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Default Jews Promote Double Standards and Demand Special Treatment

Why bother having an un-invited guest anyways?

Zionists to boycott UN anti-racism conference

Thursday, 20 November 2008 16:03 Agencies

BETHLEHEM, Nov. 20 (Agencies) – Zionist Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced on Wednesday that the Apartheid regime would not be participating in the upcoming United Nations (UN) Durban II conference on racism.

Livni said the Zionist Foreign Ministry “will not legitimize” the conference, which she says has become “a forum for pernicious accusations and incitement against Israel.”

The conference is a follow-up to the September 2001 Durban “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.”
According to Livni, the 2001 conference “became a forum” for “attacks against Zionism, labeling it as a form of racism, denial of the unique and special nature of the Holocaust and a distortion of the meaning of the term ‘anti-Semitism.’”

Livni made the announcement in front of the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities of North America on Wednesday, according to a news release from the Foreign Ministry received by Ma’an.

The UN General Assembly will convene the Durban Review Conference in Geneva in 2009, the UN announced two years ago.

“Once again, extremist Arab and Muslim states wish to control the content of the conference and derail it from its original mission,” Livni claimed on Wednesday.

“During recent months, we expressed the hope that the language of hatred will not repeat itself; we declared that we will not agree to the singling out of Israel, and we will object to incitement and condemnation of Israel,” Livni insisted.

“In view of this situation, Israel will not participate and will not legitimize the Review Conference, which will be used as a platform for further anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic activity,” the foreign minister said.

However, Livni claimed that the Zionist regime “is fully aware of the importance of the international fight against racism, xenophobia and related intolerance.”

The Zionist foreign minister called on the international community not to participate in a conference that, according to her, “seeks to legitimize hatred and extremism under the banner of the ‘fight against racism.’”
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Default Party prisons for jews


Jews jailed at the Tombs were welcomed in the chaplain's office, where they would shoot craps, use his secure phone line to place sports bets and eat "like kings," former inmates told The Post yesterday.


Rabbi Leib Glanz also would throw parties several times each year for Jewish prisoners on Rikers Island, where they dined on tasty kosher meals, were entertained by clowns, played basketball and ducked into bathrooms to have sex with female prisoners.

"It was like a party every day. It was great," one ex-con -- a Manhattan man who was awaiting trial in 2005 for a financial scam -- said about Glanz's office in the Tombs in lower Manhattan.

Glanz has been suspended for two weeks for organizing an elaborate bar mitzvah -- complete with 60 non-inmate guests, a catered dinner and a band -- last December for the son of a Tombs inmate.

The Department of Investigation is probing the case, and four other top correction officials have been stripped of their vacation time for permitting the shocking security breach.

The Post yesterday revealed how Glanz routinely coddled Jewish inmates at the Tombs.

"Some of us would use his desk as a craps table and shoot craps for commissary items," the ex-con said.

Jewish inmates also would take advantage of Glanz's office phone -- which was not monitored by correction officers, the ex-con said.

"Guys are fighting with their wives, guys are calling up saying, 'I want to lay $600 down on this game, that game, I want to bet this horse' . . . guys are calling girls for a little phone sex," the ex-con said.

One inmate, trying to raise bail money, called a friend and "told someone he had a secret stash of money" he wanted to access, while other inmates called pals to ask for help hiding evidence, the ex-con said.

After Tyco execs Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz were sentenced to prison for looting their company, they were jailed at the Tombs, where Glanz "took care of them," the ex-con said.

Kozlowski and Swartz are now serving up to 25 years in upstate prisons and could not be reached for comment.

Another ex-con, Jason Itzler -- a former high-end Manhattan pimp -- said Glanz's office "ran like a little sanctuary within the Tombs" when he was jailed there in 2005, before being sent to Rikers for 2½ years.

Itzler and the other ex-con said that during their stints on Rikers, Glanz several times a year would host parties where male and female Jewish inmates -- and those who falsely claimed to be Jewish to get the perk -- would socialize during Jewish holidays.

