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C. Marcus Ideus
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Default Racialist Perspectives on The IMPERIAN MANDATE

Racialist Perspectives (with Caius & David)

Welcome to the premiere of a new periodically recurring special edition of The IMPERIAN MANDATE: Racialist Perspectives (with Caius and David). This first show is a veritable rollercoaster of White Racialist conversation, with each topic rolling into the next in a relaxed 2-hour "table talk" discussion between two good comrades in The Struggle.

These are some of the topics included in this first episode:

-- How Caius and David met through a common friend fighting the Good Fight in Malta -- Norman Lowell; and how Malta, geographically situated at the very edge of the European racial and cultural zone, is a first-stop "gateway" through which the non-White invaders pass and settle;

-- Christian Identity (a.k.a. Positive Christianity or "Christism") versus Catholic/Protestant universalist hypocrisy; differences between the racialist and mainstream varieties of the Faith;

-- Hollywood's constant portrayal of Jews and Negroes in a positive (even heroic) light, and of course, correspondingly, the film industry's unending castigation and dehumanization of the "Nazis" -- e.g. Indiana Jones, Independence Day, Red Tails, Inglorious Bastards, etc., etc.;

-- The mainstream media's demonization of Adolf Hitler and how such rabid, hate-filled venom can actually work toward the continued martyrization of Hitler and his legacy, even in the eyes of many liberals; thus highlighting the fine line between martyrization and vilification;

-- The already extant savagery among American Indians observed and documented by European settlers upon their "first contact" with the natives; and fighting for racial survival in the most savage possible way (a la the Aztec approach).

alba voce, c marcus ideus, david baillie, imperian mandate, racialism


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