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alex revision
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alex revision
Default The White Racialist Movement is a Joke – Let’s Change That

The White Racialist Movement is a Joke – Let’s Change That

November 18, 2019

For far too long, the struggle for White survival has been led by costumed characters, juvenile jokers, and jewish journalists. It has been an absolute joke, and many of the people involved revel in the tragi-comedy. They find the destruction of our people to be funny somehow, having a laugh at all the “dank memes” as our world burns.

Just look at all the Whites who have embraced the Joker as their cultural icon. The movie was directed by the jew who made the Hangover movies and the titular character lusts after his black neighbor, yet somehow this character is supposed to represent the pro-White cause? Our enemies were able to trick the gullible goyim into supporting a movie that makes White men look like psychopathic terrorists, making Joker the first R-rated movie in history to bank over $1 billion at the box office. CNN came out hard against the movie, telling people not to see it, which only fueled the sales for the Warner Brothers movie. The joke’s on us as Warner Media owns CNN, and they laugh all the way to the bank.

Our enemies did the same thing with the election of Donald Trump, using their loathed left-wing media outlets to come out hard against Trump (for all the wrong reasons), which caused the desired reaction. Racialist right wingers were laughing at all the liberal tears that ensued as Hillary and her cohorts were trounced, but who got the last laugh? Sheldon Adelson and his Likudnik buddies who had purchased the presidency and got everything they could have ever hoped and then some. “White nationalists” delivered the most openly Zionist president in US history to the jewish supremacists on a silver platter.

The most popular site in the scene is the Daily Stormer, which over the years has advocated for ISIS, White sharia, child brides, “little brown fucking machines”, sex robots, Chinese totalitarianism, the jewish Trump administration, and cloaked it all under the banner of edgy comedy. A little bit of “humor” sure helps the poison go down, doesn’t it? Our enemies must have been giddy with laughter when members of American Vanguard were shouting “White Sharia Now” at Charlottesville, before PsyOps actor James Fields drove his car into people “Allahu Akbar” style, with the jew Weev of the Daily Stormer immediately calling for a Westboro-style demonstration at Heather Heyer’s funeral.

The jews must double over with laughter when obese characters like Matt Heimbach parade around in their uniforms and helmets, rallying the troops for street battles. It’s even more hilarious when it turns out Hymiebach was having an affair with his mother in law in his trailer, choked out his father in law (and second in command) twice after his affair was discovered, before the beaten man was able to flee to a local Walmart to call the police. The laughs don’t stop there, as the National Socialist Movement (control of which was later handed over to an anti-White black man) had brought Hymiebach on as their PR guy, but eventually gave him the boot when his obvious National Bolshevik leanings were discovered.

These are just a few examples of many instances, going back over the decades. I could go on and on, but that would likely be more demoralizing than constructive.

Instead, let’s consider what does not make our enemies laugh, but instead fills them with fear. Here are just ten things I could think of off the top of my head.

1. Anonymous and flash mob activism, which is not announced in advance, denying media and antifa the ability to attack those involved.
2. Serious, normal people (especially women!) becoming concerned over the future of their people and learning who is screwing them.
3. White genocide being easily proven and the culprits being identified.
4. Comedies, parodies, and satire where our enemies become the butt of the joke, rather than us.
5. People who are not cowed into submission by censorship, deplatforming, and de-monetization
6. The thorough dismantling of the Holocaust story and the absurd eyewitnesses.
7. People who are no longer fooled by the Bagelian Dialectic and put no hope in federal elections.
8. Proud people who are healthy, strong, and mentally stable.
9. Undying commitment to our cause, day in and day out.
10. The rising consciousness (aka awakening), which seeks to elevate us out of the gutter and into the heavens.

Please add your thoughts in the comments. We, as a people, need to get our act together and stop being an absolute joke.
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David Reiner
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David Reiner

Proving white genocide is the most critical activity among those you listed, in my opinion. This builds the furor of our people, and it is being done most effectively by the endless tide of non-white migrants into Europe and the American Southwest. What's most important to me is that we are prepared to become a persecuted minority.

If we are ready, this persecution will be our salvation. Our people have become weak and degenerate after generations of soft living, so we must pass through the fire to rediscover our inner strength. Our persecutors will purge our ranks of the weak and dissolute so that we can rediscover the strength of our fathers. Renewed by suffering, we will destroy our enemies.


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