The ex-con and Itzler said male and female inmates pretending to be Jewish would go into bathrooms to have sex.

"I remember people bragging about it," Itzler said.
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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

Jewish vermin uses fake police car and siren to beat traffic jams and speed to his job as a blood diamond dealer (REPOST)

November 30, 2006

New York Rabbi Uses Fake Police Car and Siren to Beat Traffic Jams and
Speed to his job as a Diamond dealer

CBS 2 Investigates: Too Good For Gridlock

Rabbi fakes his way out of sitting in traffic like rest of us

By Scott Weinberger

VIDEO[email protected]
YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.OR

New York -- You see it all over the city, an unmarked car with
emergency lights flashing trying to make it through traffic. But have
you ever wondered while you're sitting in gridlock what the emergency

A natural thought from drivers who on any given day deal with some of
the worst traffic in the country -- average commute time 90 minutes --
is "this guy must be headed to a serious emergency".

Or is he?

CBS 2 caught up to one such unmarked car in a heck of a hurry.

SCOTT WEINBERGER: "Can you tell me what emergency your are responding


SCOTT WEINBERGER: "What emergency are you responding to?"

The man's name is Isaac Heschel. His official looking black Crown
Victoria is his personal car. However, the lights and sirens he admits
he paid someone to install.

Heschel is a rabbi who volunteers his time as a chaplain to the MTA
[Metropolitan Transportation Authority] and Port Authority Police, but
both agencies said he has no right to have emergency lights, or drive
like this.

SCOTT WEINBERGER: "Why do you have lights and sirens in your car?"

RABBI ISAAC HESCHEL: "There are reasons for that sir".

We first learned of Rabbi Heschel's unusual driving habits from a home
video sent to CBS 2 by a member of law enforcement who wants to remain
anonymous. Sent with the tape was a note that claimed Heschel was
putting pedestrians and other drivers in danger.

We had to see for ourselves. So, on the ground and in the air we
followed Heschel for days, and what we found was stunning.

At crosswalks he used lights to move pedestrians along. And if traffic
gets too bad he drives the wrong way up a street.

Remember, he is not a cop. He is not going to an emergency.

Heschel is actually a 47th Street diamond dealer with some
multifaceted perks. Not only does he get to take the fast lane to
work, a sweet free parking spot was always waiting for him. Heschel
avoided tickets by using a special parking placards.

SCOTT WEINBERGER: "Why don't you use the same placard everyday?"

RABBI ISAAC HESCHEL: "It's a matter, uh ... there's reasons for it".

SCOTT WEINBERGER: "Can you tell me what they are?"

RABBI ISAAC HESCHEL: "It depends what I'm doing that day".

It was on the way to the Diamond District that day we saw Heschel's
official looking car use the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes to
avoid a major traffic jam on the Prospect Expressway.

When lights and sirens aren't enough, not even a tie up at the Lincoln
Tunnel stops our reckless rabbi. The lights flash; he gets out and
actually moves several traffic cones, and then drives past a Port
Authority Police checkpoint without ever being challenged.

SCOTT WEINBERGER: "What was the necessity for you to use your lights,
to remove cones, to go through a closed entrance of the Lincoln

RABBI ISAAC HESCHEL: "Sir, I don't think what I do I need to discuss
with you".

While Heschel seemed unconcerned, others were.

"It goes to show us that that we have some vulnerabilities from people
who pretend to be official emergency vehicles", former FBI agent
William Daly said. "They could be used to transport explosive

Once Rabbi Heschel realized what our cameras had captured he changed
his tune and said he was sorry.

"We all make mistakes and when I make a mistake I apologize, and
that's basically what I'm saying to you", Heschel said.

