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Talking wrong comparison

Originally Posted by Tom Jones View Post

@TG: Your claim is this, no matter how one defines "short hair": i.e., that the girl on the right side of the photo (who played "Lucy") has the SAME length of hair as the cartoon character "Lucy". Not even close, as the side by side images clearly and emphatically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. But if you wish to believe otherwise, go right ahead.
I don't know what the deal is, maybe a reading comprehension problem or miscommunication here.

I wrote in post #51

...most of the females in the comic strip have short hair
and then in post #55

Um, Lucy (cartoon) has a short hairstyle ...check again. Hair is cut way above the neckline of her garment and you can see her pencil neck from any angle.
I was referring to the character in the cartoon in both posts. I wasn't comparing the actor 'Lucy' with the cartoon 'Lucy'.

Could be my fault I didn't state that in post 55 clearly, I've been kinda preoccupied. I'm posting from my boat offshore outside the entrance to NY harbor and fishing at the same time, so I'm going back and forth from the helm station where I have the electronics (and internet) to the cockpit to fish.

I stayed out here last night but I'll be making the trip back in before it gets dark, its still nice wx but its gonna start getting snotty as that hurricane moves up the coast and there aren't enough fish here to justify wasting more fuel.

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres; unam partem incolunt Belgae ...

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Jack Dillenburger
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Jack Dillenburger

Tom and Jerry!!!


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