preserved

Holocaust survivor's pension preserved

Published: Jan. 21, 2010 at 4:33 PM

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- A court ruled a Swedish woman's pension cannot be cut because she also receives compensation for being a Holocaust survivor.

Sweden's Supreme Administrative Court ruled while Gothenburg resident Miriam Landau is collecting compensation payments from the German state, she is also eligible to continue receiving pension benefits in Sweden, The Local said Thursday.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency attempted to end Landau's pension, saying the payments she received for time working at the Nazi camp amounted to pension payments for a job she took on voluntarily, not war reparations.

The agency had demanded Landau return $6,000 in past Swedish pension payments.

Landau was born in Hungary in 1924 and after surviving her time in a concentration camp, relocated to Sweden in the 1950s.
Old January 27th, 2010 #91
Robert Bandanza
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Location: JUDEAware, originally MassaJEWsetts
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Default Jews flee Malm as "anti-Semitism" grows

Threats and harassment are becoming increasingly commonplace for Jewish residents in Malm in southern Sweden, leading many Jews to leave the city out of fear for their safety.

Threats against Jews have increased steadily in Malm in recent years and many young Jewish families are choosing to leave the city, Fredrik Sieradzki of the Jewish Community of Malm (Judiska Frsamlingen i Malm) told The Local.

Many feel that the community and local politicians have shown a lack of understanding for how the citys Jewish residents have been marginalized.

Last year there were 79 crimes against Jewish residents reported to the police in Malm, roughly double the number reported in 2008, according to the Sknska Dagbladet newspaper.

That probably doesnt tell the whole story because not everyone chose to make a report. Perhaps they fear they will add to an already infected situation, Susanne Gosenius, a hate crimes coordinator with the Skne police, told the newspaper, which has published series of articles about the growing anti-Semitism in Malm.

In addition, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues have repeatedly been defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, and a chapel at another Jewish burial site in Malm was firebombed in January of last year.

There are currently an estimated 3,000 Jews living in the south of Sweden, with most residing in Malm, Helsingborg, and Lund.

About 700 currently belong to the Jewish Community of Malm, but the group's membership rolls have been dropping steadily in recent years.

Its sort of a downward spiral, Sieradzki told The Local.

People want to maintain their Jewish traditions, but when they see others leave after being threatened, they begin to question whether or not they want to stay here.

Sknska Dagbladet highlighted the case of Marcus Eilenberg, a 32-year-old father of two who has decided to move to Israel.

My children arent safe here. Its going to get worse, he told the newspaper

Eilenbergs family on his mothers side has roots in Malm that date back to the 1800s, while his fathers parents came to Sweden in 1945 after surviving Auschwitz.

He describes for the newspaper how people call him damn Jew (jvla jude) when he walks to synagogue and that his friends are frequently harassed and threatened.

Imagine that my family cant feel safe in fantastic Sweden. Its really terrible, Eilenberg told Sknskan.

He blamed part of the problem on passive local politicians who he believes have failed to openly distance themselves from anti-Semitism and refuse to act when members of the Jewish community find themselves under constant threat.

Sieradzki agrees that the attitudes of Malm politicians, especially Social Democrat city council chair Ilmar Reepalu, have allowed anti-Semitism to fester.

Hes demonstrated extreme ignorance when it comes to our problems, Sieradzki explained.

Speaking with Sknskan, Reepalu is quick to point out that every type of threat and oppression directed at a particular ethnic group is totally unacceptable.

Obviously children with a Jewish background shouldnt be subject to harassment. Nor it is okay to shoot an imam at a mosque, he told the newspaper.

When asked to explain why Jewish religious services often require security guards and even police protection, Reepalu said much of the violence directed toward Malms Jewish community come from members of extremist right-wing groups, a theory which baffles Sieradzki.

Im not saying we dont have problems with neo-Nazis, but the threats arent as concrete, he explained.

More often its the far-left that commonly use Jews as a punching bag for their disdain toward the policies of Israel, even if Jews in Malm have nothing to do with Israeli politics.

Its shameful and regrettable that such a powerful politician could be so ignorant about the threats we face.

In addition to the far-left, Sieradzki said that a very small segment of the citys growing population of Muslim immigrants from Arab countries in the Middle East are also responsible for growing anti-Semitism.

This is a small group of extremists who have decided to go after Jews wherever they are in the world and regardless of their relationship to Israel, he said.

One of the things that bothers Sieradzki most, however, are Reepalus statements about a pro-peace rally arranged by the Jewish Community in Malm in response to the December 2008 Israeli incursions, which came under attack from members of a violent counter demonstration.

According to Reepalu, the organization sent the wrong signals by holding the demonstration instead of distancing itself from Israels actions.

If you read between the lines, he seems to be suggesting that the violence directed toward us is our own fault simply because we didnt speak out against Israel, Sieradzki explained.

Were a non-political, cultural and religious organization, and there are all kinds of Jews in Malm.

Sieradzki admitted he is currently pessimistic about the future of the Jewish community in Malm, saying that there needs to be a complete change in attitude among the citys politicians if the situation is going to improve.

