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Default Radio.Blog - taking VNNB a step further

I recently discovered this audio file player that works within the Flash format, you don't need WinAmp or some other external program all you need is the Flash plugin available on and I'd say 95 % of internet users have this plugin installed already because it's the one used by Youtube and similar video websites.
Quote: is a web music player powered by Adobe Flash and PHP. There is also an HTML version of

Developed and maintained at, it is currently at version 3.0, and progress can be tracked at the Although 3.0 is the official, if a computers' streaming rate works better with the older 2.5, it is still accesible.

It is configured by .xml files and loads .rbs files, which are re-encoded and renamed .mp3 files, from a specified directory in the order of their addition.

The front-end search engine for indexed radio.blogs is It provides downloads for, a forum, services such as, and putting songs from radio.blogs onto a website. It is owned by Mubility S.A.R.L (in Paris, France). is a website with hundreds of users created 'Radio Blogs' which are a list of songs in a playlist that automatically plays the songs once you're on the page, you don't even have to click on the play button.

check this out : the player is on the right side (this one is Version 3)

on that person's 'radio blog' there's 10 songs and with the above link you'll be taken to the page where it will automatically play "Led Zeppelin - Immigrant song". You can then click on any track title (within the player) to quickly select a new track in the playlist. There's even a fade out/fade in effect.

The maximum audio quality seems to be 64kb because the creators of the program are located in France and there's some law forbidding better quality or something but it's no big deal because it would be used mainly for talk radio not music (but 64kb music sounds good on my speakers). Besides you don't want those with a slower connection than hi-speed internet cable to be unable to hear the files properly.

this program is already being used on some Myspace accounts to play audio files:

look at how the player has been used by the desi dothead who runs this blog:

now think of that: it's possible to have multiple Radio.Blog Flash players like the ones above with all using a single source for the audio files.

All VNN related blogs or websites could each have somewhere on their front page a Radio.Blog player linked to a folder on the VNN website where the audio files would be located (and those are the '.RBS' files not the .MP3 and the program comes with an easy to use program to convert MP3 to RBS). There could be multiple playlists/folders, say one for Goyfire files, one for the best of FreeTalkLive, one for Geoff Beck's the Truth is no Defense, one for the best of William Pierce's ADV, etc.

so if say Theseus wants his Radio.Blog player on his webblog to play his FreeTalkLive shows in loop all that's needed is a folder with the appropriate files somewhere on the web.

The result would be that anyone browsing the internet with a reasonable speed and with the flash plugin installed that would stumble upon one of the websites in the VNN network could automatically start hearing VNNBroadcasting radio shows if the autoplay function is turned on in the player or would be able with a single click to start listening to VNNB.

I don't know how much traffic the blogs get but even if it's not much VNN could have a bigger impact on newbies and visitors if they heard VNNB shows without having to download files or do anything.

I'm not sure if this program is entirely independent (i.e. if it would be still usable if the company disappears or something) but even if it works for only 2 years chances are similar players will be available in the future.

The other day I tried to make the version 3.0 player work on my website but having no patience with coding and computers in general I gave up after 15 minutes, perhaps I'll try version 2.0 if it works better but I wanted to post this message here and not wait until I finish my little experiment because I thought some of you here must have more time or more experience than I do to work on this program and build something useful for VNNBroadcasting. Even if I had my own finished example to show you I probably wouldn't have the time to help VNN integrate this program on the websites

So if you think you know someone who could install this program on the VNN websites network give them a link to this thread

There is a tutorial on how to install a Radio.Blog on your website/blog :

this is the official forums where your questions and problems can be answered :

here's the FAQ thread on how to install/configue it :

for version 2.x

for version 3.0
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