Because of his use of lights and sirens, both the MTA and Port
Authority Police told CBS 2 they have decided to part ways with Rabbi
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Jewish groups protested against a CBS TV show for portraying intermarriage between an Irish man and a Jewish woman in a favorable light. The rabbis were successful in getting the show taken off the air, despite its popularity with millions of Americans. (1973),2134243
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John sholtes
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Originally Posted by littlefieldjohn View Post
Jewish groups protested against a CBS TV show for portraying intermarriage between an Irish man and a Jewish woman in a favorable light. The rabbis were successful in getting the show taken off the air, despite its popularity with millions of Americans. (1973),2134243
As for this one I would agree with the jews. Let them keep their breeding amoung themselves.
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Default Connecticut Jewish Woman Suing over Burial of Nigger in her Congregation’s Cemetery

The AP reports that a trial is set to begin in the case of a Connecticut Jewish woman who sued her congregation because a black woman had been buried in the interfaith section of their cemetery.

Maria Balaban’s lawsuit will go to trial Tuesday in New London Superior Court. She is demanding that the remains of Jamaica-born Juliet Steer be exhumed and removed from Congregation Ahavath Achim’s cemetery in Colchester.

The 73-year-old Balaban argues that the congregation broke the rule against burying gentiles in a Jewish cemetery when it allowed Steer’s burial in an interfaith section of the cemetery in 2010.

The congregation’s lawyer called the lawsuit is frivolous and said the only reason Balaban is suing is because Steer was black. Balaban said her motives are not racist.
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Default US Congress promoting visa exemption for Israelis

US Congress promoting visa exemption for Israelis

Californian Democrat Sherman introduces bill allowing Israelis to enter US as temporary visitors for tourism or business for up to 90 days without a visa. 'Israel is our closest friend and democratic ally in the Middle East,' he says

WASHINGTON – US Congressman Brad Sherman (Democrat, California), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced the Visa Waiver for Israel Act, a bill allowing Israel’s entrance into the US Visa Waiver Program.

The Visa Waiver Program allows nationals from certain countries to enter the US as temporary visitors for tourism or business for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa from a US consulate abroad.

I’m pleased to join with my colleagues Ted Poe (Republican-Texas), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Republican-Florida) and eleven additional members of Congress to introduce the Visa Waiver for Israel Act,” said Sherman. “Israel is our closest friend and democratic ally in the Middle East. Adding Israel to the Visa Waiver Program will boost business, tourism, and job creation here in the US and enhance cultural ties between our two nations.”

In the past, a similar proposal to add Israel to the Visa Waiver Program was rejected by the Senate.,7...232526,00.html

The Embassy of Israel released a statement in support of the legislation, saying it would "stimulate numerous business endeavors, and help promote closer cultural, economic, and touristic ties. The passage of this legislation would further strengthen the special and deep relationship between Israel and the United States.”
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I am sick of Jews
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Angel Ramsey
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Originally Posted by Rina View Post
I am sick of Jews
What's your opinion of my Serbian bretheren?
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Default Hebrew National hot dogs not kosher, lawsuit claims

Hebrew National hot dogs not kosher, lawsuit claims

"We're not saying that they're passing off pork as kosher products," Hart L. Robinovitch, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, told the American Jewish World.
"We went through the different elements and the different requirements for meat to be considered kosher. ... And based on our investigation, there were certain things that weren't conducted properly, in a systematic way—from the way cows were slaughtered, to the way the lungs were inspected or not inspected for imperfections—as is required to meet the standard that the meat is 100 percent kosher."
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Default American Jewish Organizations Must Support Government Funding for Jewish Schools

Government provides aid to Jewish schools in Australia, Britain and Canada – and it is high time that the Jewish community in America demands the same. Undoubtedly, if implemented, the support would make a tremendous impact on Jewish continuity efforts.

American Jews intermarry at a rate of nearly 50%, assimilation is at an all-time high – and it appears that education is the primary path to ensure Jewish continuity. According to sociologist Steven Cohen, Jewish school attendance increases a Jewish child’s likelihood of marrying another Jew by 14 percentage points. Naturally it also impacts other arenas of an individual’s Jewish identity. What issue today poses a larger threat to the American Jewish community than the sweeping tide of assimilation? In years past, certain Jewish organizations argued about the importance of a separation of church and state. Clearly, this concern pales in comparison to the fact that American Jewry is voluntarily withering away.