These issues need to be taken seriously, he said, arguing that there needs to be a dialogue involving politicians, Islamic groups, and the Jewish community.

But right now many Jews in Malm are really concerned about the situation here and dont believe they have a future here.
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Default hej

ngra landsmn hr?
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alex revision
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alex revision

Holocaust survivor wins right to Jewish care

Published: 15 Feb 10 13:24 CET


Jakub Mangell, an 86-year-old man who survived the Nazi Holocaust in Poland and fled to Sweden in 1946, has won his battle against a Swedish district council for the right to a place in a Jewish nursing home.
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Robert Bandanza
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jewsign The rabbi of malm sweden: One hears heil hitler and fing jew all the time now....

Rabbi Shneur Kesselman:

ever since I came here people have been shouting @#@&ing Jew and heil Hitler at me.

Forget about the mythical unicorn of Islamophobia, with more Muslims wanting to pour into Europe than ever before, the Organization of the Islamic Conferences habitual cry of wolf, is falling on deaf ears. Jewish communities are being pressured in every quarter of Europe, save Finland, with Jews heading for greener pastures elsewhere as politicians choose to be more attentive to their larger Muslim constituency, at the expense of their smaller Jewish communities. Thats the reality of it. KGS

Recently the hate crimes in Malm and Skne County have come under increased surveillance as the numbers have doubled since last year. According to the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen, During the year of 2009, 270 hate crimes were reported in Skne County and about 25 percent of these were aimed towards Jews.

One of those exposed to anti-Semitic hate crime is Rabbi Shneur Kesselman of the Malm Jewish community. He states in an interview with Expressen on March 5th that ever since I came here people have been shouting @#@&ing Jew and heil Hitler at me.

What is worth noting about Rabbi Kesselmans statement in Expressen is that out of the 65 incidents in 2009, according to the Skne police, three of these incidents were directed at Kesselman. Yet, according to Kesselman, 15 separate reports were filed concerning anti-Semitic hate crimes aimed towards him. The worst incident involved someone trying to run him over with a car. Apparently, the authorities have a different method for calculating these figures, as the full number of incidents does not appear in the Skne police statistics.

Another disturbing aspect of this case is the time it took before police brought Kesselman in for a hearing. An attack Kesselman reported in September 2009 was only dealt with in February 2010.

The most common anti-Semitic hate crimes have been graffiti or engraved swastikas or Stars of David on buildings or cars but there have also been several arson attacks on Jewish sites in Helsingborg as well as Malm Jewish community.

According to Expressen, some of the most serious anti-Semitic hate crimes occurred in Northwest Skne where a family from Helsingborg was threatened with death and a man later tried to run their car off the road. In another northern Skne town, a man is suspected of etching a swastika into the hand of another person with sulfuric acid.
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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Vincent Reynouard : Ett svar till de kloka som avrder frn att tackla frgan om F

Fr att ta tjuren vi hornen

Vincent Reynouard

Ett svar till de kloka som avrder frn att tackla frgan om Frintelserevisionism


() Fr detta, kommer den verdrivetfrsiktige att invnda: Att angripa den etablerade maktstrukturen sdr rakt p, hur lnge tror du att du kommer att orka? Det kommer en tid d du, efter att ha blivit flld gng efter annan, kommer att knna dig paralyserad. Du har inte rtt att anamma en strategi som p lngre sikt stjlper dina mjligheter. Och s fortstter de: Det r bttre att tala om det lilla vi kan istllet fr att tala om allt och bli fr evigt tystad. Vad kommer du att vinna p det? och vad kommer vi att vinna p det? den dag d vi alla r p flykt, I fngelse eller hngda?

Frintelsemyten skyddar den rdande ideologin

Men hr r vi nu: hur kommer det sig att den demkratiska/globalistiska logiken kan vara allenardande idag? Fr att dess enda motstndare r Fascismen. Men, fascismen mste frdmas av alla, fr vi vet vad den ledde till: den ledde till lger, till krematorier, till gaskammare, till Frintelsen, till dden fr miljoner i lgren och s vidare och s vidare

Att veta varfr vi slss

Lt oss upprepa: du mste veta vad du vill. r man intresserad av revisionism p samma stt som vissa r intresserade av flygande tefat (UFO:n) eller spken, allts, av saker i utkanten av verkligheten, som kan vara lite intressanta men, i slutnden inte utmanar det rdande ordningen? Eller r man intresserad av revisionism fr att man vill ndra samhllet radikalt?

Mitt politiska stllningstagande r klart

Personligen, mste jag erknna: mitt verkliga engagemang i fri forskning motiveras av min nationalsocialistiska vertygelse och det startade omedelbart efter att ha lst Maurice Bardches Nuremberg ou la terre promise (Nrnberg eller det frlovade landet). Boken visade mig att lgner ratificerade vid Nurnberg utgr en barrir som mste brytas ned fr att kunna angripa Storebror effektivt.

