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Originally Posted by ANSWP Commander View Post
I have no idea what any of the speakers said. Neal and I went and held the communists off about 100 yards away from the rally -- essentially, we and two other white activists stood at the gates heckling the communists, who responded with such violence that the police blocked the gate to the opposition section and only permitted white people who wanted to hear Turner to get in.

It was a very good scene, and we dealt the communists and the queers a serious blow.

Which brings to mind another concern: Why is it communists are so short?

We faced off with about sixty communists and I noticed two things:

* More than half of the ones with red flags were queers, and

* None of them were more than maybe 5'6" and 100 lbs.

It was like being attacked by a mob of pygmies, or little people.
Precisely the description of the kike-kommunist mob who attacked us in Greensboro, NC on 3 Nov 1979. They all looked like Woody Allen.

Thanks for standing tall against them in Kalamazoo today. Hopefully, we'll see some action photos.

Sieg Heil !!!
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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Default Coupla thoughts here....`

Why don't these boys come out for these rallies? Don't they care about the black on white crime that's happening everywhere? Where are they now?

Two...I hope you will keep in mind that it's a woman here who's committing herself to coming to rallies nowadays and trying to be a part of this and that I post under my real name....

Third...Yes, I'd say that "bad terms" is an understatement. Hopefully all that about phoning in death threats and killing each other is just bs. Maybe it's time those guys start acting like grown ups and come together and fight this fight we're in. Just a thought from a feeble minded female....

But, I know what's's the same thing that happens all the time when you get several strong minded people together for a cause. Someone gets their boxers in a bunch, leaves, starts another group, badmouths the first group, etc., etc. I've seen it happen over and over again in animal rights and welfare groups. That's why I finally decided to go out on my own and be my own boss. I don't have to deal with personality conflicts and hormonal middle aged women. The only hormonal middle aged woman I have to deal with is me.:krofl

It's a shame that human nature is so self destructive and ego driven. We could get a lot more done if we could somehow find a way to get along. But that's prolly not gonna happen....
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Thanks for standing tall against them in Kalamazoo today. Hopefully, we'll see some action photos.
I NEVER gave her a chance!!!

Do you give shit a chance?
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Northern Patriot

[quote=ANSWP Commander;591891]

-- I did get trampled on a bit by a horse, though, fortunately, it did not knock me down -- and that was the pinnacle of the day's excitement.
Trampled by a horse? No big deal Commander...yeah right, it certainly
must of been painful.

Something I always try to avoid.


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