Education isn’t cheap – tuition at American Jewish schools averages $14,000 a year, and it’s a heavy burden to pay for many parents. Lowering costs makes a big difference – an experiment last decade at a Cleveland Jewish day school showed that cutting tuition from roughly $10,000 to around $5,500 led to an enrollment increase of 20% over three years. And why should Jews be taxed to pay for public schools which don’t provide a curriculum geared towards securing our people’s future?

It appears that slowly Jewish organizations are rethinking their opposition to public support for religious schools. The Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans recently became the first in the country to endorse private school vouchers. But more action needs to be taken much faster as every year we lose more and more Jews. Government aid for Jewish schools is a cause which anyone concerned about the future of American Jewry must universally advocate for.

For me, as a parent, owning my own business and living in New York City, I pay approximately 45% of my income in taxes – and on top of that I pay $20,000+ (in post-tax dollars) per child for yeshiva (Jewish education) for my children. Why shouldn’t I receive tax credits for public school which my kids don’t attend?

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, and Author of PR book “For Immediate Release.” He is also a passionate Jewish philanthropist.
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Default To Bigotry No Sanction: George Washington & Religious Freedom - Exhibit at Jew 'Museum"

More blatent hypocrisy from the world's original bigots.

Current Special Exhibitions

To Bigotry No Sanction: George Washington & Religious Freedom George Washington’s historic letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island is the remarkable centerpiece of the Museum’s first special exhibition, To Bigotry No Sanction: George Washington and Religious Freedom. To learn more, click here

Religious bigotry intensifies in Israel "One of the most outrageous aspects of the so-called "Jewish state" is the monopoly given to Orthodox Judaism in deciding not only matters of religion in the country, but also issues that should be strictly civil, such as marriage and divorce. This has long been an embarrassment to American defenders of Israel, the great majority of whom are not orthodox..."


Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges

Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges tells the story of Jewish academics from Germany and Austria who came to the US after being dismissed from their teaching positions in the 1930s. Some found positions at historically black colleges and universities in the Jim Crow South. Through over 70 evocative artifacts and documents, this exhibition illustrates the empathy between two minority groups with a history of persecution who came together in search of freedom and opportunity, and shared the early years of struggle in the Civil Rights movement.

Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges was created and is circulated by the Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

This exhibition was made possible through major funding from the Leon Levy Foundation. Additional support provided by the Helen Bader Foundation; The Lupin Foundation; The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation; public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency; the Alpern Family Foundation; and the Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation.
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Default New Jersey :Parents sue to remove Jews from school board

East Ramapo trustees face ouster attempt, accused of using funds to support religious schools

Critics of the East Ramapo Board of Education are asking the state education commissioner to remove Orthodox and Hasidic board members they say have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to support private religious schools while ignoring the growing needs of students in the public schools.

The New York-based public interest law firm Advocates for Justice, on behalf of 14 East Ramapo parents and community members, said it is calling for the removal of five board members and the appointment of a state monitor to oversee all spending and special-education placements at the district.

The nonprofit organization said it sent the state education commissioner a 52-page document Wednesday that accuses the East Ramapo school board of, among other things, improperly placing students with disabilities in private schools, conducting real estate transactions based on faulty appraisals, and buying religious textbooks to loan to religious schools.
The petition addresses school board President Daniel Schwartz, Vice President Yehuda Weissmandl, and members Moses Friedman, Moshe Hopstein and Eliyahu Solomon, and calls on the state education commissioner to bar them from holding future office.

The men are part of the seven-member board majority that often represents the interests of the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities of the East Ramapo school district. These communities send their children to private schools within the public district and receive textbooks, transportation, special education and other services provided by the district, which account for millions in East Ramapo’s budget each year.

