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Mike Z.
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Mike Z.
Woodpecker VNN Broadcasting – Software Stuff

Hey guys, my first post. Quick intro: I've been lurking around VNN since summer. I Found it through a youtube video showing the goyfire site address. I enjoyed the shows, so I checked out the forums, and later on when I was all out of goyfires I started listening live.

VNN broadcasting is certainly VNN's greatest asset, I would say it's the best WN radio I've heard. It's definitely not for lemmings or even fence sitters, but they are great shows for solid WNs.

Anyways, often during shows or in forum posts I see software issues mentioned that could be avoided or reduced, and it drives me nuts. So here are my recommendations.

Note: All this software is high quality and free. It's also very compact in terms of system resource usage. The point is to streamline the broadcasting experience as much as possible.


Use Opera, at least while broadcasting. It consumes about half the RAM that FireFox does in most situations, and it's faster than IE and FireFox. If it or your computer ever crashes, Opera can resume right where you left off next time you fire it up. It has a million other awesome features, but the above are most important.

Download (4.7 MB)


For playing audio, dump Winamp (which is owned by AOL-Time Warner :[]). It's also a bloated and slow piece of crap (like Windows Media Player). Use Foobar2000, silly name – awesome program. Very compact and responsive. Plays almost any audio format you can find. It is superb for organizing your audio and music files however you like. Customizing it to suit exactly your needs is fairly easy, however it's perfectly functional with the default configuration.

Download (1.62 MB)



VLC will play pretty much any video file without having to download any codecs. I can't say I like the interface very much, but it's a very powerful player.

Download (9.2 MB)

Most of the time I use Media Player Classic since I prefer the interface, however it does require external codecs, and finding them can be a pain. If MPC can't play it I use VLC. I only have VLC on my work computer since I don't want to bloat it with codecs.


Finding Music:

Soulseek is great for downloading music. I've found it very good for rare stuff. No annoying fake results like with Limewire, and no adware/spyware/viruses like most other file sharing programs. Not to mention it is also very compact and free.

Download (823 KB)


I think that's about it... Skype and your broadcasting program should behave better with a bunch more RAM and CPU power freed up. Particularly for those with ancient computers. Hope this helps

Feel free to ask or PM any questions.


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