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alex revision
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alex revision
Default A message of the French revisionist Vincent REYNOUARD

A message of Vincent REYNOUARD

Objet : Audience [hearing] du 26 janvier [January]

I just left the courthouse in Brussels where my appeal was to be heard (appealing the court ruling of June 2008 condemning me to a year in prison and a ca. 20 000 € fine for the offense of revisionism).

The hearing, originally scheduled to take place in September 2009, had been pushed back to today. But this morning my lawyer was unavailable because he had to plead in a trial conducted before the Assises court.

The hearing was today postponed to November 9, 2010, to the chagrin of the lawyers for the opposing party …

I remind all that the facts of my case date back as far as June 2001!

The attorney general has however tried reassuring that according to current legislation the statute of limitations will not be reached before 2013.

But this argument has not pleased our opponents, so the hearing on November 9 was classified as “priority”, which means that no further postponement will be allowed.

I went out a free man from the courthouse and I assure you I did not linger in the area, preferring to seek more clement skies. And I enjoyed using this visit to Brussels to see my children. I must unfortunately confirm that following the official cancellation of my status as a resident of Belgium, my family still has no medical protection, rental help or foodstamps [since I went underground].

[My wife] Marina hopes her efforts will lead finally within a reasonable time to restoring these. For now, she lives only from the charity of friends, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart …

As for me, I am not registered anywhere now as a resident [being "on the lam"]. I think I may soon seek residence somewhere in France to obtain a card for universal medical coverage. But so far nothing has been done.

Again, thank you to all who support us in this race. Our combat continues.

In friendship,



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