The petition “emerges from several years of problems and tensions” within the district, as public school parents have become increasingly concerned about the board’s financial decisions, including budget cuts that have eliminated hundreds of teachers and curtailed kindergarten programming, the group said in the statement.

“The East Ramapo school board has repeatedly snubbed the parents, students and teachers of the district. ... The board members have abused their authority and then thumbed their noses at the state, which gives them their authority,” said petitioner Steven White, a former school board candidate and frequent critic of the board whose son is a graduate of the district.

The petitioners’ major concerns include:

• The district’s noncompliance with rules governing placement of students with disabilities, which have resulted in the state withholding money this year.
• The board’s attempts to sell two former elementary schools to yeshivas that are leasing the buildings —- using what petitioners say were “fraudulent” appraisals that wouldn’t garner a fair price for the district. Following petitions by White and others, the state annulled the Hillcrest school sale and has stayed the Colton school deal while it conducts a review. The real estate dealings are the subject of an investigation by the state attorney general.
• Buying religious textbooks to loan to private religious schools using public funds.
Petitioners also find fault with the lack of “no trespassing” signs on school grounds that they say the board has ignored requests for despite repeated trespassing by strangers; and the replacement of the district’s attorney several years ago with a firm that costs at least double, according to the document.

Friedman said the board has acted “100 percent legally” and the petition would drive up the district’s legal fees and subsequently “hurt children” by taking money away from them.

“It bothers me that they get up there and they say that they’re there for the children and meanwhile, they’re the ones hurting the children,” Friedman said, referring to White and other vocal opponents of the school board who have filed complaints in the past.
In addition to White, petitioners include two parents, Hiram Rivera and Kim Foskew, who ran unsuccessfully for seats on the school board during the spring, and the president of the district’s Parent-Teacher Association Council, Rebecca Montesa.

Schwartz said the board intends to “vigorously and aggressively defend” itself and has approved hiring two law firms, in addition to using the district’s regular attorneys, to do so.
He dismissed the petition as an attempt by the former board candidates — White, Foskew and Rivera — to “usurp the electoral process,” and called the petition a “quest to deprive Orthodox Jews of their civil rights” by removing them from an office they have the right to hold.

White said Schwartz’s comments about the board election were baseless personal attacks that didn’t warrant a response.

The state Education Department declined to comment on the petition. Under state education law, the commissioner has the right to remove board members if “willful misconduct or neglect of duty” can be proved. School officers have the right to legal representation at a hearing before any decision is made.
Attorney Arthur Z. Schwartz, president of Advocates for Justice, said the group was seeking to oust the board members “not because they’re Jewish, but because they’ve so offended the trust that the public” puts in elected officials.
“I happen to be an observant Jew,” he said. “But I also ... believe that public money should not be used to further anyone’s religion and that’s a concept that’s firmly ingrained in our Constitution.”
Arthur Schwartz said the organization took on the East Ramapo case pro bono.
The group expects to follow the petition with a lawsuit that could focus on the alleged purchases of religious textbooks by the district with public money, he said. He added that a separate 2011 petition to remove board members is under review by the state
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Default Jewish School Cries Discrimination After State Denies Shabbat Elevator

UPPER WEST SIDE — Touro College is making accusations of religious intolerance and anti-Semitism after the state knocked down plans to install a Shabbat elevator for students living in its six-story rent-controlled apartment building on Central Park West.

The Jewish school is suing New York's Division of Housing and Community Renewal, accusing the agency of violating its religious rights by siding with the West 65th Street building's tenants association, which complained that the Sabbath-friendly lifts would create lengthy waits on the weekends.

In its lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Civil Supreme Court, the school also called the tenants association's opposition anti-Semitic.

"New York City is a bastion of tolerance — except where the 10 West 65th Street Tenants Association and Division of Housing and Community Renewal are concerned," Touro griped in the suit.

The college bought the building in 2008 for $44 million as dorm space. It has 82 apartments, with 38 occupied by Touro students who observe the Sabbath, according to the lawsuit.

The remaining 44 apartments are occupied by a super and tenants with rent-stabilized and rent-controlled leases who have lived in the building since before the Touro sale.