Frn den utgngspunkten frstr ni att fr mig (och de som gr mig sllskap), revisionism r inte ngot extra som kryddar min tillvaro lite. Min avsikt r inte att flja med i sdr femtio r s att jag kan sga, p ldre dagar: Vilken fin samling skrifter jag har!; visst, inget har frndrats det minsta; men jag ville aldrig ndra ngonting; Jag ville bara roa mig sjlv, lmna ett namn efter mig och gra ngra mnniskor glada mnniskor som, i hemlighet i sina vardagsrum, regelbundet vill lsa om revisionism.

Brandfacklor r ndvndiga, och std fr dem

() Men det r ocks viktigt att komma ihg: att brandfacklor r dmda att misslyckas dom kommer att krossas om dom inte fr aktivt std av de som delar vertygelsen men som, av goda orsaker, anser att de inte har rd att ta en ppen strid. Och det r hr jag lanserar mitt upprop till mina lsare: i mer n tjugo r har revisionismens sak ftt std frn mnniskor som r villiga till uppoffringar.

Jag hr ofta andra sga: Alla dessa mnniskor r modiga och jag beundrar dem, fr jag har sjlv inte det modet. Mitt svar blir d: Men det r ingen som ber dig vara en frontfigur i kampen; om det bara hade funnits brandfacklor hade allt varit ver fr lngesedan.

D det rr sig om intellektuella s krvs det endast en liten grupp som r beredda att gra alla uppoffringar. andra sidan, det krvs en strre bataljon av sympatisrer som aktivt hjlper dem.. Det rr sig, naturligtvis, om ekonomiskt std; men ven om nrvaro vid rttegngar, rstvrvning och annan vrdefull information intressanta bcker, pressklipp m m.

Sedan 1991 (men i synnerhet sedan 1997) har jag aldrig tvekat att utmana de etablerade krafterna. Jag har tagit till mig Professor Faurissons egen metod: en rak hger, rakt mot nsan.

Tretton r sedan, och trots polisens anstrngningar, arresteringar, fngelsevistelser, utestngningar frn offentligt arbete, bter och frelgganden s r jag nd hr. Varfr? Till att brja med, fr att Staten har skinnat mig p (nstan) allt. Jag har inga krav p mig sjlv att respektera spelets regler och frska rdda vad som rddas kan. Men speciellt fr att jag har ftt hjlp.

Lng erfarenhet av aktivism har lrt mig att frontalangrepp r mjligt nr man inte har ngot att frlora och fr aktiv hjlp. Mina segrar r betydelsefulla fr de som har hjlpt mig och fortstter hjlpa mig. Nu r det bara en frga om att invnta ett frdelaktigt tillflle, en mjlighet. Det r sant att, frn ett jordiskt perspektiv, vi inte kan sevad som komma skall. Men det r en sann egenskap fr en kta upprorsman att invnta rtt tillflle, att hoppet aldrig verger en. Vem kunde egentligen frutsp den dr morgonen den 21 april 2002 att Jean-Marie Le Pen skulle bli tva i presidentvalskampanjen? Kanske framtiden erbjuder strre verraskningar fr oss.

Tillsammans, lt oss fortstta kampen mot de verkliga historiefrfalskarna.

Vincent Reynouard

Vincent Reynouard, fdd i Frankrike r 1969. Far till sju barn. Fransk revisionist med ingenjrsutbildning inom kemi och professor i matematik. Examen vid ISMRA (Institut des Sciences de la Matiere et du RAyonnement). Reyonard r medlem i det franska nationalistpartiet PNFE och aktiv katolik. 1997 avskedades Reyonard frn sin tjnst som matematiklrare av den dvarande franske utbildningsminstern Franois Bayrou d det framkommit att han p sin hrddisk sparat revisionistiskt material som ifrgastter Frintelsen, ett brott enligt fransk lagstiftning. Under sin tid som student bildade Reyonard organisationen ANEC, en grupp aktivister som distribuerade material med historisk anknytning som normalt inte sldes i butiker i Frankrike. Reyonard gav sjlv ut den revisionistiska skriften Sans Concession.

Reyonard har vid flera tillfllen dmts fr sitt stllningstagande och ifrgasttande av Frintelsen. Enligt fransk lagstiftning (Fabius Gayssot-lagen 1990) r det inte tilltet att yppa ngra som helst tvivel om att det som kallas Frintelsen har gt rum. Oktober 1992 dms Reyonard till en mnads fngelse och 5000 franc i bter fr "brott mot mnskligheten". Juni 2004 faller en ny dom. Denna gng gller det skrifter om slaget vid Oradour-sur-Glane och straffet blir 24 mnader. November 2007 kommer nsta dom - nu p ett rs fngelse och 10 000 Euro i bter fr "brott mot mnskligheten". Juni 2008 dms s Reyonard att i ett par franska dagstidningar bekosta publiceringen av sin senaste dom. P grund av den frfljelse som Reyonard fr utst flyr s hela familjen till Belgien sommaren 2008 dr familjen sedan dess lever att fattigt liv.

Vincent Reynouard r ansvarig fr den fransktalande delen av den revisionistiska Internetsidan


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