Because of rent-stabilized laws, the college had to apply to the state in 2010 to turn one of the building's two lifts into a Shabbat elevator. The special elevator is programmed to stop on each floor during the Sabbath, from sundown Fridays to sundown Saturdays.

Observant Jews are prohibited from working or performing activities during the Sabbath, including pushing an elevator button.

The tenants association had a low opinion of the plan, griping that non-Sabbath observers would be inconvenienced as wait times for the elevator could rise to 1 minute and 23 seconds, according to the lawsuit.

The opposition led to a three-year squabble in administrative courts, with the tenants association charging that the Touro students were young enough to climb the stairs to their apartment floor and that real Sabbath observers are forbidden from using elevators to travel, the lawsuit says.

Touro called the association's tone "anti-Semitic."

"These assertions are blatantly discriminatory on many levels," the school said in the lawsuit. "In focusing on denying a religious accommodation, the association ignorantly concludes that all 18- to 22-year-olds are free from handicaps and disabilities, let alone possibly entitled to an accommodation."

In April the Division of Housing and Community Renewal denied Touro's plans in an administrative ruling. The lawsuit seeks to overturn the decision.

The tenants association president, James Berry, declined to comment.

A lawyer for Tour College did not return a call for comment.
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Default Rabbi: No Need To Return Lost Smartphone

Halachic ruling issued by Rabbi Karelitz says because advanced cellular phone is 'not kosher,' there is no obligation to give it back to its owner.

An innovative halachic ruling issued recently states that there is no need to return a lost "non-kosher" phone,7...290473,00.html
to its owner.

The ruling was given following an incident which took place in a bakery in the central city of Bnei Brak, when a saleswoman refused to return a smartphone to its owner. The case sparked a halachic debate on social networks on whether the saleswoman had violated the "thou shalt not steal" commandment.

The new halachic ruling, issued by Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, states that banned cellular phone are not considered a property which, if lost, must be returned to its owner according to the Torah.

Meanwhile, a new court on communication affairs was established in the ultra-Orthodox sector at the initiative of Refael Meir, the brother of haredi journalist Yedidia Meir. The court will headed by five leading rabbis, who will issue rulings on the use of cellular phones and the Internet.

The decision to set up the new institution was made during a meeting held at the home of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the leaders of the haredi Ashkenazi public.

The court will also run a PR campaign against haredi websites which rabbis have ordered their followers to boycott. Some of these websites have been taken down as a result of the boycott calls, yet many other websites have been launched recently.,7...396770,00.html
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Hunter Morrow
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Hunter Morrow

Innovative, alright. They love to innovate new ways to lie and steal.

I don't know why a cell phone would be considered "un-kosher" as you don't eat or clean with it and it never comes into contact with anything food related.
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Default Hershey Park, PA closes to everyone except Orthodox Jews

Seeing the Shifting Face of American Judaism at Hershey Park

By: Tevi Troy

Published: October 3rd, 2013

Latest update: October 2nd, 2013

Most years on the first weekday of Chol HaMoed Sukkot, my wife and I take our four children to Hershey Park. The park, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania., is closed to everyone but frum Jews on that day.

Lancaster is not known as a center of frumkeit – it is most decidedly “out of town – but on that day Hershey not only makes accommodations for the visitors but actually reconfigures the whole park to be frum friendly. The food stands, including the kettle corn that draws some of the longest lines, are all kosher. Placards advertise the times for minyanim, and hundreds of men converge to daven at prearranged times or, if they miss the large gatherings, come together in small minyanim abutting food stands or roller coasters.

In addition, the park has sukkot to enable visitors to fulfill the obligation of eating in the sukkah.

Hershey is not the only amusement park to accommodate frum Jews for Sukkot, but it may make the most effort. The two Disney parks, in Florida and California, also typically host Orthodox Jews on this day, though not exclusively, as in Hershey. Disney Orlando allows the local Chabad rabbi to build a sukkah on the premises, outside the ticket taking area. (At Hershey there are two sukkot on the inside of the park.)

Hershey on Chol HaMoed – aka #jewday on Twitter – is also popular because it is in the heart of the Northeast corridor that houses the bulk of the country’s Orthodox Jews. It is a manageable drive from Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York, and more specifically from Orthodox enclaves in Silver Spring, Potomac, and Reisterstown, Md.; Cherry Hill, Englewood, Teaneck, and Lakewood, N.J.; and of course, Brooklyn, the Five Towns, and Queens in N.Y.

The crowd, though nearly all frum, is nonetheless quite a diverse mix of the entire range of frumkeit, including haredi, chassidic, Modern, and barely. I delight in seeing chassidishe families, notable for their boys sporting long curly peyot and speaking rapid-fire Yiddish, standing on line next to modern jeans-clad teenagers hanging out in “coed clumps.” Though much is written about the divisions within the Modern and non-Orthodox camps, it seems as if Hershey Park, and similar parks around the country that sponsor or encourage special days for Orthodox Jews, have found the magic formula that will unite these oft-times contentious communities – namely, rides.

At Hershey Park, where strangers happily exchange the Yiddish greeting “a gut moed,” we see that despite differences in prayer books (ArtScroll vs Koren), pronunciation (taf vs. saf) and Zionism (silent vs pro), Orthodox Jews are just like everyone else. They are looking for a place they can enjoy a fun day with their families, where their restrictions – kosher food, the need for a minyan and to eat in a sukkah – do not prevent them from sharing in that enjoyment. You can almost sense the excitement kosher-keeping Jews feel at not having to bring their own food to a family fun outing.

Hershey Park helps tell another tale as well. Fifty years ago, American Orthodoxy was being demographically dismissed as a relevant force in American Jewish life; over the last two decades, however, Orthodoxy has grown from its nadir of about 5 percent of the nation’s Jewish population to somewhere between 10 and 15 percent, and the numbers are rising.

About 27 percent of Jews under 18 are Orthodox, in large part because Orthodox Jews tend to marry earlier, have more children and intermarry far less frequently than Conservative and Reform Jews. In addition, Orthodox parents are far more likely to send their children to Jewish day schools or yeshivot, which are key predictors of generational Jewish continuity.

This growing community is in the process of shifting the face of Judaism in America from a cultural, economic and political perspective. The crowd that gathers every year in Hershey is providing a preview of what that changed Jewish community could look like.

Next year, out-of-towners and in-towners alike should consider a visit to Hershey on Chol HaMoed to get a glimpse of the emerging future of American Orthodoxy. And then, when the eight days of chag are over, they can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to work.

About the Author: Tevi Troy is a visiting senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. He served as White House Jewish liaison in 2003/2004.
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Default Women Barred From Brooklyn Synagogue

Female reporters and staffers ejected from "JoeLhota4Mayor" stop at Borough Park synagogue.
During a walking tour of the Borough Park section of Brooklyn Tuesday, Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota took some time to stop at the orthodox Shomer Shabbos synagogue, during a service, with reporters and members of his staff tagging along. Upon arrival, however, the women following Lhota at the event-- a reporter, a campaign aide, and a member of Lhota's security team-- were all asked by members of the synagogue to leave.

Male reporters were allowed to stay.

Reportedly, Lhota did not object and stayed to make a charitable donation. When later asked about the incident, he defended the rights of the synagogue officials. "Throughout the orthodox world, the orthodox Jewish world as well as the orthodox Muslim world, there are certain places that women are not involved in,” Lhota said according to a New York Daily News report. “I will not as mayor violate their First Amendment constitutional rights for their religious practices."

The brief visit was not planned, according to Yeshiva World News reporter Jacob Kornbluh,
and the uncomfortable situation was simply a case of poor timing. Orthodox synagogues can have separate services for men and women and Lhota's campaign happened to stop in during the men's service.

Jessica Proud, Lhota's spokesperson, confirmed the situation to WNYC reporter Andrea Bernstein. "This was not a planned stop on the schedule, but they were walking through the neighborhood and Joe was invited into a synagogue to look inside," said Proud. "They were having a service and he just popped in to see. He only stayed for a minute along the way to the next event."

It is not uncommon for candidates for public office to meet with members of the influential orthodox community, but these events are usually kept private and press is generally not invited to attend. There was one exception: during Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino's 2010 campaign for governor, female reporters were banned from a campaign-sponsored orthodox Jewish community event.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Revenge is now, Aryan brothers and sisters are pushing the "diversity is good for Israel" agenda and we are gaining ground. We need all Aryans and even the degenerates help us push the message! Let them reap what they sow, pass it on as much as possible. I tried to post a thread earlier but I don't have time to wait for approval, here is a quick breakdown of how we are going about this.

We in the vanguard should stride to be progressive and take a stand and advocate a world full of #multiculturalism that's free of #racism and #discrimination, Israel has been called to our attention that theres an agressive discrimination and hate towards black people, particularly of black descent, we should STOP that right NOW!!!

Some 130,000 Ethiopians, most of them Jewish, live in Israel. The community experiences higher poverty and unemployment rates than the rest of the country’s Jewish population. In the past decade, the birth rate among Ethiopian-Israelis has declined by at least 20 percent. Advocacy groups now claim this decline is the result of a birth control regimen forced upon Ethiopian immigrant women.

immigrants get violently attacked by Israelis, this kind of things need to stop NOW

An estimated 125,000 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, but while they are supposed to be full citizens with equal rights, their community has continued to face widespread discrimination and socio-economic difficulties, according to its leaders.

Cabinet ministers talk in terms of “expulsion by consent or without consent” to “preserve the country's Jewish identity”, and of “taking steps to kick out” the “scourge” of “infiltrators”. A prominent Likud parliamentarian and chair of the “Knesset Caucus to Solve the Infiltrator Problem” urged for this “plague” to be removed “without delay and without mercy”.

>The Ethiopian Jews are commonly known by the slightly derogatory term Falasha but the name they chose for themselves is Beta Israel (Hebrew for The House of Israel). They are today virtually no Ethiopian Jews anymore in Ethiopia. Israel organized mass migrations in the late 80’s (Operation Moses). If you want to know more about Operation Moses read this.

See theres actual black jews in Israel, all this anti immigration is policy is at it's core ANTIBLACK, and it will break up the jewish community, this is why FIGHTING RACISM is important
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Default Israel considering banning Palestinians from traveling On Same buses as jews

It is time to dissolve all of these major Jew run media corporations who promote this ridiculous propaganda. Then when that is done – perhaps we need to start stamping a Star of David tattoo on the forehead of Jews here in America so we can more easily identify the hypocritical lying scum among us.
Israel is actually considering banning Palestinians from travelling on the same buses as Jews for what they say are security reasons. If such a policy was re-introduced in America for Black people by any politician, the Jew run media would immediately identify that individual as the most horrible “racist” of all-time. Over in Israel, this type of proposal is considered to be within the norm.

From London Independent:
As if taking inspiration from 1950s America or apartheid South Africa, Israel’s defence minister is reportedly set to introduce a new policy that will effectively ban Palestinians from travelling on the same buses as Israelis.

The Times of Israel
reports this morning that Moshe Ya’alon will only allow Palestinians who work in Israeli cities to pass back into the West Bank through the Eyal checkpoint near Qalqilya citing “security reasons”.

This type of Jewish hypocrisy holds no bounds. Racist policies are OK in Israel if they are towards Palestinians but similar policies towards minority groups in White European countries is not OK according to the Jewish controlled media. We just have to except invading hordes of third world populations without asking any questions.
It is time to dissolve all of these major Jew run media corporations who promote this ridiculous propaganda. Then when that is done – perhaps we need to start stamping a Star of David tattoo on the forehead of Jews here in America so we can more easily identify the hypocritical lying scum among us.


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